– Review of features and functionality

Table Of Contents:

  1. – Review of features and functionality
    1. The Finviz Homepage
    2. How to use the Finviz stock screener?
    3. How does the Finviz heatmap work?
    4. Finviz Groups feature
    5. What is the Finviz Insider filter?
    6. Finviz Futures
    7. Finviz Forex
    8. Finviz Charting interface
    9. Finviz Elite Account
    10. Five reasons why you should invest in a Finviz account
      1. #1 The most comprehensive stock screener
      2. #2 Heatmaps give you a bird’s eye view of the markets
      3. #3 Easy to use information
      4. #4 Real time market information
      5. #5 Finviz is not for light users
    11. Finviz – Summary

Finviz is a premier financial visualization tool and packs a punch. Whether you are trading stocks, forex or futures, is your go to website when it comes to performing both fundamental and technical analysis. website has been a well established site and provides tons of information for the user. From viewing a brief snapshot of the markets, users can pick and choose the markets of their choice.

Whether you are based in the United States or Australia, you can certainly pick your local stock market index and learn more about how the markets are performing.

The data you see on Finviz is delayed by 20 minutes for some select exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and AMEX. Having the information allows investors to conduct and in depth analysis of the securities of their choice.

The fact that traders can choose between equities, forex and futures makes it all the more appealing. If you are an investor who is constantly hedging the markets, then Finviz is the best website for you.

The main page of Finviz is packed with lots of information which can be overwhelming for the first time user. There are also lots of features and functionality which requires some learning curve.

In this article about Finviz, we give you a detailed tour of the Finviz app and the various features that are available for you to use.

Using Finviz you can not only expand your knowledge about the markets but also learn new ways on how you can conduct your analyses of the markets. One of the unique features of Finviz is that it combines the power of both technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

This makes it easy for investors and speculators alike. Let’s start with a detailed look into the various features of the Finviz app.

The Finviz Homepage

The Finviz homepage contains a ton of information. If you are in a hurry, spending a few minutes on the homepage will bring you up to speed on the markets.

The first section contains an intraday chart of the three main stock indexes in the United States. These include the Dow Jones Industrials, the NASDAQ and the S&P500 indices.

The intraday chart is configured with the candlestick pattern which can also provide some valuation information.

Right below the charts, you then have the next set of filters. These filters include the Advance and Decline stocks, percentage of new highs and lows in the markets, stocks that are above and below the 200 day simple moving average and finally the total bullish and bearish positions.

Finviz Stock market overview

Looking at just this information, the user can easily form an opinion about the markets and understand how the market sentiment is positioned.

Right below these main sections, you have the next bit of information which shows the list of stocks.

The stocks are categorized into the list of the top gainers, stocks that are making new highs or lows, overbought and oversold stocks, stocks with unusual volumes, stocks that are moving due to earnings release as well as stocks that are making moves due to insider buying.

List of stocks based on different criterion

The list is a comprehensive overview and takes the first section into a bit more of detail. From this list you can quickly look at stocks that are of interest. Hovering on the ticker name gives an overlay window with the price chart with a daily time frame.

On the right side of the homepage is a small snapshot of the stock market heatmap. This is something which we will cover in the later section of this article.

Coming to the middle of the screen, you have a section dedicated to technical analysts. Here, stocks are listed based on various technical details.

Finviz stock lists based on technical chart patterns

Price action patterns are the norm here. Therefore, you will see stocks that are testing a trendline support or resistance, stocks forming a double top or double bottom, head and shoulders pattern and many more chart patterns.

Technical analysts will certainly love this section as it gives a quick overview of the stocks based on technical chart patterns.

The next section below shows the top five latest headlines related to the markets. The headlines are aggregated from various financial news sources such as, and so on. Clicking on the headlines opens the full article in a new page.

To the right side of the news section is a list of 16 stocks and their performance based on the news releases.

Finviz economic and stock earnings release calendar

Following this section, the next part is dedicated to the day's economic calendar. The economic calendar focuses only on data from the United States. To the right side of the calendar is a quick snapshot of the stock tickers which are due to release their earnings report on the day and up to the next four days.

Finally, the lower section of the homepage shows a list of the latest insider trading and the stocks. The insider trading data shows the stocks where has been inside activity that includes both buying and selling of stocks. You can see detailed information such as the number of stocks and the total value as well as the date when the transaction occurred.

The final lower end of the homepage is dedicated to the futures and the forex markets. The futures market covers the top commodity futures and index futures. Data includes the last traded price and the daily change in the respective futures contracts.

