Top 50 Investment Blogs in 2019

Experience is one of the best ways to learn investing best practices and the smartest ways to manage your portfolio. Today, there are lots of high quality blogs that help you gain this knowledge, regardless of whether you are an experienced investor or not. Reading blogs, press releases, market news, investment theories, potential platforms/places to invest and reviews in a good way to grow as an investor.

However, with so many investment blogs out, you can easily get lost. In this article, we will feature the very best investment blogs that can help you make smart decisions with your hard-earned money. Here is a list of the best 50 investing blogs you should read today.

1. A Wealth of Common Sense

A Wealth of Common Sense is a blog that contains lots of articles about investments, wealth management, investor psychology and financial markets. The blog is owned by a Ben Carlson, the Director of Institutional Asset Management at Rutholtz Wealth Management LLC.

Ben has been managing institutional portfolios throughout his entire career. He has developed successful portfolio strategies and created investment plans for insurance companies, hospitals, pensions, endowments, foundations and many more.

He is the author of popular investment books: Organizational Alpha: How to Add Value in Institutional Asset Management and A Wealth of Common Sense: Why Simplicity Trumps Complexity in Any Investment Plan. In 2017, Ben was listed as one of the top financial advisors by Investment News. He also has been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Apart from posting educative blogs, Ben also releases podcasts every Wednesday to address various financial issues. You can also contact Ben to help you plan your finances and give you valuable tips on how to invest your money.

2. The Reformed Broker

Started in November of 2008, The Reformed Broker is a blog about finance, markets, economics, politics, media and culture. It is owned by Joshua Brown, the CEO and Financial Advisor at Ritholtz Wealth Management.

Joshua is committed in helping people align their investments with their financial goals and manage portfolios. He has offered financial advisory services to wide range of high net worth corporations, retirement plans, households and charitable organizations. Joshua has also created a Liftoff automated advisor to help young investors access professionally managed portfolios in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Apart from daily blogs, The Reformed Broker also contains popular books by Joshua Brown, such as Backstage Wall Street and Clash of the Financial Pundits. According to Joshua, the Reformed Broker is a forecast free blog.

While the site does not give you financial advice or tell you exactly what to invest in, it does provide you with a running commentary of market related thoughts and insights. Joshua also directs to valuable content around the web that will help you make wise investment decisions.

Joshua has been featured in or written for the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Investment News, CNNMoney, Bloomberg, Market Watch, Crain’s New York Business, New York Times and many more. He is currently an on-air contributor to CNBC. His show is Called The Halftime Report which airs every Wednesday at 12 pm.

3. Abnormal Returns

Launched in 2005, Abnormal Returns has continued to bring the best of the finance and investment blogs to its readers. The blog was founded by Tadas Viskanta, the Director of Investor Education at Ritholtz Wealth Management, LLC. According to Tadas, the goal of Abnormal Returns is to educate his clients, financial advisors and the rest of the world about the best practices in investing and personal finance.

Tadas has more than 25 years of experience in and around financial markets. He holds a Masters of Business Administration and has worked as an instructor of finance at Butler University in Indianapolis. He is the co-author of dozens of investment related papers that have been published in the Journal of Portfolio Management, Financial Analysts and a monograph, Country Risk in Global Financial Management.

Tadas has also written multiple investment books, his most popular one being: Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere.

4. Day Trading Academy

Day Trading Academy is an investment blog founded by Marcello Arrambide an industry veteran with over 17 years of experience in markets. For over eight years, Marcello has been developing strategies and perfecting day trading techniques for day trading companies. He has been in over 110 countries and has lived in 12 countries.

Marcello created the blog to a helpful investment resource for people from all over the world. The blog provides the best day trading and investment education. According to the founders of the blog, Day Trading Academy uses an organic approach to trading and uses its own traders to teach you how to develop a trading strategy.

Day Trading is run by a group of traders that develop trading strategies together and share them to make sure we all succeed. The blog regularly posts helpful investment contents to help investors easily adapt to ever changing market dynamics. The primary goal of the owners of the blog is to help you achieve your own levels of financial success and freedom by developing the best trading strategies.

