Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor For MT4

Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor For MT4



PLEASE NOTE: This expert advisor was publicly available for free usage on other websites and is not programmed by us. We explain the functionality and possible improvements of the EA. Furthermore, we are convinced that fully automatic Expert Advisors will fail in the long run. On the other hand, our semi-automatic approach with detecting the best setups and then activating our Expert Advisors (e.g. V-Power EA, EdgeZone EA) produced many successful traders and some of them even got prop traders at prop trading firms. Therefore, we added a similar semi-automatic trading feature (to allow only buy or only sell trades) to the free Expert Advisors. You can download the modified version here and enjoy!


The Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor For MT4 is a very interesting Expert Advisor. It’s very different from other Expert Advisors. The Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor is not fully automated like most Expert Advisors. With the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor you will need to do your part. As you can see by the name, this is a Swing Trading Expert Advisor. It is designed to catch high price movements, mostly trends.

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The thing with the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor for MT4 is that you need to manually find the trend. You will do that through your technical analysis. You have inputs to specify what trend you think the market is on, based on that, the Swing Expert Advisor will do the rest.

The Swing Cyborg is simply a trend catcher. It’s a perfect mix of automating and manually trading. Through inputs, you will specify the start & end of the trend, you will specify the type of trend, you will specify your risk etc.

It’s an interesting way of trading & if you manage it correctly, you can see some huge gains to your trading account.

You’ll have to manually manage the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor here and there, which is not the worst thing on earth. I get it, Expert Advisors are supposed to be fully automatic. Which means you should leave it & expect it to take trades. Well you can leave the Swing Cyborg (once you specify the inputs, of course) trade by itself as well. But once you feel like the market’s trend has changed, the best thing is to change/modify the inputs.

Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor for MT4 - THE SETTINGS

Lots -  This setting explains himself. This will be the Lot size for all your opened orders. Kindly change this setting based on your risk% preferences and of course, your account size. You don’t want to blow your account simply because you used a big lot size. Of course, you can get quick huge wins this way, but it’s best to play it safe & let the Expert Advisor trade through a longer term.

YourTrendPrediction - This is where it gets interesting. You have 2 options here: UP TREND or DOWN TREND. Here is where the manual stuff comes into play. Based on your technical analysis, or based on your fundamental analysis. You are going to specify which direction you think the pair is going to. This will also specify if the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor will take Long or Short trades. So basically, the Expert Advisor will only take trades in one direction. So choose this setting wisely.

YourTrendTimeFrame -  This is another important setting. This will indicate on which time frame the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor will take trades on. You have three options: M30, H1 and H4. Based on your input, the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor will trade differently. The other indicator which is supposed to “confirm” the trades, will be based on this input. So the indicator (RSI) will be based on the timeframe specified.

TheTrendBeginsOn - This is a date time input. Very important to the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor as well. It will tell the Expert Advisor when the trend has begun. It will make taking trades valid from this input till the TheTrendFinishesOn input, which we will go through next.

TheTrendFinishesOn - This is a date time input as well. This will let the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor know when the trend has finished. If the pair is still trending, this input should be a random date on the future. Or where you think the trend will end. It’s not very important what this input is. You just have to know that if the current date is between the TheTrendBeginsOn and TheTrendFinishesOn inputs, only then, the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor will take trades. If the current date has passed the TheTrendFinishesOn input, then the Expert Advisor will not be able to take trades.

EAsAggressiveness - Another very important input to the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor. This input will specify the aggressiveness of the Expert Advisor. You have 3 options here: LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH. This setting will not affect the lot size. It will affect the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. At LOW, the Stop Loss is set at 20 pips and the Take profit at 30 pips. At MEDIUM, the Stop Loss is set at 25 pips and the Take Profit at 50 pips. At HIGH, the Stop Loss is set at 30 pips and the Take Profit at 60 pips. As you can see, this setting will change the way the Expert Advisor trades in quite a way. At LOW, you have 1.5 risk to reward ratio. At MEDIUM, you have 2 risk to reward ratio, same at HIGH. But what changes is the amount of pips it gains or losses. So choose this setting wisely since it’s very critical to the way the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor trades.

Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor for MT4 - HOW IT TRADES

So, besides the inputs specified, the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor uses another indicator called Relative Strength Index (RSI) to open trades. If the trend input is UP_TREND, the Swing Cyborg checks if the RSI is lower or equal to 65. This is a great way to select the trades. Since we don’t want to open any kind of trades. This will confirm the UP_TREND to the Expert Advisor, and based on your risk settings, it will open a buy trade.

If your trend is DOWN_TREND, the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor will check if the Relative Strength index (RSI) is equal or above than 35. This will filter out the bad trades & will open a short trade based on your risk settings.

If none of these conditions are met, the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor will not take any trades.


Even though the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor is quite the Expert, it’s not a finished product. There are a lot of ways we can improve this Expert Advisor. One of the best ways would be to automatically define a trend. So to remove the manual part completely. This might be good or bad, but with the right indicator, I think it can improve this Expert Advisor a lot.

Another thing to improve would be the risk settings. Basically the EAsAggressiveness doesn’t do much as far as risk goes. Since we’re opening the same lot sizes & the only thing that’s changing is the stop loss and take profit pips. The risk to reward ratio is staying the same mostly. Maybe change the risk to reward ratio to be higher with a more aggressive setting. That would improve the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor a lot in my opinion. And it would make this setting more meaningful.

Another thing I would like to add is having lot sizes based on risk % of the account balance. This would allow us to gradually increase the lot sizes. I think it would be a better option compared to fixed lot sizes.

Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor for MT4 - FINAL WORDS

At the end of the day, the Swing Cyborg Expert Advisor seems like a good Expert. It’s not complicated, in fact, it’s very simple. The simpler the better as far as Expert’s go. It’s straight to the point & allows the user to have it’s part on trading. I would trade this at my own risk. If you’re planning on using this Expert, I would recommend trending markets, since that’s where this Expert does best. Anyways, don’t forget, always trade with your own risk.


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