Camarilla Indicator For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. Camarilla Indicator For MT4
  2. Understanding the Algorithm
  3. How to Tweak the Indicator Parameters
  4. How to Interpret Trading Signals
  5. Drawbacks of Using Camarilla Indicator
  6. Conclusion

We have countless pivot point indicators flying around the internet for traders to select from, and some of the ones that stand out include, Murrey Math and Fibonacci. As a big fan of the Camarilla, I’m here to inform you that it’s one of the best in its category and offers investors insight on support and resistance, clear entry and exit points, defined daily/weekly bullish and bearish zones, as well as spotting triggers.

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The Camarilla Indicator For MT4 clearly shows support and resistance levels drawn on the chart window, which are similar to pivot points but are known to offer tighter levels. A cursory look shows that it draws four different support and resistance lines on the activity chart. Critical support and resistance bands can be quickly spotted on the Camarilla indicator, and we have a large pool of traders who use these levels for stop-loss execution and trade execution. During my early trading days, a friend once told me that some big banks and institutional investors also use the Camarilla, so why shouldn’t we?

The Camarilla Indicator For MT4 is a bit unlike the regular pivot indicator, for instance, you get to see in the figure above, the pivot value is shown as L3, L4 and H3, H4. These are essentially the pivot points that are important to it. 


Understanding the Algorithm

The algorithm is designed based on the previous day’s High, Low and Close, along with eight intraday levels of support and resistance. To get things right, the algorithm uses a calculation that exploits four additional levels to determine future support and resistance, which can be used to sot strong market trends. The algorithm hides the old-fashioned S1, S2, R1, and R2 levels and replaces it with the L3, L4, H3 and H4.  

How to Tweak the Indicator Parameters

Surprisingly, the Camarilla Indicator For MT4 makes the most of a single inputs variable tagged “GMTshift,” with a default value of seven (which could vary based on your server location). It synchronizes your brokers' server time with your preferred trading zone, which obviously may not be the same with your brokers’ server clock. The default value places your trading on the EST time zone, which I find to be most cherished by the market. Considering that this indicator references a set time, if its value is not adjusted correctly, it may trigger a substantial error – in the region of 40 pips or even more. The indicator will certainly print rubbish levels if the “GMTshift” values are not adjusted correctly.  

How to Interpret Trading Signals

The market entry points on the Camarilla Indicator For MT4 are the L3 and H3 levels. The L3 and H3 represent bullish and bearish entry levels respectively. Support and resistance levels are depicted on the L3 and H3 levels. Market watchers expect the price to stop and reverse either permanently or briefly at these Camarilla levels. These levels are closely monitored by scalpers, but at the same time, these levels do not necessarily suggest that price will always stop and reverse. This means traders can wait a little longer, in a bid to get a better picture of price reversals i.e. a hammer or shooting star candlestick patterns.

During choppy markets, the L3 and H3 Camarilla levels tend to hold price within its range. Traders can take advantage of this when taking short-term gains, and continue in it, until a true trend begins, which is usually heralded by a breakout. The L4 and H4 Camarilla Indicator For MT4 levels define acceptable regions for breakout trading. The space between the L3 and L4 or H3 and H4 levels is referred to as zones of indecision. Given this, market players expect the price to continue running in the direction of the Camarilla breakouts. Therefore, traders tend to BUY when price breaks above the H4 and SELL when price breaks below the L4. Traders can adopt a strategy that allows for taking profit when the price hits an immediate pivot point support/resistance level. Alternatively, traders can deploy trailing stops each time a new Camarilla level is hit.

A quick look at our traditional Pivot Point level reveals the presence of higher values when compared to those on the Camarilla Indicator For MT4, therefore, combining the Camarilla levels and Pivot points will offer a more profitable strategy.

Drawbacks of Using Camarilla Indicator

It should be stated clearly here that Camarilla levels are sensitive to time zones. So many pivot point tools, the Camarilla Indicator For MT4 inclusive are pegged on the New York or London closing prices. This is one big reason why we have the “GMTshift” variable set to a value of seven (based on my server location on the globe), thus placing it in sync with the New York time zone. Well, if by any means a trader uses a charting software that has its closing price set in Sydney or any other time zone, for instance, this will yield Camarilla levels on the activity chart that may not be in adherence with what most global traders use, and this has the potential of voiding your levels.

There are no 100% assurances that price will stop, reverse or even break a Camarilla level. For that reason, we must incorporate the Camarilla Indicator For MT4 into a larger trading plan.  


The Camarilla Indicator For MT4 offers us a glance at probable future market support and resistance levels. As a leading indicator, traders get to know beforehand if the price is going to reverse or break a particular price barrier. Traders can also formulate stop loss or take profit limits based on the Camarilla levels. As with all indicators that we know, this should not be used in isolation, rather it should be combined with other technical analysis tools.  


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