ITrend Indicator For MT4

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  1. ITrend Indicator For MT4
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of using The iTrend Indicator for MT4

The iTrend Indicator for MT4 is a very advanced MetaTrader indicator that was built specifically to identify the times when the market is changing directions. These directional changes in price and usually as a result of a spike in one Direction and an immediate reversal to trap traders in one side of the market.

The market psychology behind this type of price movement is usually that a lot of traders on the sidelines watching the markets move. All of a sudden the market starts to put strongly one Direction. This is done intentionally to attract the retail unexperienced crowd. Once these retail traders spot the strong move in one direction, they quickly jump in and try to make a quick profit from the markets.

This last part of the surge is usually a very sharp upward or downward move in one direction usually caused by the excitement as retail traders either buy or sell the currency pair or trading assets en mass.

Meanwhile, somewhere all the institutional traders have already placed massive counter orders at these prices and the retail orders are quickly absorbed. Suddenly, from a quick profit to a quick loss, the retail trader suddenly realizes that he has been trapped on one side of the market as it suddenly reverses direction with the same sharp moves it created in the other direction.

The retail traders suddenly panic and the start to close their positions in the markets. Meanwhile, institutional traders are already in profits. The more pain the retail traders feel as a result of their losing trades, the more and faster they close their positions. The more they close their positions, the more the market spikes in the other direction until the professionals decide to start taking profits.

One of the major functions of the iTrend Indicator for MT4 is that it gives retail trader insight into the activities of professionals so that these retail traders can make profits with the professionals as they move the markets in their favor.  

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Advantages and Disadvantages of using The iTrend Indicator for MT4

One of the major advantages of using the iTrend indicator for MT4 is that it helps the average trader to spot when the market is turning and also in what direction the market might be turning. It does this by recognizing when institutional traders are pushing the markets and when the happy crowd of retail traders jumps in.

Once a trader has observed this, they can then align their positions in line with the reversal. This also works to the advantage of the trader using the iTrend indicator for MT4 as they can place a small protective stop on their orders, overall limiting their risk as they are already at the very start of a new trend and lose only very little if the market doesn't actually reverse after spotting the pattern.

The iTrend Indicator for MT4 can be efficiently combined with any other indicators or trading systems that a trader might already have. This helps the traders already using other systems the quickly adopt this indicator as it only improves an already existing system.

Multi-timeframe traders can also use the iTrend Indicator for MT4 to achieve very amazing results as the indicator can catch very big price moves across different markets and different timeframe.
For instance, a larger timeframe trader trading on the H1 timeframe might see a reversal forming where a lot of traders are already trapped, probably from trying to trade a range breakout from the wrong side.

The trader can narrow the move down to the much lower timeframes like the 5m and 1m and take trades only in the direction of the higher timeframe reversal. Once this is done successfully, a trader can potentially catch very strong waves and make trades with very high risk to reward ratios.

The iTrend Indicator for MT4 will most likely combine very beautifully with indicators that can show the general trend direction in any particular timeframe as they would then work together to show the trader when the time is ideal to either be buying or selling. It is also ideal for spotting trend continuation moves as the iTrend Indicator for MT4 can expand or cross over to show the trader that price action might be ready to take on a new trend direction.

A beautiful thing about using the iTrend Indicator for MT4 is that it displays in its own window and does not stop the traders using it from doing their own personal analysis and observing the trends with other indicators of choice. It is also important to note that the indicator is very stable on the meta trader platform and does not freeze trader charts or slow them down.

Also, the iTrend Indicator for MT4 does not repaint its signals once a candlestick or market session has closed. This helps the trader to take the signals as reliable and not have to worry about whether the indicator will change its mind and display the opposite signal or not.

An important thing to note would be that traders would have to employ a very strict money management strategy regardless of which set of indicators, tools or systems they choose to use. This is very important in ensuring that the trader does not lose their trading accounts in a very short time and also that the trader survives in the market.

A rule of thumb should be that the trader should never risk above 1% to 2% on any single trade as risking more than 2% becomes very dangerous if a string of losing trades occurs in a single trading day. A way to know if a trader is probably risking too much is to find out if the trader is able to set a trade and allow it to run without feeling the need to sit there and monitor how the trade is moving. if a trader cannot set a trade and go to sleep, then they probably have risked too much in that single trade. The trader must then seek to adjust their trade risk accordingly until they reach their risk threshold so that they can continue to perform optimally in their profession.


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