MTF Trix System For MT4 Intro

Welcome back everyone to our blog about the MT4 systems today we will be speaking about the MTF Trix System For MT4 it is a very small system that looks simple and easy to use, but is it profitable? we will leave the question to your tests and results testing it on the demo account.

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Now, let us head up digging more into the MTF Trix System For MT4 indicators and set up, we have the MTF Trix System For MT4 on the hourly time frame for the trading pair Euro versus the Great British Pound, as we see the indicator have fixed levels as support and resistance areas, it has arrows blue arrows and red arrows, it also has a main area to be used for entries, exits, take profits, stop loss which is the purple magenta ( Daily Pivot ) price.

The daily pivot is change-able everyday for sure not just in the MTF Trix System For MT4 but that is how the Pivot works.

Let us see how we can use the MTF Trix System For MT4 in the next heading, but before that do not forget to download the full MTF Trix System For MT4 system from the form down below by entering your email we will send you the system on it right away so that you do not have to keep searching to get it, we got you covered already to just focus on your trading.

If you do not know what trix even means so, the up coming lines, or explanation is for you to start trading by it while you understand the system well.

As that is a scalping strategy you need to confirm that your broker is not a dealing desk to be able to test and even know if the system works go to a DMA broker and test on their demo accounts so the first thing is that you need a good MT4 to test on, the second thing you need to have four MT4 five minutes charts and divide your MT4 screen on four to see all of them in the same time.

You may open up for example EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, and finally AUDUSD and you can change them for sure to any pairs you need but keep your tests on these pairs at the beginning, and before you start just confirm that you opened all of them on the five minutes trading chart.

Now you almost understood how the trix working?

How to use MTF Trix System For MT4

The first thing you need to know is that the MTF Trix System For MT4 system is covering several time frames which is the four scalping time frames, the 15 minutes time frame, the 5 minutes time frame, and the 1 hour time frame. All of your trades must be taken through the five minutes time frame and that happenes once the trix give you the go signal on all the three frames not just one or two.

When to enter the trade when the trix give you the signal on the three time frames? You enter your trade right away after the price breaks the last high or low by two pips on the five minutes time frame.

Your take profit be around five pips and leaving your trade when the trix color get changed that means if you gained you will gain five pips only and if lost you will lose more than that because no any scalping strategy gives you one on one profits versus losses, from our side I do not recommend to trade by that system anyways but you can still test and use it. Because, nowadays most brokers will annoy you of you target five pips only and trading such strategies.

MTF Trix System For MT4 Pros & Cons

We do not see much or any pros in that MTF Trix System For MT4 because it lets you use the Pivot then moving average to feel like there is much to use but at the end you depend on the trix signals only and have a take profit of five pips only, we really advice you to avoid that trading set up at any cost. If you need to play with it on the demo you are welcome. However if it worked for you on the demo account it will not work well on the real account cause of the anti - scalping plugins and the minimum required pips to not get your trade or your self in trouble with your broker.

The cons of that MTF Trix System For MT4 that I see directly are the five pips take profit, the huge difference in the percentage between the stop loss and take profit, it is not logical system by any way. The stuff it makes you set up on the screen but never use like the Pivot and similar.

Summary of MTF Trix System For MT4

Avoid using that MTF Trix System For MT4. If you were searching how to use the MTF Trix System For MT4 then it is good that you reached this article to stay away from that system. Stay safe and trade well without that system.

If you use the normal supply and demand levels professionally it will give you good results out of using such useless system. Still, if you are looking for systems or indicators to use to are welcome to check the other indicators and systems we did explain in our blog.

If you insist on using that system then delete the pivot point from it, it is not really used as we saw or you can try to merge it and tell us if it made any difference for you using that system? Like using it to confirm or deny the trades to whether you should open it or not? That seems to be an idea to do if you have the enough time to waste on that.

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