5. The Online Investing AI Blog

The Online Investing AI Blog is owned by George and Matt. The blog shares with you helpful and most recent information in the areas of technology, investing and success. George and matt share with you the latest and most interesting information on the two primary factors that affect your financial future: technology and investing.

You will learn how technology has affected all the aspects of your life, including money and investment. George and Matt will also teach you how to use newly introduced financial tools to manage your money better and make it possible to accomplish your financial goals sooner. In fact, the primary goal for the Online Investing Blog is to help readers retire in 10 years.

Matt and George have also written a book: How to Use New and Exciting Technology to create a bright financial future. They also recommend the best investment books you can read to help you come up with a successful investment strategy. Some of the books featured in their blog include, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Singularity is Near, The Millionaires Secret and many more.

6. The Big Picture

The Big Picture is an investment blog by Barry L. Ritholtz, the co-founder and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC. Ritholtz Wealth Management is financial planning and asset Management Company, with over $925 million assets under management.

Apart from a wealth management and financial planning firm, Ritholtz is a frequent commentator on many financial topics. He currently writes a daily column for Bloomberg View and previously wrote a monthly column on Personal Finance and Investing for The Washington Post.

His blog, The Big Picture, covers lots of Investing and Trading as well as Macro Economic topics. With his personal experience and over 130 million blog visitors, it is difficult to find a reason not to follow Ritholtz’s quick and easy to read articles.

7. Financial Samurai

Created by Sam Dogen, the Financial Samurai is a valuable blog for those looking for general investment knowledge. The blog delves deeper into money philosophy, career strategies, retirement planning, real estate and investment. According to Sam, the primary goal of the blog is to help investors achieve financial independence sooner rather than later. All articles published in this blog are written based on firsthand experience to offer you the most helpful insights. According to Sam, money matters are too crucial to be left up to pontification.

Sam’s Investment blog has featured in major publications, including the Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Sydney Herald, The Consumerist, Business Insider, Forbes and Wall Street Journal Online. Sam has also been interviewed by a wide range by multiple media stations including Bloomberg, Newstalk Radio 910AM and AARP.

Apart from blogging, Sam also provides honest and in-depth reviews of the best financial products that can help you accomplish your financial goals. He says he spent hours researching, analyzing and using the products to make sure he recommends only the best products for his readers.

In addition to providing reviews, Sam recommends the wealth management products and the most recent investment opportunities. You can easily contact Sam on any financial issues via email and he will be willing to help.

8. The Good Financial Cents

Good Financial Cents is an investment blog created by Jeff Rose, a certified financial planner and founder of Alliance Wealth Management, LLC. Jeff has a lot of experience with success and failure, which makes him relatable to nearly everyone. He has one of the bestselling books on personal finance and investing.

According to Jeff, the goal of Good Financial Cents is to teach investors how to always make sense of their money. Regardless at what stage you are in currently, the goal is always the same: a safe, comfortable retirement. The site contains guides about everything, including how to make money, choosing the best investment vehicles, selecting the best insurance companies among other essential financial topics.

9. The College Investor

Created and run by Robert Farrington, The College Investor is a specialized investment blog that focuses on student loan debts and investment needs. Robert Farrington is an experienced America’s Millennial Money Expert and Student Loan Debt Expert. The primary goal of the blog is to help students get out of loan debt, learn how to make more money, understand how to start investing so they can build real wealth.

According to Robert, one of the major dilemmas holding back millennials from investing and amassing wealth is student loan debt. This lead to writing his first book, Student Loan Debt: Getting in Smart and Getting Out Painlessly. All articles posted in this blog aim to teach millennials how to get rid of debt fast and invest wisely. The blog also contains multiple free tools to help young investors manage their finances.

With over 950,000 unique visitors monthly, The College Investor is a blog you should consider signing for too. You can also subscribe to receive regular financial tips via email. Plus, you can contact Robert directly if you have any questions related to personal finance and investing and use him as your financial consultant.

