sideway trend indicator Indicator For MT4

sideway trend indicator Indicator For MT4

The sideway trend indicator Indicator For MT4 uses the concept of moving average ADX tool to find potential price movement in the major assets. Unlike the other indicators, you don’t have to analyze tons of variables since it will clearly state about trending and sideway market. Before you start trading with this tool, learn its use by using it in the demo account.

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Sideway trend indicator - indicator for MetaTrader 4 is developed to ease the process of trend trading. All traders know the importance of a trend trading strategy. They never want to take the trades without doing the proper research on the market trend. Taking the trades against the trend is more like a suicide mission in the investment industry. But determine the trend with precision is a very tough task. Traders need to analyze the highs and lows along with the momentum of the price to assess the trend direction. Even after doing all this hard work, investors often fail to identify the trend. This is where the Sideway trend indicator saves us. With the help of the Sideway trend indicator, we can find sideways and trending markets with high precision. The indicator uses the standard ADX formula along with an advanced moving average algorithm to determine the direction of price momentum. The indicator shows its reading at the top right corner of the chart. When the market is sideways, it will clearly say sideways market with a neutral-looking emoji. On the contrary, if the trend is bullish, you should see an upward green arrow and for the bearish trend, you will notice a downward green arrow. Based on the arrow marking, traders can easily determine the quality of the signal.

Trading ideas with the sideway trend indicator Indicator For MT4

The novice traders usually fail to determine the profit potential in a strategic way since they don’t have any idea about the dynamics of the market. They jump to the trade determination process without following the basic steps. You need to evaluate the trend in the currency pairs first. After that, you should look for the support and resistance level. Use the highs and lows of the market to determine the most important levels in the chart. As you spot the important trading zone, use your knowledge on candlestick patterns to find the bearish and bullish trade setup. Once you have the signal, take the reading from the Sideway trend indicator. Let’s say, you have spotted a bullish trade setup. So, you need a bullish arrow mark in the chart to take the trades. In some cases, you will find a sideway market and these are the times when you need to take trades with short term goals. Evaluate the signals from a different perspective so that you can notice the potential errors. It might take a while to get used to the Sideway trend indicator but once you do, you will feel the dramatic change in your trading system.

sideway trend indicator Indicator For MT4 - Buy Entries

When the price of a certain asset rally at a steady pace and make a new high, we say the price is in the uptrend. To open the long trade, you have to find the potential uptrend in the chart. After that, you should locate the potential support zone. Strong support should be formed by the connecting lines drawn from the highs and lows of the market. In that support zone, you will see bullish price action signals. Those who rely on the indicator based trading model will see bullish cross over in the MA or other tools. Let’s say you have spotted a strong buy signal at the support zone. During that time, the sideway trend indicator must show an upward arrow. Even if it shows a sideways market, you cant take the trade. Taking long trades in the sideway market is a bit risky since you might experience a strong bearish reversal in the trend. And try to get the data in a higher time frame so that you don’t have to worry about the bad trade setups.

sideway trend indicator Indicator For MT4 - Sell Entries

Locating the exact selling point for the trading instrument is a tough task. Investors need to have precise knowledge about the trend, resistance level, and key economic events. To take the short order, draw the major resistance level and wait for the rejection in the price. As the price rejects the important resistance level, you need to get a confirmation for the trend. In this case, we will be using the sideway trend indicator. The indicator must show a strong downtrend in the market. Have a look at the top right corner of the chart and you should the downtrend mark from the sideway trend indicator. In the absence of the downtrend mark in the chart, you have to ignore the trade signals. Those who have the skills to analyze the trade signals based on the news data can also trade in the sideways market. Let's say, you have spotted a break at the support level and the sideway trend indicator is showing a strong downtrend. Take your short trade by assessing the risk exposure factor. Never increase the risk just because the breakout is very strong and you do have a chance to ride a strong downtrend. Emotions must be controlled and the traders should never expect to win all the trades.

sideway trend indicator Indicator For MT4 - Conclusion

Successful traders know very well about the investment industry. They have gained control over their emotions and they know the proper way to use indicators and different kinds of trading edge. Being a new user of the sideway trend indicator you might think you will know about the major trend without having any trouble. But no expert will say that they can predict the trend with 100% accuracy. So, whenever you find a potential trade setup, you have to look for the potential risk to reward ratio. If you feel comfortable with the risk to reward ratio, you can take your trade. At times, you will see that the golden trade signals are failing even though you are taking the confirmations from the sideway trend indicator. These happen mostly because of the major economic announcement. People fail to predict the outcome of a certain economic event or they completely ignore the impact of fundamental news. Eventually, they lose money and blame the indicator and trading system. Try to find a balanced way while using technical and fundamental analysis. And use the sideway trend indicator just to filter the trade only.


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