BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5

BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5

Table Of Contents:

  1. BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5
  2. Trading ideas with the BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5
  3. BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries
  4. BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries
  5. BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

The BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5 is based on the two standard indicators Bears and Bulls. It incorporates the values of both indicators. If bull is bigger 0 and bear is bigger 0 then the calculation is Bull minues Bear. If bull is smaller than 0 and bear smaller 0 then the calculation is Bear-Bull. In all other cases the calculation is Bear+Bull.

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The BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5 uses the general coefficient volume calculation method to analyze the bulls and bears power. Those who are used to such kind of indicator know it’s very hard to get a real-time signal. But the BullsBearsVolume indicator can show the strength of the bulls and bears without having any delay.

The buying power is shown with the green color bars and the selling power is shown with the red color bars. The colored bars are different in size and it offers the retail traders unique profit-taking opportunity. Being a rookie trader, you may think the investment is a tough business.

Indeed it’s true but when you integrate the premium indicator like BullsBearsVolume, you can ease the process the trading. As the indicator shows a real-time trade signal without having any delay, it is super important to have a professional edge. Faults in the trading system can create massive confusion and the signals will not match the dynamic volume.

Let’s learn more about the development phase of the edge so that we can use the BullsBearsVolume indicator without having any significant issues.

Trading ideas with the BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5

The BullsBearsVolume indicator is a special kind of indicator that works best in a higher time frame. The elite traders use the smart approach and chose the higher time frame before they get the reading from the BullsBearsVolume indicator.

But be careful with the development phase of your edge. Open a demo platform and try to create a perfect edge so that you don’t have to depend on indicators reading only. Try to not use a trading system that is heavily dependent on the indicators. After developing the perfect edge, you have to take the reading from the BullsBearsVolume indicator.

The green bars give you the bullish confirmation and the red bar gives you the bearish confirmation. But there are some advanced tactics that you need to rely upon while using the BullsBearsVolume indicator. Let’s find out more about the trade setups.

BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries

Buying a specific instrument at the most important level is a very tough task. If you do the proper math, you will notice most traders are taking the trades at the wrong time. They are executing trades at the minor support zone. So, the trading system that you will be using must be able to identify the major support level.

As you find the important support zone, you have to analyze the potential PA bar. Knowing about the price action trading method might seem a hectic task but if you do the math, you will be able to boost your skills in a short time. After spotting the desired buying signal in the instrument, you have to look at the BullsBearsVolume indicator.

Since it’s a long trade setup, you should see consecutive green bars. The green bars should show a strong rise in buying momentum. Usually, it is represented by the steady gain in the height of the BullsBearsVolume bars. Open the long order when you have checked all the important parameters. Though it will seem hard at the initial stage once you analyze the key details, you can easily overcome the biggest obstacles.

BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries

People intend to take short trade without knowing the key difference between major and minor resistance. You have to know the proper way to find a weak support level. If the support level gets broken, chances are very high you will see a strong fall in the price. At the BullsBearsVolume indicator, you should see a strong rise in the red bars.

The red bars are formed on the negative side of the reference line. Some of you might be using a short term trading method to open the trade. But this is a very risky approach. To improve your trading technique, you need to get a demo account. With the help of the practice trading account, you have to create a strategic technique.

The trading edge must be able to handle different conditions of the market. After getting assurance that the trading system can easily generate a decent profit, you should slowly improve your execution process by integrating the BullsBearsVolume indicator. Try to evaluate the length of the bars on the negative side. The big bars tell us the momentum is extremely strong and the market is going for a strong downward rally.

But it might take a while to get used to this indicator. During the learning stage, try to focus on risk management and the risk-reward factors also. Ignoring this importance setup can increase the risk of ruining the capital. Always remember, the conservative trading technique is the best and most efficient way of trading. Unless you can do this in a structured trading method, you won’t be able to deal with the complex market dynamics.

BullsBearsVolume Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

The elite traders are always thinking about the worst-case scenario. Even after mastering the use of the BullsBearsVolume indicator, they never listen to their emotions. They entertain the worst case scenario so that they can make the right decision without having any major trouble. While using this indicator, try to focus on the important market metrics like the high impact news.

The news is the most important price driving catalyst and it can create sudden volatility in the market. Keeping yourself prepared for such volatility is the only way by which you can improve or safeguard the capital. At times, you may get confused with the news data and technical trade setup.

In such a situation, it is better to ignore the trade setup. The market will always allow you to make a profit. You have to take advantage of such a market opportunity and only then you can expect to earn enough money which can change your life. Keep records for each trade and see how the indicator is performing.

If necessary, you can slightly change your existing trading strategy to sync the indicator much more precisely with your edge. But the modification of the existing trading method requires strong backtesting.


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