The forex section on the bottom right also includes a brief snapshot of the bond market. The top three currency pairs, namely the EURUSD, USDJPY and the GBPUSD data is displayed followed by the 5, 10 and 30 year treasury prices.

While the homepage itself might seem overwhelming, the data presented there has a bit of everything for everyone. Therefore, whether your stock trading strategy includes tracking stocks with insider activity or trading based off technical chart patterns, the homepage of is your one stop destination.

However, that is not is because we are just scratching the surface. Finviz has a lot of customizable and unique features which we will cover in the next sections of this article.

Some of the top features of Finviz are:

  • Stock screener
  • Heatmap
  • Groups
  • Insider
  • Futures
  • Forex
  • Crypto

How to use the Finviz stock screener?

The Finviz stock screener is one of the best stock screeners that are available. The most unique aspect about the Finviz stock screener is that it is free to use. You do not even need to create a login.

The stock screener provides the following details for the results.

  • Overview
  • Valuation
  • Financial
  • Ownership
  • Performance
  • Technical
  • Custom
  • Charts
  • Tickers
  • Basic
  • TA
  • News
  • Snapshot
  • Stats

The above sections shows the level of in-depth analysis one can do on a stock.

Moving to the most important part, the first section allows you to quickly scan for stocks based on the most commonly used filters such as top performing stocks, overbought and oversold stocks, volatile stocks and stocks based on key technical chart patterns.

If this preset filter is not enough for you, then you can customize the filters based on other criteria such as the exchange, market cap and index. You can further drill down the data which can be descriptive. The descriptive filter allows you to select stocks based on parameters such as the float short, sector, relative volume, price and other details.

If you want to get into even more details, you can choose a combination of fundamental analysis and technical analysis filters. The fundamental filters allow you to choose stocks based on the EPS growth rate, forward price to earnings ratio, return on equity and other various financial ratios.

For those who prefer the technical analysis bit, you can select stocks based on its recent performance, price and its relation to key moving averages such as the 200-day simple moving average, 20-day high and low, gaps in the stocks and so on.

You can of course view all the filters in just one screen by clicking on the 'All' tab which shows filers for both technical and fundamental analysis.

Below, you can see the stock filter based on a combination of the descriptive, fundamental and technical filters. In the result you see below, that the filters chosen include stocks from NASDAQ exchange which are based on the S&P500 index. We then selected the debt/equity ratio of under 0.1 and with sales growth being positive over five years and finally we select that the price is above the 200-day simple moving average.

Finviz stock screener

How does the Finviz heatmap work?

A heatmap offers investors a two-dimensional view of the data using colors. The intensity of the colors represents how bullish or bearish a stock's performance has been. Heatmaps are commonly used to analyze the stock markets, but they are also widely used in different markets.

Heatmaps came into existence since the early 19th century and was primarily used in statistics analysis. Heatmaps are used in just about every field and has been gaining prominence in the area of data science and business intelligence.

The finviz heatmap is a handy feature that gives you a detailed snapshot of the equity markets. The heatmap can be configured to an index of your choice.

The free version of Finviz allows you to firstly change the view between a square layout of the heatmap and a bubble map.

Finviz stock heatmap

There is a lot of customization that you can use for both the layouts, depending on what format you want to use.

The default heatmap for example allows you to filter stocks based on factors such as 1-day performance and all the way to other fundamentals such as the Price earnings ratio, dividend yield, EPS growth over the past five years and so on.

The stocks are categorized into different categories and when you mouse over the stocks, you can get more detailed information.

Besides the U.S. S&P500 index, you can also filter to see the exchange traded funds, which are again categorized into different classes such as leveraged ETF's, inverse ETF's, fixed income ETF's and so on.

When you switch to the bubble view, you can select a snapshot of stocks based on filters such as the index, the sector, market cap and so on. The bubble view allows you to scroll both the x and y-axis.

For example, you can select the x-axis to show the market capitalization while the y-axis can be configured to show the stock’s performance. Then, using both the x-axis and the y-axis scroll bars, you can look through the various stocks that match the criteria to learn more about the stock’s performance.

Hovering over the bubbles and the heatmaps can also show you details such as the stock chart.

The number of customizations that are available gives you a huge choice to try different combinations to suit the requirements of your analysis of the stocks.

Finviz Groups feature

The Finviz groups feature is a simple but powerful feature. It basically groups the main individual categories into different filters such as 1-day performance, 1-week performance, 1-month performance, all the way through the year to date performance.

