ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4

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  1. ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4
  2. Everything About ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4

ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 introduction:

The ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 indicator is some way advanced indicator which includes many momentums at the same time, and including two types of ROC indicators concept.

The screenshot you see here is for the indicator on the EURO versus the Great British Pound on the on hour time frame showing the indicator two custom lines in blue and red.

Here's the calculations style that the programmer using in the ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4:

"The following is the table of Rate-Of-Change implemented in TA-LIB:

MOM = (price - prevPrice) [Momentum]

ROC = ((price/prevPrice)-1)*100 [Rate of change]

ROCP = (price-prevPrice)/prevPrice [Rate of change Percentage]

ROCR = (price/prevPrice) [Rate of change ratio]

ROCR100 = (price/prevPrice)*100 [Rate of change ratio 100 Scale]"

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In this article, especially, you will know almost everything we were able to find about the ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 and the best way to use it while trading.

Everything About ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4

ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 similar indicators and differences:

The difference between the ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 indicator and the other old styles of it is the calculations attached, where you were able to see the new one attached about in the first heading, and here's the second one we are quoting it also to you, to be able to understand the differences clearly.

MOM | Momentum | ROC (Point)

ROC | ROC | ROC (Percent)

ROCP | PercentChange | -

ROCR | - | -

ROCR100 | - | MO

ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 code:

This picture includes only a small part of the ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 code.

However, you can still download the indicator code fully, including the indicator itself from the form we are attaching to you at the beginning of the article here, which you can use to have the indicator folder, including all the files related to it.

ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 parameters:

Here you can see all the settings of the indicator clearly, where the first ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 period is eight, and the second one is 14, and you can try to edit them to your preference.

The same as well of the TypeOne and TypeTwo, you can edit them if you understand in that indicator code and how it works after we have explained to you above.

ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 general tips, and trading:

We have used the indicator to trade on it by the technical analysis without putting much pressure on ourself following the way of waiting for the two lines to break each other to buy or sell on it, and that is the right thing because; you should be using the primary trading strategy and not depending on your indicator entirely.

ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 with a trading strategy:

Like you can see in this image, we used the old school technical analysis with the indicator to confirm that the technical analysis is always working even if the indicator is giving the different signal, the technical analysis on the ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 itself can confirm your trade on the naked chart.

ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 Disclaimer:

Like always, we don't recommend using the ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 without adding a real manual trading strategy beside it to keep filtering the false signs that it gives if it's doing that.

ROC2 VG Indicator For MT4 pros and cons:

the cons of the indicator is that it might be a repainting one, so always be careful while trading with such indicators, and it's better to ignore them, or you can merge it with some Elliott waves and start the calculations manually or by the indicator from the waves starting point, but that would require to edit the indicator code.


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