Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4
  2. Riding the trend
  3. Trading the reversal
  4. Knowing your stops
  5. Focus on the major news
  6. Ignore the short term signals
  7. Tips and tricks

Trading with the market trend is one of the most efficient ways to make a profit in the Forex market. The naïveinvestors are losing trades since they don’t know the proper way to find the trend. This is where the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4 become very useful for the retail traders. You don’t need precise knowledge on trend trading technique to use this indicator. Just by using some basic principles of support and resistance, you can execute quality trades.

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After you load the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4 in the chart, you notice small bars or horizontal lines right at the critical supply and demand zone. These are our key trading zone. Trade with the trend, you will face less trouble. Things become confusing when you trade the reversal. Read this article very carefully so that you can learn the use of Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4.

Riding the trend

Riding the market trend is not all hard. But to do so, you must learn to find the key trend in the daily time frame. If the market makes higher highs associated with higher lows consider it as an uptrend. On the contrary, if the market makes lower highs associated with lower lows, it signifies the bears are in control. Based on the minor swings of the market, the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4 prints horizontal supply and demand. You need to look for long trade setup at the horizontal support level based on past bullish movement. On the contrary, if the past trend is bearish, look for selling opportunity at the horizontal resistance level.

Trading the reversal

Trading the reversal is a very hard task. Most of the naïve traders lose money due to reversal trading strategy. Does this mean, you will never trade the major reversal? By using the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4, you can execute a trade against the trend and make a good profit. Some of you might think chart pattern trading technique is required to trade such reversal but this is not all true. Use your intellect and analyze the below example to understand how the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4 is used by the pro trader.

Figure: Trading the major reversal in the GBPUSD pair

If you divide the above chart into three sections, the first two sections represent the bullish movement. After securing a recording high, you can notice the horizontal resistance bar formed by the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4. Those who have precise knowledge of the candle pattern will short the pair right after the rejection. But when you rely on the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4, you need to look for a downward arrow. The black circled region is the place where the aggressive traders went short. On the contrary, the conservative traders went short in the GBPUSD pair, after the horizontal line C. The horizontal line C must be below the horizontal line A and this is a clear indicator, newly formed downtrend trend is in action.

Knowing your stops

If you trade the market with the trend, you don’t have to think about stop loss. Just by using simple support or demand, you can place the stop. But if you trade the major reversal, you must use the price action signal. Learning to trade with the candlestick is easy. Try to know the key reason behind the different formations of the price candle. Once you know the key reason, you won’t have to memorize the patterns. When you place the stops, don't use high risk. Unless you the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4 with managed risk, you are not going to succeed.

Focus on the major news

To make consistent profit with the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4, you need fundamental analysis. Those who rely on technical data are always losing money. They don’t know the precise method of trading. Without blending technical and fundamental data, it’s not possible to find a good trade. So, you must learn about the news trading method. You don’t have to get a Ph.D. degree to understand the major news. Look for the NFP, interest rate change and major news. Once you understand these factors, you will understand which news can cause a major change in the trend.

Ignore the short term signals

Trend trading strategy relies on higher time strategy. The Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4 also generates signals for the position trader. So, if you trade the lower time frame data, it will be really tough to secure profit. Most of the naïve traders forget the fact, short term trading method is extremely risky. To avoid the false spike and market noise, you should become a position trader. Analyze the daily and weekly trend to execute the trade. Forget about scalping or short term trading method. Lower down the risk so that you can make a profit.

Tips and tricks

The smart traders use the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4 in a different way. They consider it as a trade filter tool. Forget about this indicator and use a simple strategy to find the trades. Once you have spotted a perfect trade, look at the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4. If the reading goes in favor, execute the trade. On the contrary, if you find some anomaly with the readings and your technical data, analyze again. Consider the Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator For MT4 as your trade filter tool. Learning its proper use at the initial stage might be very hard but you can always start taking advantage of the practice account to develop your skills. Last but not least, trade with a safe approach.



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