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Show Important Params Indicator For MT4 is a very useful indicator for the fulltime professional traders. Being a new trader you might understand the importance of basic details like leverage, margin calls, etc. But for the professional traders, it means a lot. A small change in the important parameters helps them to identify the favorable condition to trade the Forex market.

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Many rookie traders even don’t know the impact of leverage. They search for high leverage trading account and eventually blow up the trading account. Leverage is more like a double edge sword. If you learn the proper way to use the Show Important Params Indicator For MT4, you will never trade the market with high leverage trading account. Let's learn the key features of the Show Important Params Indicator For MT4.

Key features of the indicators

There are 7 important parameters which you can monitor in your trading chart by using the Show Important Params Indicator For MT4. The key parameters are –

  1. Margin4lot
  2. Leverage
  3. Spread smooth/ real spread
  4. Spread price
  5. Stop level
  6. Stop out
  7. Margin call

Those who are experienced in the retail trading profession might understand why the Show Important Params Indicator For MT4 is used by thousands of professional trader. Though you can know these parameters by accessing your broker website, this indicator will do the complex calculations and show the important variables which you need to assess to minimize the risk exposure in trading. And without learning to trade the market with managed risk, it’s really hard to develop your trading career in the Forex market. Let’s get into the details of these important features of this indicator.


To open a trade-in your real trading account, you need to have enough margin. Most of the time, the new traders don’t have to calculate the margin required to open trade since they use high leverage trading account. But if you trade with 1:10 leverage, chances are very high you will see a pop up with the term “not enough money”. This message appears since you don’t have enough money to open 1 lot trade. Let’s give you an example to so that you understand the readings of the Important Params Indicator For MT4 much better.

Figure: Understanding the use of Important Params Indicator For MT4

If you notice the picture, you will see the available margin is 2000. In the Margin4lot section of the Important Params Indicator For MT4, the value is 1107.50. This means you need at least 1107.50 margins to open 1 lot trade in the EURUSD pair. The new traders might think this is a fixed number but it greatly varies based on currency pairs. For instance, the first picture of this article has 1250.20 in the Margin4lot section. This mean, you need to have 1250.20 margins to open 1 lot trade in the GBPUSD pair. Though this basic data might seem irrelevant if you trade with a high lot or scalp the market, this can be a game-changing data in real-life trading.


Due to the introduction of leverage, currency trading business has become extremely popular. The brokerage firm is now lending you the money to execute big volume trade without investing a big sum of money. For instance, the reading of Important Params Indicator For MT4 in the diagram suggests leverage of 1: 100, this mean means you will have 100 times more buying power than your initial investment. So, if you invest $1000, you can buy $1000x100= $100,000 equivalent amount of any currency. Though leverage trading can exponentially increase the profit factors in trading, still you need to use it very cautiously. A small mistake can magnify the loss or even blow up the trading account.  

Spread smooth/real spread / Spread price

Spread smooth data of the Important Params Indicator For MT4 reflects the current spread of a certain currency in the Forex market. The calculations are based on averaging the tick value of a certain asset so that the retail traders don’t have to face significant deviation in spread while executing any trade. On the contrary, the real spread reflects the spread of a certain financial instrument without averaging the data. Being a long time frame trader, you can count on spread smooth data and the scalpers can take benefit from the real spread data.

The spread price in the Important Params Indicator For MT4 is used to measure the price of average spread on your deposit currency. It helps you to understand how much money you are paying to the brokerage firm to open a certain trade in the real market.

Stop level/Stop out

Stop level is used by the professional scalpers. Many scalpers often open big lot size trades with few pips stops. But some of the brokers have minimum stop levels. For instance, if the stop level is 5, this means, the minimum distance to place the stop orders should be set to 5 points. By using the Important Params Indicator For MT4, you can easily determine the least number of points which you need to consider to set your stop loss.

The stop-out level is the point when the broker closes a losing trades by force. This is usually the result of a big lot size trading. Most of the time, the rookie traders open trade without analyzing the risk factors in each trade. Once the market goes against them, the amount of floating loss gets too big for the brokers and they are forcibly close the trade so that the retail traders don’t have to face negative balance. So keep an eye on the Important Params Indicator For MT4 reading to avoid stop out problems.

Margin call

A margin call is a fair warning from the broker before the trades get stopped. A trader is most likely to experience a margin call for a certain open trade when the floating loss gets too high and the available margin drops to a great extent. For instance, our chart example shows 20% in the margin call section. So, if the margin percentage drops to 20%, the traders have to deposit a certain amount of money to avoid getting stopped out. By using the Important Params Indicator For MT4, you can always monitor the margin call level, and reduce the risk in trading.


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