10. Modest Money

Launched in 2012, Modest Money is a one-stop source for breaking investment news, latest commodities events and currency trading reports. It offers insightful investment analysis from different investment and financial minds. Modest Money’s regular contributors investigate the cutting of investment opportunities and help you steer clear of investing pitfalls. The primary goal of this investment blog is to help readers understand the new and modern ways of investment.

Modest Money also contains regular blogs on personal finance. The site provides financial advice to help you take control of your finances. In addition to posting investment news, Money Modest also recommends the hottest investing tips, top investing books and other helpful investment resources.

As one-stop investment resource, Money Modest aims to provide investors with the resources they need to get started. The blog was created Jeremy Biberdorf. Although Jeremy is no longer a regular contributor, he runs the business and marketing part of the blog. He hand-picks the Modest Money contributors to offer the most diverse array of investment perspectives you will find online.

11. My Money Blog

MyMoneyBlog is owned by a successful investor Jonathan Ping. Jonathan has been sharing his personal experience about money for 14 years. He explains how he started his financial life with a negative net worth of $30,000 in student loans.

After graduating, he landed a solid 9 to6 job, making good money but still wanted to retire early. He continues to explain to his readers how he was able to successfully retire early. He shares his triumphs and personal struggles to help young investors learn from his life experiences.

Jonathan has been featured in many media centers, including the National Public Radio, US News and World Report, CNBC and the Bloomberg Business week magazine, where he had his 15 seconds of fame.

For over 14 years, has been written by the same person. Jonathan continues to share real life financial advices to help people improve their finances covering everything from money saving tips to investing to early retirement. People who have read his investment blog continue to value his knowledge and openness on sharing his personal financial decision-making process.

12. A Wealth of Common Sense

A Wealth of Common Sense is an investment blog Ben Carlson, the Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC. Ben has created lots of investment plans and managed portfolios for individuals and institutions to help them accomplish their goals. His blog, A Wealth of Common Sense focuses on investor psychology, financial markets, investments and wealth management.

According to Ben, the main goal of his blog is to explain the complexities of the different aspects of finances in a way that the most lay person could understand them. Both the financial and economy markets are complex adaptive system, but Ben believes that no complex issues require complex issues. He says that investment and financial decisions are based on common senses and self-awareness.

In addition, regular investment blogs, you can also benefit from his podcasts that address different financial issues. Ben is also the author of the books: Organizational Alpha: How to Add Value in Institutional Asset and A Wealth of Common Sense: Why Simplicity Trumps Complexity in an Investment Plan.

Ben has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal and named in the Investment News 40 Under 40 list of top financial advisors. You can get in touch with Ben to plan your finances and learn how to investment your money.

13. Financial Mentor

The Financial Mentor was founded by Todd R. Tresidder with an aim of educating investors and business owners about the principles of building wealth. Todd teaches all the strategies he has learned for years as an entrepreneur in the investment management industry.

Todd says he discovered a big contraction between the principles that led to his own financial success and what is taught and practiced in the real world. This surprising contradiction motivated him to develop a unique education system for building wealth.

His blog aims to provide the best financial advice in an efficient and user-friendly manner so that anyone who seriously wants to achieve financial freedom in their lifetime can access the education necessary. The blog provides lots of financial coaching, comprehensive courses, eBooks, instructional tele classes, informative interviews and free articles all designed to help you transform your wealth.

Todd is a regular contributor to and has been featured in many online publications, including the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

14. Retire By 40

Retire By 40 is an investment blog created by Joe Udo, an investor, a retired engineer and dad. Throughout the blog, Joe addresses the fears and challenges of early retirement. Having retired at age of 38, Joe writes from a personal experience about the challenges you are likely to encounter if you retire. He goes on to explain some of the life-proven solutions to these financial issues you are more likely to face if you retire early.

Joe also explains how he earns a living now and teaches how to make smart investment decision. He also reviews his best personal finance products as well as the best credits cards. The reviews are based on his personal experience with each and every product. You can also get in touch with Joe if you need any help with your early retirement.

