iParamon work time Indicator For MT5

iParamon work time Indicator For MT5

Table Of Contents:

  1. iParamon work time Indicator For MT5
  2. Trading ideas with the iParamon work time Indicator For MT5
  3. iParamon work time Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries
  4. iParamon work time Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries
  5. iParamon work time Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

The iParamon work time Indicator For MT5 draws the sessions and the session overlapping on the charts. This can help you to detect market times of highest and lowest volatility. The indicator uses different colors to draw the session rectangle on the chart.

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The iParamon work time Indicator For MT5 was developed by KimIV. Later on, this indicator has gone through a series of revisions which made it much smarter and efficient. Most of the professional day traders use this indicator to take the trades at the most important state of the market.

The rookies might not be aware that taking trades based on different time frames improves accuracy and gives you more profit taking the opportunity. If you dig deep, you will slowly learn the simple method of trading the market based on different trading sessions. But the manual process requires constant monitoring of the news factors and important details of the trading session.

But with the help of the i-Paramon work time, you can use the colored blocks and make trades without having any hassle. To the new traders, it might sound crazy but after you finish reading this article, you will know the perfect way to optimize your trading method.

Trading ideas with the iParamon work time Indicator For MT5

Before you start optimizing your trading method, you have to ask yourself whether the current edge that you are using to take the trade is well structured or not. A systematic trading method should allow traders to win 70% of the time. When the risk to reward ratio is more than 1:3, traders can go ahead with a win rate of 60% also.

But for your safety, we highly recommend that you look for a trading system than has a minimum of 70% win rate. Developing such a trading method might seem very complex but if you do the math and take help in the demo account, it’s just a matter of time you learn to develop your current trading method.

After that, you can use the i-Paramon work time to look for the potential trade setup. Note that each colored zone in the chart represents a specific trading session. Try to open the trades at the colored zone, as the market will not be dry. And taking trades in the volatile condition significantly improves your trade executions.

iParamon work time Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries

The support or the demand zone are the places where the price of a certain asset starts moving to a new high. Most traders look for buying opportunities at an important support zone. But we will tell you to look for the buying opportunity at the support and the break of the resistance.

Since you will be taking the trades at the most active hours, chances are high, some of the resistance levels will be taken out by the buyers in a strong uptrend. After you find the buying signal in the chart, you should look for the readings in the i-Paramon work time. The indicator should box the trade setup zone with a specific color.

If you notice the trade signals outside the color box, chances are very high you are looking at the trade setup at the zone. If you execute the trade in such a state, you will be experiencing a ranging market, and securing the profit will be tough. Moreover, an overnight carrying charge will increase the cost of your trading business. So, ignore the trade setup if it is formed outside the colored box.

iParamon work time Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries

Everyone gets crazy when they find an indicator that can determine the perfect hours for trading. Some retail traders focus on the complex indicator that creates multiple boxes based on 5 different trading sessions. But no one can trade 24 hours a day. It’s better to look for the trade setups in three unique trading session.

Draw the resistance level in the chart using your existing trading method and try to find the potential selling signal. As you find the potential selling signal in the chart, ask yourself whether the fundamental data are suggesting a strong drop. If you intend to take the short at the resistance level, you don’t have to worry about the news.

But trying to trade the break of the support level requires fundamental analysis. You must analyze the fundamental data and find some key reason that supports the break. Unless you have a valid fundamental reason that supports the break, you should not take the trade. After trying several times, you will get comfortable with this trading method but still, you have to be cautious about the major news and press release.

These are the key momentum when you might experience a major reversal in the asset. Unless you focus on such major news, the i-Paramon work time indicator box will be of no use. And remember, you can’t take any short trade unless the bearish trade setup is surrounded by the colored box. The colored box suggests strong movement in the price which allows aiming for a bigger profit.

iParamon work time Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

The use of the i-Paramon work time indicator is mainly for the professional trader who wants to secure high-quality trades at the most important level.

Being a new trader, you may not get the importance of using the colored box in your trading process. To some trader, the colored box might some irrelevant. But if you carefully evaluate the condition of the trade setup, you will know a lot about this market. Study the historic trade setups and you will find that most of the losing trades have taken place when the setup was not created in the colored zone.

Those who are completely new to the trading industry should try this i-Paramon work time in the demo account. This indicator can also allow you to take in an organized way. For instance, the professionals take only one trade in the colored box zone. They never execute more than one trade since they know quality is the king when it comes to the investment business.

Last but not the least, try to integrate this indicator into a system that focuses on the raw price movement. Developing a system based on too many complex indicators creates extreme stress and lowers down the profitability of the system.


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