Magnified price indicator for meta trader 4

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  1. Magnified price indicator for meta trader 4
  2. Benefits of using the Magnified Price Indicator for MT4

The magnified price indicator for MetaTrader 4 is a very simple but useful indicator that was built for a singular reason. this price indicator was built in order to help traders to see exactly where the market is at any given point in time. This means that at any given time the trader looks at his chatting platform, the Trader will know exactly what price the currency pair or the trading assets are trading at. Using this indicator is very important for so many reasons and some of them are outlined below.  

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Benefits of using the Magnified Price Indicator for MT4

Using the magnified price indicator for MetaTrader 4 is very important especially for traders who are looking at many charts at the same time during the trading day. Sometimes all these traders need to see is exactly where the current price is and not a lot of screen clutter. This indicator makes it possible for them to immediately at-a-glance see what the current prices full stop this in return keeps the Trader organized and allows him to immediately look at all the other pairs and currencies that he might be monitoring as well.

Another very important reason for using the magnifier price indicator for MetaTrader 4 is to give traders a quick overview of the market. This is very important for those traders who probably trade news events or who need to see what the market is doing in terms of a black swan event. These traders would need to just look at the market and identify exactly what prices doing, identify web prices and how the price might be reacting to what is going on either upwards or downwards. if the Trader cannot look and see the price at a glance he becomes difficult and cumbersome for him to follow up with so many currency pairs at the same time.

Another five benefits of using the the magnifier price indicator for MetaTrader 4 is that for traders who are visually impaired or whose asides are not as sharp as they used to be I helped them to no exactly the price of a trading asset or currency pair just by looking there and not having to strain their eyes to see the tiny ones that are moving up and down on the chart. This folder saves your eyesight from more damage as the forms used by the price indicator are very legible and can even be increased by the Trader if he so chooses.

Also setting traders who don't need candlestick charts to training coordinate is to look at the prices before they decide when to buy and when to sell can benefit from using the price magnifier indicator for MetaTrader 4 since they can stack all 28 pairs together and just look at the prices created by the magnifying indicator. This automatically helps them to glance from currency pair to currency pair wild looking only at their prices and not being obstructed by chat action or having to look very carefully before they can see exactly where the price is.

The magnified price indicator is coded in such a way that when the prices move down by 1 pip, it shows a red color whereas when the prices move up by 1 pip, it prints a green color. This immediately alerts the Trader of a new trend development when the color remains fixed to one side for a while.

For instance, a trader has been watching a chart waiting for a news event. Immediately the news events have happened, the magnified price indicator starts to show the colors of which direction prices are going based on how the prices are reacting to the incoming news. If the prices are reacting negatively to the news, the Trader will immediately see a continuous red color displayed by the magnified price indicator. If prices are trending up, the Trader will immediately see that the indicator just displays a green color mostly and this can serve as an indication of the direction the prices immediately want to trend to even before it becomes visible to the traders who read candlestick charts.

Lastly, once a trader who needs the magnified price indicator uses it, it becomes an essential tool for trading since it is one of those tools that can be a part of any trader's arsenal or one of those tools that those who really need it cannot do without as it helps them remain very efficient during their trading day. 


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