15. Old School Value

If you are an already established investor looking to grow your businesses, then this is an ideal investment blog for you. Old School Value is owned by a group of eight people, each with expertise in various fields, including financial research. The blog provides you with regular insights on financial markets and how to achieve the author.

Jae Jun, a value investor and Captain of Old School Value teaches how to care about your finances. He gives you the personal strategies he used to succeed in financial markets. Jae says he had never studied business, programming, economics, finance or investing, but he achieved his investment goals. The blog also posts helpful blogs from top investors, such as Howard Marks, Seth Klarman, Joel Greenblatt, Bruce Greenwald, Warren Buffet, Ben Graham and other top investors.

Apart from posting insightful investment blogs, Old School Value also provides you with the actionable tools for analyzing stock data prior to investing. There are tools available to speed up the time it takes to get relevant data and info. When you use the blog, you will be given access to a rating system that allows you to interpret stock market indicators. All this makes helps you make smart investment decisions.

16. Oblivious Investor

Oblivious Investor is an investing blog created by Mike Piper, a licensed Certified Public Account, living St. Louis, Missouri. Mike has also written many books on personal finance. The goal of the blog is to show that investing does not have to be complicated.

Oblivious Investor aims to spread the idea that investment success depends on three major principles: diversifying portfolio, minimizing costs and ignoring all the noise from financial media about what the market does every day. Mike teaches you how to set up your portfolio properly, so you are “oblivious” to much of the financial media and most of the daily happenings in the market.

Apart from providing helpful blogs on tax issues, Mike offers valuable lessons on investment, retirement, economics and accounting. You can subscribe for free investment and personal finance tips on regular basis.

17. Wallet Hacks

Wallet Hacks is another valuable investment blog you should bookmark if you are looking insightful investment blogs. The blog is owned by Jim Wang, a successful investor who migrated to the United States from Taiwan. Jim has been writing about Personal Finance for over ten years. He has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, New York Times, Baltimore Sun, Entrepreneur and Marketplace Money.

Throughout his blog he shares methods, strategies and philosophies to help you become financial independent. He explains how he achieved his financial goals; despite the fact he had no certification on finance. He says he build his wealth via trial and error.

Jim teaches his readers about “being part of the laity”. He teaches how to manage your money in easy way and use it to build your wealth. Jim also reviews top personal finance tools that can help you build wealth in an easy way.

18. Investing Haven

Investing Haven was founded by Taki Tsaklanos, a strategic analyst and head research at Secular Investor, a subscription based online service focused on commodities and precious metals. Taki is truly passionate about financial markets. With over 15 years of experience in global markets, Taki has developed a wealth building methodology that is effective and easy to understand.

Taki says he created the blog with the aim of helping both beginner and established investors get a deep insight into everything to do with financial markets. He has lots of content on the financial issues you are likely to encounter in financial markets and how you can avoid them to emerge successful.

Another amazing aspect of this blog is that it provides forecasts for different financial markets, including stocks markets and precious. Investing Haven also offers its readers insights into the most recent market trends, which are vital when it comes to making smart investment decisions.

The blog also contains lots of valuable content about crypto and block chain investment. You will certainly love the many articles about investing in different financial markets.

19. Above the Market

Above the Market is an investment blog owned and run by Bob Seawright, the Chief Investment and information officer for Madison Avenue Securities, LLC, a boutique broker-dealer and investment advisory firm headquartered in San Diego California. Bob was in the list of the fifteen “smart people for investors to follow” published in the Wall Street Journal in September of 2015. Other people included in the list were the CFA Institute, William Bernstein, Howard Marks and Warren Buffet.

Bob is also a columnist for Research magazine and a contributor of ThinkAdvisor, Pragmatic Capitalism, the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, The Big Picture and the Financial Times. His blog has received the “best of recognition” from many sources including Investment News, Financial Social Media, Insider Monkey, Financial Planning and The Wall Street Journal.

According to data compiled by Moz Analytics, Above the Market has been rated the 7th advisor blog in the country based on influence, linkage and readership. The primary goal of his blog is to provide counsel and guidance with respect to the most recent trends, research and best practices in the finance industry.

