There is a guy with a Youtube-channel with name "Simple Ton" who traded a demo account from 10K to 125K within 3 months. This guy definitely can trade! And he has produced 600 very informative and very entertaining videos. You should watch his videos. Even experienced traders can learn one or two things from him.

"Simple Ton" recently produced a video where he introduced an indicator that draws support and resistance lines based on pivot points of the previous (last closed) candle. He said that automated selling at the resistance lines and automated buying at the support lines is a profitable trading strategy.

I created an ExpertAdvisor based on his idea. And guess what, the ExpertAdvisor with the fixed rule set really made money on many trading instruments :)

Download the newest version of the ExpertAdvisor here

About Me

I'm Mike Semlitsch the inventor of the PerfectTrendSystem. I'm in the trading business since 2007. Helping other traders to succeed in trading is my passion. The PerfectTrendSystem is the result of more than 10000 hours of hard work. Connect With Me:  

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