ADX BARS Indicator For MT4

The ADX BARS Indicator For MT4 is a premium indicator which helps the retail traders to make consistent money. Some of the new traders rely too much on the indicators and eventually loses the money. To change your life via trading, you must think outside the box. You don’t need to use indicators to find high-quality trades. By taking benefits the advanced indicators like ADX BARS Indicator For MT4, you can develop a perfect trading system.


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The ADX BARS Indicator For MT4 is one of kind. It paints the candlestick with a different color so that the traders can determine the trend. Say, for example, if the market moves under control of bears, you are going to see red painted candles. On the contrary, if the market moves in favor of the bulls, you will see green painted candles. Some of you might see, this features is already available based on the opening or closing of the candle. But in reality, things are not so easy. The ADX BARS Indicator For MT4 depends on more complex calculations. You will see many green candles painted with red color and vice versa. It gives the accurate power of the trend. Let's learn how the perfect way to use the ADX BARS Indicator For MT4

Supply and demand zone

Supply is a major zone where the price drop. On the contrary, the price shots higher when it hits the demand zone. More demand means more buying pressure. Unless you learn to assess the key trading spot, it’s a tough task to filter the best trades. And to do so, you must analyze the key factors in the daily & weekly time frame. Forget about the risk factors in trading. If you fail to keep pace with the changing nature of this market, you should open a trade. Those who are thinking to use the ADX BARS Indicator For MT4 without knowing these details are making a big mistake. Think like the pro traders and create a unique strategy. Never depend on the readings of any indicator since they are just helping tools.

Taking advantage of the indicator

To take advantage of the ADX BARS Indicator For MT4, think differently. Unlike any other trading strategy, the use of ADX BARS Indicator For MT4 requires knowledge of the ranging market. Most of the time, the market tends to trade in a confined region after an extended rally. This confided zone formation suggests an imminent price change. Those who are advanced starts to analyze the high impact news to assess the condition of the breakout. You might get confused by reading this article after you see a trade setup, everything will make sense.

Figure: Shorting the GBPUSD pair after ranging market

After installing the ADX BARS Indicator For MT4, you can see how the candle is painted with red color since the overall bias is bearish. But placing the trade in a trending market is a very hard task. You need to look for a strong breakout pattern. The green region indicators strong support for the GBPUSD pair. The price bounced offer several times but at the end, the bears managed to breach this level. After closing of the currency price below the demand zone, the price formed a ranging market right near the critical support. After the breakout in the downward direction, it’s a perfect opportunity to execute short trade.

Assessing the news factors 

Without assessing the news factors in trading, you cant make a consistent profit. The new traders often think the ADX BARS Indicator For MT4 always generates the best signals. But you must blend news data and technical data to get in line with the readings of the indicator. Those who find it hard to assess the news factors don’t need to worry. Open a practice account with a reputed broker and try to realize the market nature. Once you know the features of this market, you can easily avoid the false spike and secure your investment. And always remember, you can’t make a profit by news analysis from the pro traders. The market is extremely volatile and it’s hard to predict the price movement at the right time based on other people analysis. So, learn to analyze the news data all by yourself.

Protecting your trading capital

Those who are thinking the ADX BARS Indicator For MT4 always generate quality signals is making a big mistake. At times, you will lose trades even after following all the details of this market. So, how do you deal with such a complex situation? This is where you need to use a stop loss. Trading the market without the stop loss is one of the main issues for which traders lose money. It’s true, the ADX BARS Indicator For MT4 generates high-quality signals in the bigger time frame, but this doesn’t mean you will take too much risk. Following conservative trading, the technique is a very effective way to make a profit.

Useful advice

Before you start using the ADX BARS Indicator For MT4, learn to use this indicator properly in the practice account. Never try new things in the market since it causes big losses. Those who have a huge money, they might feel the urge to learn to trade in the real environment. But there is no major issue between demo and real price feed. If you compare the price movement of these two environments, you will notice zero latency. Consider the demo platform as your learning ground. Try to incorporate the ADX BARS Indicator For MT4 with your existing strategy. You might find it overly complex but once you manage to complete this task, things will get easier.


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