20. Investor Junkie

Investor Junkie is owned by Larry Ludwig, a successful investor with lots of investment portfolios, including businesses, rental properties, retirement accounts and taxable investments. He started his blog, Investor Junkie with an aim of helping his readers become better investors. Larry says Investor Junkie is a shortcut to financial freedom.

According to Larry, managing finances is not easy. Investor Junkie provides you insightful blogs on how to build wealth slowly by creating multiple income streams that are passive and active. Some of the income streams discussed in this blog includes stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses and alternative investments not often discussed.

The blog also analyzes and compares tools that can help you make the best decisions for your personal financial situation. In a summary, Investor Junkie is all about helping you become a better investor and entrepreneur.

21. Mish Talk

Mish Talk is a community-based blogs founded by Mike Shedlock (Mish), a stock and economy enthusiast. Mike posts in insightful blogs and gives advice on interest rates and central bank. His blogs are mostly about the current status of the economy, jobs and dealing in precious metals.

Since Mish Talk is a community-based blog, you can interact with other community members on any financial issues. The forum is monitored heavily to ensure that members also post helpful financial information.

22. Nerd’s Eye View

Nerd’s Eye View is a blog that regularly posts contents about financial planning strategies and practice management idea. The blog is owned by Michael Kitces, a certified financial advisor with over 8 degrees and designations. The blog gets more than 150,000 unique visitors every month.

In addition to regular investment and personal finance blogs, you can benefit from some his podcasts which also teach you how to build wealth. Michael also recommends the best finance and investment books for his readers.

23. The Fifth Person

Founded by give persons, The Fifth Person is a blog that provide valuable investment advices and tips. You can use the blog to gather important financial knowledge, you can also register as a member to get stock investment ideas and a video covering relevant companies.

The blog aims to provide beginner investors with sound investment knowledge, financial literacy and intelligent money saving habits to help them build their wealth.

24. Frugal Rules

If you are beginner investor, this is a perfect investment blog for you. The blog is owned a John, a veteran of financial services industry who has learned the hard way how to invest and manage money. It is an ideal blog for those looking for the best money saving tools.

Frugal Rules also provides readers with insights and advice on the best brokerage firms you can rely on for your investment ventures. You will also find tips on how to attain your financial freedom. If you sign up for the monthly newsletter, you will a free financial freedom eBook.

25. Financial Ducks in a Row

Financial Ducks in a Row is a blog that contains valuable information about IRA, social security advice, income tax and other financial issues. The blog was founded by Jim Blankenship, a certified financial planner.

The blog has content on a wide range of financial matters. It also covers retirement and investment topics. The author also directs readers to the best financial tools and resources to help them make smart financial and investment decisions.

26. Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Don’t Quit Your Day Job is an investor blog that focuses mainly on personal finance. It was owned and run by two personal finance professionals with adequate experience in various industries. The blog is ideal for both beginner and experienced investors. DQYDJ contains lots of well researched content that will help you build your wealth slowly.

In addition to valuable blogs, the site provides you with a wide range of tools you can use to build your personal finance. Some of the major tools included in this blog, include tools to help you with personal finance, economics, financial analysis and demographic calculators.

27. Meb Faber Research

The blog is owned by Meb Faber, the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. The blog posts regular contents on stock market and investing. All the blogs are written by Meb Faber, and are usually in the form of white papers.

What is amazing about the blog is that it covers all types of investment including, value stocks, currencies, dividends, buybacks, ideas on how to invest in equities, tips for finding valuable stocks as well as macro investing. Faber also provides readers with investment suggestions and ideas in the form of episodes.

28. JL Collins

JL Collins is a valuable blog created and run by, Collins, a cosmopolitan executive and regular publisher of fiction and non-fiction books. The blog covers many different topics, including business, travel, money and life. In addition to this, the author openly shares lots of investing topics, especially on stock market.

Apart from blogging, JL Collins also gives access to financial calculators you can use to enhance your finance management. You can subscribe to receive regular blogs on personal finance and investment.

30. Money Nomad

Money Nomad is a valuable blog that shares strategies for making money and growing your net worth. If you are looking for blogs that teaches you how to achieve your financial freedom, then you should bookmark this blog.

