Symphonie Trader System For MT4 Intro

The Symphonie Trader System For MT4 was made in the first place to be able to help you maximizing your profits, and as we can see here on our chart the United States Dollar versus the Canadian Dollar on the one hour time frame displaying the Symphonie Trader System For MT4.

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Showing one moving average, sell and buy signs displayed by the arrows which are used also to specify the take profit and stop loss prices, and then we have the last thing in the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 down below which is the symphonie matrix version three.

By reading this article you will learn about almost everything related to the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 including how to trade by it, and every information we can provide that would help you in your trading.

the moving average that we have used in the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 is shift two, period five and the method is exponential applying to typical price hlc three, and that is something interesting that most of the systems we saw are using the same typical price hlc three set up, and not just the Symphonie Trader System For MT4.

Interested to start learning more about the Symphonie Trader System For MT4?

let us take it step by step, now from inside this article and below that line you can start downloading the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 completely including all its files, folders, and templates. We save your time by collecting everything to you in one downloadable ZIP.

How to use Symphonie Trader System For MT4

Mainly, you start taking actions when all the four indicators are giving you sign in the same direction whether all are lining up, or all are lining down.

The average money management for that trading set up is one USD per pip for every 1,000 dollars, but that might be risky for you a little bit as you are still testing and we recommend to go by more secure ARS until you decided to give up or continue using that Symphonie Trader System For MT4.

Generally, the average stop loss of your trades will be 30 pips, but we recommed to add additional five pips on that to avoid the difference in brokers, and feeds pricing that may affect your over all analysis, and decisions. On the other side it will save you a little bit from the dealing desk brokers as well.

Moving to the entry point to know how you will open, or close your trades.

To enter a buy or sell trade you must wait a strong spike on the system indicators not in the market itself, how can you know if there is a strong spike that you can relay on?

Simple when the colors get changed that means a big spike is happening besides that you need to make sure that the other three indicators are showing the same color that the fourth one is displaying already. Which means, you get your trade when all the indicators having the same direction because of a spike.

You can even use the pending orders in the areas that are considered as spikes from the market current price so that you can make sure you will not miss any trade that might success and get you some profits. The con of the pending trading style is that you will be late or affected in a range of seven pips total from the real price that you should have execute on it if you enter the trade manually.

So, it is your decision completely to set a pending order and earn lower profits or missing the trade completely, that thing is up to you.

Now, let us tell you how to protect your account while trading by such strategy;

you need to make always a fixed stop loss of fifty pips once you open any trade whether manually or by a pending order and start a fixed profits stop loss or a trailing stop when you have a floating profits of thirteen pips you should move your stop loss to the break even plus the spreads so if the price reversed you should lose nothing at all.

You can adjust the stop loss and take profits in your favor as the given numbers or averages back to years ago so, it would be the best if you can decided the stop loss level you will use by yourself based on the strong support and resistance areas that you see. That is how flexible the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 is.

Moving to how to exit your trade simply there are three options to do that:

1- if you do not love to risk at all
Simply, when the trend tells you or show you that their might be an upcoming change you will manage to leave your trade with the smallest reverse which means if the current candle went back to the most far tail that it has against your desired direction.

Doing that will sometimes make you miss some action and more profits, but we are writing to you the three styles and ways and you choose the one you need to go with after making sure that the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 is still working.

2- if you like to risk a little bit
When the same thing happens as the first level if you would like to take the risk a little bit you will keep 50% of your trade opened and will close 50% of it. How can you do that? By clicking right click on the trade and adjust the lot size then press close to close the part aka size you need to close. Simple as that.

The second half that you will keep you will continue the trade by it normally unless you see a clear change in the trend line color that means it is the right time to close the other half that you keept. Nevertheless that is a good and bad point as it may result in getting 50% of your profits only, or may get you much profits if the price continued in that have direction.

That option ( 2- ) I see it as a middle solution to not be extremely risky or not risky at all.

3- if you are a risky trader and would like to challenge the market aggressively
Here is the third and last phase which is the most agressive that you will keep the trade opened ( all of it ) until the market give you a sell sign if you are in a buy trade, or give you a buy sign if you are in a sell trade.

In that case you will be reversing the trade only but will not leave without any other reason. The down side of that solution is that you put all in whether very large and big profits or getting your stop loss hit whether the complete stop loss or the break even stop loss.

If you will use the original version only of the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 you have an exceptional rule which is you have to exit your trade right away if any strong spike happened before triggering you to put the stop loss on the break even. Which means if any reversal spike happens before you have 30 pips as profits you need to exit your trade without thinking. *A reminder that is for the original version only*

A friendly reminder regarding the Symphonie Trader System For MT4, and a disclaimer; you can download the whole Symphonie Trader System For MT4 from inside this article. We do not promote the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 we just explain all the trading systems for educational purposes and not advising anyone to use them on real account unless they want to do so.

Symphonie Trader System For MT4 Pros & Cons

The most critical disadvantage I see in the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 is that it has repainting indicators but the creator trick is that he says yes I depend on repainting indicators but we need signs from 4 different indicators not one and that might make a difference, so we will keep that for you to check if it really makes a difference or not!

The advantage of these systems or the Symphonie Trader System For MT4 specifically is that it shows you different indicators compained together that you never thought to merge to see their results together. You can test all the systems on backtest you don't have to bother wasting your time on something you are not extremely sure of it.

I am pretty sure that there are softwares specialized in the backtest and not just the MT4.

Summary of Symphonie Trader System For MT4

As usual we see that these systems always depend on the entry and exit conditions and not on the indicator itself in the first place so, always make up your mind before using anything on your real account, remember that it is a real hard earned money, test good before deciding. That advice are for any system you see and not just the Symphonie Trader System For MT4.

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