The Volatility Indicator For MT4

The Volatility Indicator For MT4 is a really simple but sophisticated meta trader 4 that tells the trader exactly what is going on with price action at any given time in terms of how active the price currency or trading asset is and whether the market is about to make any big moves or not. It is super important and essential to any trading styles and will benefit all the different types of trader especially breakout traders.

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Benefits of using the Volatility Indicator For MT4

The first amazing benefit traders can derive from using the Volatility Indicator For MT4 is its uncanny ability to spot when a market is awake and making plans to move. From statistics, most markets only trend about 30% of the time. This leaves traders with about 70% of times when the market is range bound and not intent on moving to anywhere.

This is one of the reasons why traders get bored in the markets since they are always missing out on the big moves and getting stuck with markets that are going nowhere. They eventually become frustrated and take trades in a haste without watching to see if the market is trending or not. This results in loses or overtrading and eventually, they lose their accounts and quit. It is a very common trend among so many traders or former traders.

The Volatility Indicator For MT4 allows traders to overcome this challenge by alerting them to the exact moment when a new trend starts to power up. This way the trader only takes trades in volatile markets that can at least guarantee them a move and not keep them stranded in the markets for hours or even days depending on the timeframe.

It also works across multiple timeframes and is particularly important for the kind of traders who only trade one pair. They can watch the Volatility Indicator For MT4 on the D1, H4, H1, 15m, and 5m timeframes. This can tell them when any major trends are starting on any of these timeframes and enable them to spot major moves on the higher timeframes that can then be scalped on the much lower timeframes for very quick profits since the trader only gets in once the markets are about to move.

The importance of the Volatility Indicator For MT4 to any trader who takes their work seriously cannot be overstated as it is highly essential for catching those big market moves at precisely the right moment. This immediately gives the trader an edge over a huge percentage of other traders who just take trades even when the market is not actively going anywhere.

It is also built in such a way that it can integrate with any trading system as it will greatly improve any trader's performance since they will suddenly become aware of all the signals that come up when the market is not volatile enough and be able to avoid such moves.

Breakout traders will likely be the ones to reap the greatest rewards from the Volatility Indicator For MT4 as it predicts the direction of range breakouts even before they occur so that one or two sessions before a breakout occurs, the trader can clearly see which direction of the market that the Volatility Indicator For MT4 reacts to and prepare ahead of time for the trade.

The Volatility Indicator For MT4 also works across all the timeframes of all currency pairs and trading assets. This means that traders regardless of what they trade can utilize the indicator to gain a lot of benefits from it. Additionally, whether a trader trades the 1-minute charts or the Daily charts, volatility in price is something that they will not want to do without and the ability to see it exactly as it happens will be extremely beneficial to them.

One of the other reasons that make the Volatility Indicator For MT4 a trader's favorite is how clean its signals are. Its signals are always very high quality and stable. This means that a trader can actually rely on the indicator knowing that it will produce more great signals than false moves.

The Volatility Indicator For MT4 also does not repaint once a session has closed and traders who intend to start using the indicator must be able to patiently wait for the indicator to complete a breakout and also for the session to close before taking any of its signals. That said, the Volatility Indicator For MT4 is a very good addition to any trader's arsenal.

In creating signals, the Volatility Indicator For MT4 simply prints a single red line. It is important that traders fully understand how this indicator gives out signals before using it to take trades. Certain times, the indicator prints a straight horizontal line. This indicates that the market is probably at rest and that the indicator is trying to keep the trader out of any false signals.

The more the level of inactivity remains or increases, the Volatility Indicator For MT4's red line can drop lower and lower to the lower end of the indicator window. These horizontal areas in the indicator are to be view as zones that need to be broken upwards by the Volatility Indicator For MT4 once price decides to become active.

A new trend or spike in activity is usually represented by the market breaking some of these previous horizontal areas to the upward direction. This can immediately indicate to the trader that the market is serious about moving to another price area and the trader can then prepare and get into a trade.

Overall, the signals produced by the Volatility Indicator For MT4 are very easy to read and practically pop out at the trader once he or she learns how to read these moves. The learning curve for this indicator is not steep and can be learned within a short while by a serious trader. A more experienced trader will find that they can learn easier by just reading this and looking at the attached images.

Trade Idea

A simple but powerful trade idea would be to combine this indicator wit breakout trading. For instance, a trader can spot a new volatility breakout on a higher timeframe and wait for volatility breakouts in lower timeframes but in the same direction as the higher timeframe. This can easily make traders profits.  


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