The blog covers a wide range of topics ranging from investing in Bitcoin, real estate and stocks to tips for starting your own business and becoming a successful entrepreneur. The author teaches how you can replace your 8 to 5 job, to travel the world, supplement your own income to help with retirement and many more.

31. Mr. Money Mustache

Started in 2011, Mr. Money Mustache is a blog that regularly posts articles on wealth building and managing personal finances. The author aims to help his readers learn how they can live a “frugal yet Badass life of leisure”.

He explains the challenges of early retirement and teaches you how to manage your personal finances and build your wealth. The author also shares some of the secrets he followed to achieve his financial freedom. He teaches his readers how they can make their life better than the current one.

32. Listen to Money Matters

Founded by Andrew Fiebert, Listen to Money Matters is a blog that provides you with the necessary information on how to manage your money. The author will give you lots tips and insights on personal finance. Andrew will teach how to cut through the bullshit and work smarter with your money.

Every tip or piece or tip of advice the author gives you has been tested personally, meaning that you are getting real experience advice from. The blog also teaches you to learn from the mistakes made by other investors, so you can improve and work with what we have.

33. Real Investment Advice

Real Investment Advice is an investment blog that covers the latest market related news as well as amazing opinionated market commentaries from other investment experts. The website covers a wide range of contents, including webinars, radio shows, videos and blog posts.

The blog is owned by six financial experts allowing you to get the best most valuable and reliable financial and investment advice. You can subscribe to get regular insights, updates and the latest market related news. The blog also allows you can register to participate in investing seminars.

34. Dividend Cash flow

This is one of the most top-rated investment blogs. The blog is owned and run by a successful regular investor. It aims to teach its readers how to achieve financial freedom via dividend investing, something that author does regularly.

What is amazing about the blog is that the author shows his most recent investment portfolio publicly. He does this to remove the notion that you can make significant profits through dividend investing. In addition to content on dividend investing, the author posts well researched articles on investment analysis and personal finance.

35. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an ideal investing blog for new investors. It is also a great refresher for those who have it all figured out. The site posts regular blogs on a wide range of topics, including investment, financial planning, retirement and wealth management. The authors provide contents that will help their readers build a better money management experience while building their wealth.

Personal Capital also gives access to financial tools that will help you track your personal finances. The author believes that the best way to empower individuals and their money is by blending cutting edge technology with objective financial advice.

36. The Chicago Financial Planner

The Chicago Financial Planner is an investment blog by Roger Wohlner, a freelance financial writer and fee-only financial advisor. Roger uses his experience to communicate complex financial concepts to both readers and clients in an understandable manner. He writes for a number of financial websites, financial services firms and financial advisors.

Roger started the Chicago Financial Planner with the aim of providing ideas to readers on how the can plan the financial future they desire for themselves and their families. The blog provides valuable tips for making smart investment decisions based on current events and trends as well as tips on how to protect your portfolio. The blog also covers a wide range of financial and retirement planning topics.

37. Calculated Risk

The blog was created by Bill McBride with an aim of providing concise and understandable summaries on current market trends. Mr. McBride holds an MBA from the University of California and has a background in economics, finance and management. His blog covers a wide range of finance and investment topics.

The sire provides concise and very accessible summaries of all the key economic data and development. He helps investors predict how different economic developments are going to unfold. This enables them to make smart decisions and manage their money wisely.

38. Smarter Investing by Covestor

Smarter Investing by Covestor regularly posts insights and blogs on investment. The blogs highlights market outlook, investment strategies, the investment process and professional investor profiles. This makes it an ideal investing blog for both beginner and experienced investors.

The blog has a huge collection of the best investing articles you can find on the web. The articles are written by certified investment professionals and well researched and easy to read. You’ll certainly love what this blog has to offer.

39. The Brooklyn investor

The Brooklyn Investor has been active since 2011. The blog has lots of well researched, unique detailed articles that are easy to read and follow. The blog covers a wide range of investing topics, including individual stocks and company analysis.

