In the above image, we have what is known as the Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5. It is fantastic indicator in every sense of the term and I am positive that you will find it also useful and fruitful in your trading career.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Awesome Oscillator
  2. Divergence Trading: Hidden or Regular.
  3. Regular Divergence
  4. Hidden Divergence

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The main foundation of the Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 is the Awesome Oscillator (no drum roll needed). But what I find particular interesting about the Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 is that it makes profitable use of the Awesome Oscillator for Divergence trade setups in way that educes risk. Relative Strength Index(RSI) and the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence are indicators which also work great for identifying divergence trading opportunities. However, using the Awesome Oscillator for automated reasons to help traders get signals for both hidden and regular divergence trading works out better because it reduces the noise and it uses strict measures in line with the Awesome Oscillator's "histogram".

Nevertheless, as you read on beyond these texts you shall learn more about this awesome indicator and how it could bring your more pips.

Awesome Oscillator

The Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5, as the name suggests, is a divergence indicator based on the awesome oscillator. The indicator was created and made famous by the late Bill Williams (commodities and stocks trader); which ever since it was created has proliferated into the "hands" of millions of traders across the world. It is an indicator that is used across all markets. I even used to use it for some of my binary options trading strategies. You can use it just about anywhere.

In the forex markets it has given me an edge for trading reversals. It is a useful indicator for gauging the momentum of a certain instrument during trending conditions.

I used the Awesome Oscillator indicator and the Relative Strength Index (interchangeably) mostly for divergence trading; it provides me with high probability wins so it is one of my go-to trading indicators for giving me accurate divergence trades.

Divergence trading is often very hard to fathom by some traders but in all honesty it is one of the most simplest forms of trading and what is great about divergence trading is that it has high probability winning trade setups on offer.

In divergence trading you are basically looking for clues of exhaustion within a trend that might lead to highly probable trend reversals: which liberates traders to have a leading edge over the next trend reversal. This means that traders are able to get into a better trading situation ahead of majority of the traders across the world. Trading this way does not always yield the desired results but based on my history, of using this way of trading, I have come out with more wins than losses at a healthy rate.

Divergence Trading: Hidden or Regular.

The Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 presents to us divergence trading opportunities without having to draw the actual lines to depict these opportunities in our analysis. 

However, it does not just end there because the trend amongst majority of the traders is to trade divergence in a regular sense. The Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 takes it a step further by providing both regular divergence signals and hidden divergence trading opportunities. Hidden divergence trading setups occur more frequent than you might think. But the Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 is the epitome of ease-of-use because it simplifies divergence analysis for you. You don't have to do all the work. Just choose the most attractive setups and commit to the trades using sound risk management principles.

Regular Divergence

Above is a recent alert I took for a scalp or day-trade on the USDJPY trading pair. The Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 presented me with divergence trade signal to buy USDJPY on the one-hour time frame.

I looked at the trade setup, calculated my risk relative to my lot size and trading portfolio and I committed to the buy trade. The trade setup presented me with a great opportunity relative to my individual trading systems.

The trading opportunity in question was actually a bullish divergence signal. This is a classic formation of regular divergence. Whereby the price action is making lower lows and the Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 is diverging in another direction by making higher lows. This is pure regular divergence.

Let's move on to hidden divergence.

Hidden Divergence

Hidden divergence is seemingly counterintuitive when you look into it but it is fairly simple to understand. Just like we have bullish and bearish regular divergence trade setups we also have bullish and divergence divergence patterns for hidden divergence.

On the uptrend, for bullish hidden divergence, we are simply placing our focus on periods where the lows of an uptrend are making higher lows but the the lows of the Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 is making lower lows. That is the meaning of bullish hidden divergence.

The best setup I have seen, well in my view, is when there is bullish regular divergence after a downtrend - then the price action and the Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 "evolve" into a bullish hidden divergence structure at the beginning of an uptrend. This is one of the strongest confirmation signals you will find for a trend reversal.

Think of hidden divergence as a trend continuation slash trend confirmation pattern. When you have this etched in your mind you will easily know, understand and identify hidden divergence patterns more frequently than the average trader.

I have to admit that we are fortunate to be arrayed and equipped with such spectacular indicators like the Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5.

There is no need to spend time analysing and charting your screens with complicated lines which might lure you into the dreaded analysis-paralysis complex. It is not a good place to find yourself in as a trader because you end up not making any trades sometimes. But gratefully, the chances of you ending up in such misery is greatly reduced by the Awesome Oscillator Divergence Indicator For MT5 because it does all the heavy lifting for you in identifying both regular and hidden divergence patterns.


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