BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5

BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5

Table Of Contents:

  1. BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5
  2. Trading ideas with the BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5
  3. BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries
  4. BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries
  5. BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

The BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5 is a unique way to detect the direction of the trend with the RSI. The indicator is drawn in a subwindow as an oscillator and can therefore not be used as a stop loss setting indicator.

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The BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5 is a bit different than your regular indicator. People who are used to fancy or traditional indicators have to spend some time with this special indicator in the demo platform. But be assured, we don’t have anything too complex that you won’t understand.

In simple terms, we can say, the indicator is a bit more advanced for the rookies. However, for the intermediate and the experts, this should turn ours as a very reliable trend filter and signal generator tool. Getting these two functions from a single indicator is very tough.

But the BB stops - RSI indicator works on special parameters. Cuttler's RSI, Ehlers' smoothed RSI, Harris' RSI, Rapid RSI, RSI, RSX and slow RSI algorithm is embedded in this unique indicator. The extension of this function is integrated with the BB stops indicator functions which makes it far more powerful and better.

But aligning such a complex algorithm in a single indicator is a big challenge and you may be wondering that you have to change the default input parameters. But it developed based on the concept of multi-time and multi-asset trading strategy.

So, having diversified and well-balanced trading can be a blessing as you can implant this indicator and reinforce your trade setups with few simple steps.

Trading ideas with the BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5

Integrating this BB stops – RSI to existing trading requires special skills. It can aid the trend traders and reversal investors.

The trading strategy doesn’t have anything to do with this indicator. As long as you know the function of the BB stops - RSI, you should able to implant this simple indicator. You can use it as a trade filter tool or you can give more priority and use it as a signal generator.

But the process of taking the reading is the same. If your trading edge is strictly dependent on indicators, then you should be taking the data from the BB stops – RSI to filter out the signals. On the contrary, when the PA pattern is used to take the trade, investors should be cautious about the trade setups as the main function of this is to filter the trades.

People usually fail to get the best out of a premium indicator as they don’t know about the functions. They beat around the bush with the new indicator and expect a miracle just by embedding the new filter to an existing trading strategy.

But they must know how the filter or the indicator works and aid a trader in taking the decision. Let’s see how to filter a good signal and open can trade at the major reversal.

BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries

Everyone has this concept in mind that reversal trading is the most difficult task in the investment world. Those who have the right strategy and perfectly synchronized indicator can open trades at major reversal without giving a second thought.

The lower and upper band of the BB stops - RSI has segments of color. When you expect a bullish reversal, you should see the blue segment of the line forming at the bottom part of the indicator. Analyze the slope of the blue line. It should be pointing north.

The grey line that oscillates between the BB stops – RSI indicator channel should bounce off the blue segment. Open the long trade with a stop loss below the PA signal. In case, you are taking trades with the indicator based trading method, you should wait for the blue line to gain strong momentum.

It might cause you to miss some portion of the profit but late entry is much better when everything is mostly dependent on the indicators. Your trading strategy might allow you to risk 2% in each trade but it should be lowered down when you try to sync the system with the BB stops – RSI.

The risk management factors should be always considered when you get involved in a new system or tweak your proven trading strategy with a new sophisticated tool like BB stops - RSI.

BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries

Shorting the asset is just like doing the mirror task for the long trade. But we know many of us to like to read perfect guidelines when you get involved in a new indicator. In this method, we will show how you can implant this indicator as a filter tool in the trend trading strategy.

Glance through different charts and try to find an obvious downtrend. In a strong downtrend, the highs will be always lower. After getting the downtrend in a specific asset, it’s time to draw out the trading levels. We assuming your existing trend trading strategy will show you the perfect guide to find the potential selling zone.

You can go for the bearish trend line, chart pattern, or horizontal resistance level to find the exact spot where you may get the chance to take the short order. But be careful about the overall condition of the instrument. Trying to trade with the major trend on major news with this tool is a great risky.

So, pick the time when you don’t have to deal with any major news. Look for the rejection of the horizontal resistance. The grey line in the BB stops – RSI indicator should reject the golden line. Remember, the slope in the indicator channel should be pointing south, to consider the signal as a valid one.

BB Stops Rsi Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

Everyone should have a clear idea of how the investors are taking the trades. Either you can use it as a filter or a signal generator, it doesn’t matter as long as you sync the indicator with a system that has a 60% win rate. Taking correct readings in sequential steps can help to improve the win rate by 20-25%.

To rookies, the increment might seem low but it’s a great level of advancement to an existing trading strategy. Most importantly, filtering false trade setups will be very easy. Never take short trade unless you have the golden segment in the BB stops - RSI.

Similarly, for the long trade, you need the green line segment in the indicator. It might take a while to get used to these functions but upon the successful integration of this unique strategy, you should feel confident with your trading strategy. So, learn its function properly before we expect a strong positive change to your system.


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