Top articles, such as Buffet the Market Timer cover multiple topics and provide insight into areas that most investing blogs do not venture into. Each article contains extracts from investor presentations and annual reports presented in tables and graphs to make the information easier to understand. Although you may not be interested in buying the security being analyzed, you will still find valuable tips on how to perform a good equity research.

40. Dividend Ninja

If your investing style includes dividend value stocks and index fund, then you should consider bookmarking this blog. All the articles on Dividend Ninja provide in depth views of individual stocks. What is evening amazing about the blog is that all research content is supplemented charts, tables and other data.

The fact you can visualize the data, makes the contents of this website easy to consume and understand. You can subscribe to the Dividend Ninja free dividend investing newsletter that contains lots of helpful information.

41. Base Hit Investing

Base Hit Investing is an investment blog by John Huber, the Portfolio manager of Saber Capital Management, LLC. The blog was created to help readers make long term investment decisions for the different types of portfolios. John shares his wealth of knowledge and insight on investing on Base Hit Investment.

He posts comprehensive investing articles, ranging from observations on the stock market as a whole to teaching from successful investors, such as Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet. Base Hit Investing is a must follow blog if you are looking to refresh and grow your investment knowledge and build wealth.

42. Musings on Markets

Musings on Markets is another investing blog you cannot miss to read. The blog was founded by Aswath Damodaran, a professor of Finance at Stern School of Business. The blog provides the pieces of advice and insights from a college professor for free. Most of the articles posted in this website are supplement by charts, graphs and tables to make easy to read and understand.

The author also offers free online stock valuation courses that are ideal for beginner investors. The blog also covers high profile company valuations, such as Uber.

43. Alpha Vulture

If you are looking for pure investment ideas, then you should certainly bookmark this blog. The blog covers a wide range of investment topics, including international stocks as well as detailed investment theses. The author says that the blog is a perfect for those interested in bargains and unloved stocks.

The author supplements his articles with graphs, real life examples and tables to make them easy to read and understand. You will certainly love the way the author writes his blogs.

44. Emerging Market Insights

Owned and run by the Frontier Strategy Group, Emerging Market Insights is an investing blog that provides insightful commentaries into many emerging markets throughout the world. Instead of covering investment news and basic macroeconomic policies, the blog dives into specific countries and companies that it believes poses the best investment opportunities. The blog is ideal for international investors looking for the best emerging markets.

45. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is a top investing blog for people looking to start building their investment portfolio with a goal making big returns. Timothy is an investing and marketing expert who shares his advice on his blog. He offers readers guidelines to smart investing.

The blog teaches how to overcome the challenges you face as a beginner investor and gives you valuable tips on how you can take advantage of emerging markets.

46. Battery Ventures

Battery Ventures is a blog that covers many different topics, including management, leadership, startups, IT and marketing. Basically, Battery Ventures is a well-rounded business blog for investors and entrepreneurs.

The reason why Battery Ventures is a top investing blog is because it covers important topics from smart startup investing to the best management strategies. This makes it a valuable resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

47. Big Law Investor

If you are a law student or a practicing lawyer looking to make smart investment decisions, then this blog is for you. The main goal of the blog is to educate and create a community of lawyers who receive huge paychecks but are unsure of how to manage their funds or invest.

48. Marc to Market

The Marc to Market is a top investing blog by Marc Chandler, an associate professor at the New York for Global Affairs. The blog covers multiple topics on global capital markets. You will learn how to make the most out of your finances while being conscious of the effects of political events across the world.

49. American Century Investments

American Century Investments is a blog that contains valuable content on retirement, asset management and personal finance. The authors of the blog believe that they succeeded by making others successful. Thus, they are committed to sharing their investment knowledge and keeping their informed on the latest market trends. Their “CIO Insights” section has quarterly findings that will impact your investment and the economy.

50. Horan Associates

If you are serious about investment, you’ll certainly love this blog. The blog is packed with market and economic analysis and news for serious investors. One of the reasons it is a top investing blog is because it posts frequent updates analyzing the impact of current events on the stock market and American economy.

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