Finviz Sector grouping based on performance

Based on the groups feature you can quickly ascertain which groups are trending strongly. Then based on this information you can then look to the stock screener to pick and choose the stocks that meet your criteria.

You can also use the various filters such as the valuation which can show the sector’s details such as price to earnings, EPS and other details.

What is the Finviz Insider filter?

The Finviz insider section gives a comprehensive overview of all the insider trading activity in the stocks. Unlike other stock or financial websites, where insider trading activity is displayed when you look for an individual stock, the Finviz insider section gives a complete list of insider activity.

Through this filter screen, you can find the list of stocks and the insider transactions that are taking place. For example, for any particular stock, you can easily view the type of insider activity that has taken place.

Finviz insider stock trading activity

This includes details such as exercising of options, sale of preferred shares and other details such as the designation or position of the person who executed the transaction.

The details also show the SEC section 4 filing and the date of the transaction. The insider trading section allows you to select the stocks based on the latest insider trading activity, or the top insider trading activity. The top insider trading activity shows the list of the highest volume of stocks where insider activity has taken place.

Finally, you can also select the top 10% owner insider transaction activity. This is mostly applicable for mid and small cap stocks.

Finviz Futures

Although Finviz dedicates a lot of filters to the equity markets, the data for the futures and the forex markets are somewhat limited. Still, the information available gives a bit of detailed information and is usually appropriate given the fact that Finviz is primarily built for stock traders.

The futures section starts with the heatmap. You can customize the heatmap to show details into different categories such as indices, financial futures, metals, meats and grains. The performance heatmap can be customized to show the day’s top and low performing markets in futures.

Clicking on any of the futures asset opens a chart window.

Finviz Futures Performance Chart

Below the futures heatmap you can also see other details such as the one-day relative performance. This section shows a complete list of futures and its relative performance.

Finviz Forex

The Finviz forex section is limited, in that it only allows you to see the heatmap of some of the major currencies of the world. Some commodities are also included such as WTI Crude Oil and Gold. When you mouse over the blocks, you can see the brief snapshot of the chart.

Finviz Forex Heatmap

Other sections include the performance tab which will show you the list of currencies based on their performance. The performance can include the one day relative performance all the way through the year to date performance statistics.

Finviz Charting interface

Charts are one of the most essential features when it comes to any stock screening app. In this aspect, Finviz offers a decent overview of the charting interface which is visually appealing as well.

You can use the charting interface to show the charts either as a candlestick chart or line chart. Interactive charts are available only for Finviz elite users. Using the interactive function, users can customize the charts including other features such as chart annotations and adding custom indicators.

Finviz Charting Application

The timeframe on the free version of the charting interface uses the daily time frame by default. You can switch to the weekly or monthly time frame as well. Intraday charts are available only for Finviz elite users.

By default, all charts come with a 200, 50 and 20 day simple moving average. Trend lines are also automatically plotted on the charts giving you a quick overview on the technical aspects of the price chart that you are analyzing.

Below the charts, you also have some detailed fundamental information such as some of the most commonly used financial ratios and also institutional recommendations and price targets. The next section below gives a summary of all the recent insider trading that has taken place.

Overall, the charting interface is suited for both fundamental and technical traders.

Finviz Elite Account

The website allows free access to just about every section on the website. You can run custom screeners and heatmaps and get quite a bit of information which usually comes at a premium at other financial websites.

The limitations only apply when you want to save your lists or create and track your portfolio of stocks. However, given the amount of functionality that is available on the free version, the elite version is not very expensive.

A monthly subscription to comes at a cost of $24.96 a month. The Elite version opens the doors to more functionality such as being able to backtest your trading strategies and the use of interactive charts and custom time frames.

Below is a list of features that are available for elite users.

Real time and premarket data: The As an elite user, you can gain access to real time data. This means that there is no delay that is usually found if you were a free user. Users also get access to pre-market data which usually includes institutional buying and selling. The premarket data covers various sections including the premarket heatmap and stock screeners during the premarket session.

Advanced charting: The advanced charting tools for Elite users offers a lot more possibilities than the limited version that is for free. Users can switch to intraday charts and use a lot more indicators such as overlays and various indicators.

You can also find a good collection of drawing and annotation tools. Last but not the least, elite users can also make use of the performance comparison charts and conduct thorough technical analysis.

