Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4

Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4
  2. Trading ideas with the Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4
  3. Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4 - Speed Control
  4. Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4 - Conclusion

The Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4 enables a trader to slow down or increase the speed of Strategy Tester on MT4. Before running the indicator, traders need to check - Allow DLL imports.

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Trading ideas with the Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4

When it comes to strategy testing you need two things - accuracy and speed. Speed is an important element in your simulations because through rapid testing you are able to generate performance results of a possible strategy in a short space of time.

Then if there are changes that you need to make you can quickly make the necessary adjustments and then relaunch the testing.

Testing in a simulated environment gives you a close-to-realistic view of how well a strategy or indicator performs. Many traders jump into the market backtesting manually with a holy-grail like indicator or expert advisor.

However, they do not know that some of these tools are based on repainting indicators thus compromising the validity of the testing results. As you can see below, that we have the testing environment activated but the Strategy tester equalizer indicator has not been loaded into the screen yet.

I have included a MA and BBands indicator. I did this because I need to evaluate the performance of the indicator. You can do this with any other indicator you wish to evaluate closely. It is a good indicator that is based on the moving average and Bollinger bands.

Red arrows come about whenever the market goes above the upper Bollinger bands. Whereas, blue arrows come about whenever the market goes below the lower Bollinger band. The blue arrow indicates buying and the red arrows signals selling. However, we need to test that these signals are not based on bogus trading opportunities.

However, having the speed is not amongst the only important factors. In fact, when you run the built-in strategy tester in your screen you will immediately notice that the default speed of the main strategy tester is too fast. Therefore, it becomes tricky to evaluate the trading results or the performance of an expert advisor or an indicator.

Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4 - Speed Control

With the standard strategy tester you are able to perform multiple duties related to your simulation activities however, you cannot control the speed of the simulator or strategy tester.

The default speed is just too fast - so sometimes you need to be able to slow down or even increase the speed at your will. That is exactly why this strategy tester equalizer indicator was created for. Before we go deeper into its functionality - you must enable the Allow DLL imports feature of the indicator.

If you do not check this box then the indicator will not be successfully loaded into your trading screen. Once that is done - your screen should look as follows.

The image above shows how the screen looks like with the indicator successfully activated. The whole testing environment is shown. Once you have loaded the Strategy Tester Equalizer into your screen, you will see that the simulation will begin to slow down automatically because it corresponds to the settings now governed by the Startegy Tester Equalizer indicator.

We will edit the Skip Tick input but the Speed element will be increased later on so that the simulated market activity can accelerate forward whenever we need it to. What we will do now is increase the Skip tick variable.

We can arbitrarily just choose 5000 like I did to see what the behavior would be like.

Remember, if you are making changes - whether it is the Skip Tick or Speed input - you should always press accept so that the new effects can come into fruition in your simulation environment.

Adjusting the Skip tick value did not make much off a difference therefore, I decided to readjust both elements and increase the speed elment so that the simulator can accelerate forward at a faster rate. The changes below have worked out fine for me so I will stick to these settings for now.

Strategy Tester Equalizer Indicator For MT4 - Conclusion

You need not have to copy my exact settings - find the settings that resonates well with what you are trying to achieve in your simulation or testing.

You will grow fond of this indicator - given the fact that it gives us a big sense of control in our testing endeavors. If used correctly, this indicator will help you to identify gaps, losses and inefficiencies in trading indicators as well as your own trading strategies.

As mentioned earlier, that many traders are trading under a false impression that their trading methods, indicators and strategies are of high quality. However, some traders need to take a deep look into their trading using tools which expose certain bad elements in their trading or trading resources of which they were previously unaware of.

This indicator is here to help you gain control of backtesting and simulation activity by being able to adjust Skip tick and speed elements. Use with diligence - and you could become more efficient.


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