Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5

Table Of Contents:

  1. Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5
  2. Understanding the bands
  3. Placement of the trades
  4. Trading the breakout
  5. Role of money management
  6. Use the retracement tools
  7. Useful tips

Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5 acts more like the channel. The lower band creates buying pressure and the upper band creates selling pressure. But to trade the major pairs with the help of Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5, you have to know more than that. For instance, traditional BB (Bollinger band) is often used to trade the ranging/ consolidated the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5 the mid-band or the brown curve plays a crucial role. This curve acts as the signal generator.

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Those who familiar with the use of 55 EMA or exponential moving average, knows why the retail traders prefers the dynamic levels. The Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5 has three important bands and these bands also provide critical information to the retail traders. Based on the price pattern or market momentum, you can secure some good trades at those levels.

Understanding the bands

There are many things you need to learn about the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5. Knowing the dynamic resistance. First of all the grey colored curve acts like the minor support or resistance. The new traders may think these grey color curves are the perfect zone to place the trade. Notice the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5 and you notice a thick curve acting like the mid bands. This curve often changes color based on price momentum. When the selling pressure is high, the curve turns in brown. When the buyers and sellers are having trough battle the color will be grey. Once the color changes into green, you should expect a strong bullish trend. But the knowledge of this curve might not give you a clear insight to place the orders. Let’s dig into the details.

Placement of the trades

Trade placement is very vital in trading. Those who are relatively new, often buy signals from the professional traders and eventually lose their entire investment. On the contrary, the expert uses the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5 and get the best placement for each trade. Saying things in pen and paper is easy but to make you understand the example is the best solution.

Figure: Use of the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5

We have analyzed in the EURUSD H1 period based on the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5. The first red line is the medium-term bullish TL ( trend line). You can notice how the black candle breached the critical support. But shorting the EURUSD would be an immature act since a strong break is followed by minor retracement. Most of the time, retracement is capped by the mid-band of the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5. We have a nice pin bar at the brown curve which suggests strong selling. So, placing short with low risk seems to be a justified act from the professionals.

Trading the breakout

Breakout trading strategy is termed as an aggressive trading system by many professionals. But those who use the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5, never think the breakout strategy is aggressive. If you start using the technical details along with the mid bands, you won’t have any tough time in spotting out the false signals. Most of the time the breakout is the result of news. So, if you keep yourself tuned with the global economy, it won’t take much time to develop your skills. Changing your life doesn’t require hard work. But without working smart, you can save your business capital.

Role of money management

Saving your money in a dynamic price movement is not so easy. Some of the amateurs may make some big profit without doing all the hard work but this profit is short-lived. Think about big business owners. They never play aggressive rather they focus on simple logic to drive the attention of their customers. Similarly, you have to consider Forex as your business. Use the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5 to find the potential trades. Instead of getting heavily invested in this industry, you have to rely on the conservative method. Start learning the details of the 1% risk management policy and use it in your real trade.

The Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5 can deliver/generate an accurate signal but this should not tempt you to place poor trades. And any good setups result in poor execution once you forget the concept of money management.

Use the retracement tools

The use of retracement tools along with the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5 gives you an excellent opportunity of making money. Retracement tools give them a clear indication of the starting point of any trend. It helps you to spot the reversal zone by utilizing the mid-band (brown curve) and Fibonacci retracement tools. Though this might be a hectic process for the newcomers with the help of a demo platform, you can master the use of these tools.

The retracement tools like Fibonacci has many important points. But trading all those levels is not easy. In fact, you should focus on 50% or 61.8% retracement stage. If the mid-band of the Bollinger bands squeezes Indicator For MT5 coincides with the key levels, get ready to trigger the trade.

Useful tips

To be good at trading, you have to learn the essential things to develop your skills. During the development process, start digging into the basics of the Bollinger bands squeeze Indicator For MT5. The indicator works on the principle of a simple moving average. Once you start to use the moving average effectively, you can succeed without having any issue. Be brave and look at the long term goals in the trading profession. Stop buying EAs or paid signals from lucrative advertisement sites.


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