From now on, your
trading will be better

I promise you have never seen anything like the PTS before!

There is no marketing guru at work trying to sell hot air here.

With the PerfectTrendSystem you get a reliable edge over the market.
From now on, your<br/> trading will be better

Reliable Edge

You will see what other traders can't see in the market! PTS will give you a reliable edge!

Trade With A Day Job

With automated entries you can trade any timeframe in Forex, Futures and Indices, even with a day job!

Pinpointed Entry Signals

With the pinpointed entry signals most of your trades will be immediately in profit.

Live Setups On Twitter

I announce highest quality setups on Twitter, follow me.

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Before I introduce myself here is a link to my myfxbook account
that I traded during 1 year in front of hundreds of my clients:


The Truth About Trading


My name is Mike Semlitsch and I spent the last 10 years of my life and more than 10,000 hours evaluating, programming and testing every concept that I found about trading. After this long period of time I can say the following for sure:  

  • You can't get profitable as a trader with trades of mediocre quality
  • There are no simple mathematical tricks with which you can constantly win
  • You need a reliable trading edge that works forever!

In the trading arena, you are fighting against the sharpest minds of the world with the best education, against the best trading algorithms and against huge market participants with incredible amounts of money who can drive the markets in their favor.

The market is no place for hoping for the best or for a thrilling entertainment by executing mediocre trades. If you behave like that the market will kill you, financially and emotionally!

The only way to get constantly profitable as a trader is to participate only in the very best trading opportunities and execute your trades properly!

You have to search for the absolute best setups. And because the window of opportunity of every setup is open only for a short period of time, you have to get in and out of the trades at the best possible time.

All trading systems presented on this website are based on exploiting the behavior of the smart money. Therefore, it's a good starting point to read this article series about the smart money:




The Edge Of The PTS


There are probably thousands of ways to get constantly profitable as a trader. But by far the best way that I've found, and which builds the foundation of all trading methods of the PerfectTrendSystem, is the following:

Jump on trends with a very strong momentum, preferably after the first bigger retrace and then ride the continuation of these strong trends!

When these setups occur, then the money is literally lying on the ground and you only have to pick it up. 

Following screenshot shows an example of a long trade:



The next screenshot shows a short trade example:



With the PerfectTrendSystem you will spot these highest quality trading setups on any liquid trading instrument and on any timeframe over and over again.

How does the PTS do that?

PTS makes complex calculations on 3 different timeframes to measure the momentum of the trend. You couldn't do that with your eyes by visually analyzing the charts, even if you would know what you have to look for.

As a result of this calculation you will have a completely new and stress-free trading experience, because :

The next price movement will literally gravitate towards the profit targets of your trades!

Does that mean that every trade with the PTS will be a winner?

No. And no trading system will ever be able to guarantee this. But most of your trades with the PTS will be winners. And most of your winners can get very big. 


See The PTS In Action


Read my trading blog or follow me on twitter to see the PTS in action. I regularly make live setup announcements and I review trades. You will learn everything you need to succeed in the markets with the PTS.



Now It's Time For You To Start For FREE


Convince yourself of the power of the MagicEntry System with the FREE version. The FREE version has all features! The only difference is that live trading is limited to the forex pairs AUDJPY and EURCAD.

But you can use the MagicEntry System on all trading instruments to analyze the outstanding performance on historic data!

The FREE version is perfect for learning how to trade with the MagicEntry System. Later you can switch to the full version and trade any liquid trading instruments.


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About Me

I'm Mike Semlitsch the owner of My trading career started in 2007. Since 2013 I have helped thousands of traders to take their trading to the next level. Many of them are now constantly profitable traders. 

The following performance was achieved by me while trading live in front of hundreds of my clients:

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