Candle Timer Indicator For MT5

Table Of Contents:

  1. Candle Timer Indicator For MT5
  2. Trading sessions
  3. Clearing the doubts
  4. Using EAs and indicators
  5. Premium tool for the scalpers
  6. Useful tips

Timing is crucial to ensure success in any profession. In stock or currency trading business, knowledge of different trading hours or sessions has paramount importance for the execution of the trades with perfect logic. For instance,  a few second delays to scalp 1-minute data will result in a significant loss. To avoid such problems, high-end trading platforms are used by experienced professionals as it boosts the performance. But the premium platform comes with a cost. To avoid the unnecessary cost, you can get the Candle Timer Indicator For MT5.

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The Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 works on simple timing principles. Instead of manually calculating the time based on the opening price of a candle, the Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 automatically calculates the remaining time of the last candle. You might switch to different periods, but the Candle timer will display the new data without any delay. 

Trading sessions

The pro traders are cautious with the selection of the trading session. To pick the right asset at the most suitable market condition you must have a fair knowledge of the trading session. Just by having an advanced trading platform is not going to help. Once you learn about the timing of the sessions, you will know the perfect way to pick the asset. But for that, you need to synchronize yourself with the opening or closing price. To get things done, the pro traders use the Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 to determine the exact time to place the new orders. Things might get out of order at the initial stage but with a practice account, you can solve these issues. Learn to use the indicators in the practice field so that you don’t have to worry about losing money.

Clearing the doubts

The use of candlestick often leads to massive confusion. For instance, the running candle might represent a bullish pin bar but right before the closing of the candle, the bears managed to push the price down. So, instead of getting a classic buying opportunity, you will have a breach of critical support. You will lose the trade since you didn’t plan your execution based on closing time. To deal with such situations, you must work hard and keep track of the time manually. Things have dramatically changed in the past years. Indicators like Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 can do all the calculations and give you a better opportunity for placing any trade.

Figure: Use of Candle Timer Indicator For MT5

The Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 has been used to assess the condition of the candles in the EURUSD pair. Before the last candle, we had a bearish pin bar which indicates the price is most likely to go down. Right after that candle, we can see a newly formed bullish pin bar. This must-have invalidate the signals. But notice the black rectangle box. The Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 is showing the exact time required for a new candle. So, the last candle can change its pattern at any moment. Unless 15 hours and 33 minutes have passed, we should not place any new trade.

Using EAs and indicators

The Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 is not like your regular indicator. It just keeps track of the time and alerts you about the conditions of the pattern. So, relying on this indicator is just going to improve your execution process. To filter the best signals, you can use other EAs or traditional indicators like RSI, fractals, etc. But make stop making your system too much complex as it forces you to take a stupid decision in rush.

Forget the fact, 96% of the investors are having a tough time. Learn the basic details from the scratch and use the Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 like a pro-investor. Some may consider expensive EAs but this is a very big mistake. As are not traders rather it is made up of a bunch of codes. So, expecting big profits from the EAs is more like gambling. And the gamblers never win since the house knows their instincts. Think like the house and focus on the statistical data. Once you learn to stay in this game, you will be a profitable trader.

Premium tool for the scalpers

The scalper considers the Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 as their premium tools. Without having a strong grip on their execution process, it's very hard to make a profit with lower time frame signals. As soon as you start to know the importance of opening and closing the Japanese candlestick, you will notice a positive change in your execution process. Problems like overtrading will get solved and you will be focusing on highly accurate trade setups. Though the Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 works like premium tools, the scalpers should not forget, losing is very common Place the trade without forgetting the fact, the market might change its momentum without any prior notice. Get ready to face the unexpected price movement and you won’t have trouble with trading.

Useful tips

The users of Candle Timer Indicator For MT5 are often known as organized traders. Having a strong knowledge as an investor and big money to trade, is not going help. Try to learn about the basic steps required to build your trading skills as a trader. Remember, devotion and dedication is one of the two most important skills you need in any profession. As a Forex trader, dynamic movement in price should not be a problem. Get used to random price movement in major pairs and focus on the losing orders. Find the weakness or faults in your edge and work hard to reinforce your trading idea.


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