Mike Semlitsch

Mike Semlitsch, the owner of PerfectTrendSystem.com, is an active trader since 2007. He has a proven track record since 2012 of helping novice and intermediate traders succeed in trading the financial markets. Driven by a passion to help others, he takes pride in creating and providing the best trading systems and indicators possible. Based on his degree in Business Informatics and his many years of experience working as a Software Developer he has studied the financial markets more than 30,000 hours. He proved and disproved many trading concepts with a systematic testing approach. The essence of of his studies (the things that work in trading) are the basis for the trading systems available on PerfectTrendSystem.com. Mike specialized in developing trading systems and tools that allow users to trade in harmony with the actions of the smart money.

Proof of trading and teaching success:
- Mikes verified track record while trading live in front of hundreds of his students during 1 complete year
- Mikes students got successful prop traders (managing money from investors) using his trading strategies: Jeff and Vito
- 120+ positive reviews from successful students
- perfecttrendsystem.com is ranked number 1 worldwide out of 600+ trading software providers

Mikes publications on reputable websites:
- Investing.com
- Newtraderu.com: Article1, Article2, Article3, Article4
- Elitecurrensea.com
- Ea-coder.com
- Mql5.com: Article1, Article2, Article3, Article4
- multiple articles on Quora.com
- many public teaching sessions and live announced trades on Forexfactory.com





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