Backtesting of strategies: Elite users of Finviz have access to the backtesting features which is not available in the free version. Backtesting helps traders to evaluate their trading strategies and see how it performed over the years. This can be very beneficial and helpful before you apply this to the markets.

Finviz's backtesting features combines over 100 technical indicators and 16 years of stock market data. You can also compare the performance of your backtesting strategy with benchmark indexes such as the S&P500.

Correlations: Correlation is where two or more securities tend to move in the same direction. Conversely, an inverse correlation is when two or more securities tend to move in the opposite direction. Think of inverse correlation as the relationship between stocks and bonds which move in opposite directions.

Finviz offers the correlation feature for its Elite users. It features proprietary algorithms that are optimized for the financial markets. Using this feature users can find direct or inversely correlated securities. It also helps you to diversify your risks and also to alternate the positions.

Advanced stock screener: The Finviz stock screener is one of the best stock screeners available out there. However, with the Elite version you can extend the capabilities of this stock screener even further.

The enhanced version of the stock screener offers additional features such as exporting of data, creating advanced charts and highly customized screeners using multiple combinations of technical and fundamental filters. You also get a statistical view of the results.

Alerts and Notifications: Finally, the alerts and notifications feature keeps you always in the loop about the markets. As an elite user of Finviz, you can get access to breaking news and also set alerts on price, portfolio and other details.

Last but not the least, with the Elite membership at Finviz there are no ads creating a distraction free environment for you to conduct your technical analysis study.

Below is a summary of the differences between the free and the elite version of the Finviz platform.

You can purchase a single license for just $24.96 a month if you subscribe to a yearly plan which comes to $299.50 for a year or keep renewing your subscription every month at the price of $39.50.

Either ways, the subscription fee is very small compared to the wealth of information that Finviz provides. Many professional traders as well as institutional firms make use of the Finviz Elite platform to gain access to the stock screeners, charting information and ton of other information.

Five reasons why you should invest in a Finviz account

If you are still not sure whether the Finviz elite account is right for you or not, then here are five reasons to consider. Of course, it is important to note that if you are not an active trader, then it is pointless to sign up for a Finviz Elite account.

The Finviz platform is primarily geared towards equity traders.

#1 The most comprehensive stock screener

The Finviz platform offers one of the most comprehensive stock screeners available on the Internet today. Using a combination of descriptive, technical and fundamental filters traders can build up highly customized list of stocks that matches their criteria.

#2 Heatmaps give you a bird’s eye view of the markets


The Heatmap functionality puts you in control of the markets. Using the heatmap functionality you will get to see not just the top and worst performing stocks, but you can also use the heatmaps to identify the top performing sectors in the markets.

This feature will allow you to fine tune your analysis and drill deeper into the data until you find that elusive stock that matches all your criteria and one that is performing consistently.

#3 Easy to use information

What makes finviz unique from all other financial websites is that you get information that is relevant. As a stock trader you are required to know what is moving the markets, the general market sentiment the overall performance of the sector.

When you are picking stocks, you would of course like to know how your stock’s key financial ratios size up to others in the sector. With Finviz all this analysis is done within a few clicks. Most of the times the information is easily available and puts you on top of the markets at all times.

#4 Real time market information

With a Finviz elite account you get real time access to the markets and the stocks of your interest. Typically getting real time access to data from the exchanges can cost a fortune and is not usually affordable by many retail or independent traders.

However, at the price of $24.96 or $39.50, the subscription fee is simply a good bargain when you combine all the other features that comes with the subscription plan.

#5 Finviz is not for light users

An important point to note is that Finviz is certainly not for light users. By light users, we mean traders who do not actively trade stocks or those who do not understand how to use the fundamental ratios while performing analysis of the stocks.

Finviz is ideal if you are a good foundation on the fundamental analysis of the stocks as well as being knowledgeable about the technical analysis as well. In the stock markets one can often find two distinctive camps.

Those who only believe in fundamentals while the other camp is a firm supporter of technical analysis. However, Finviz combines the power of both technical and fundamental analysis and offers a comprehensive picture of the markets.


Finviz – Summary

To summarize this review of Finviz and the features that the website offers, it is certainly worth your time to have at least a free account with the Finviz platform. This will allow you access to keeping a track of your equity portfolio and have the information of your favorite stocks handy at all times.

As the review outlined, gives a very comprehensive outlook on stock analysis. It combines various aspects needed for investors to make a good and an informed trading decision. If you are serious about your equity trading or is someone who is an active investor and manages all your investment decisions by yourself, then Finviz is a very handy tool to have.


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