Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5

Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5

Table Of Contents:

  1. Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5
  2. Trading ideas with the Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5
  3. Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries
  4. Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries
  5. Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

The Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5 is a variation of Jurik smoother velocity. You can also choose Heiken Ashi candles to be integrated in the calculation of the indicator values. The indicator is drawn as an oscillator on the subwindow with green and red colors.

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The Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5 relates the Heiken Ashi variations in the price predicts the market momentum. But in simple terms, we can say the Jurik Velocity indicator is famous to analyze the important market metrics so that the investors can take some high-quality trades by using this as an active filter.

People who have been taking the trades based on the Jurik Velocity indicator, know the trending market is the best time to take the trades. But if you analyze the important variables, you should know the Jurik Velocity indicator can’t work as a standalone indicator. Instead, it needs a well-structured trade setup to work properly.

The idea of the Jurik velocity indicator is to analyze the market data and find the potential quality setups. Without having a perfect trading technique, it will be a very choice to analyze the price data and filter out the odd and high-quality trades with the Jurik Velocity indicator.

Trading ideas with the Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5

Figuring out a well-balanced trading technique is a very hard job. Some people get to the trading business without spending quality time in learning. The purpose of the Jurik Velocity indicator is to find the key reversal or the end of the retracement point. So, it’s very obvious, you can’t open any trade with the help of the Jurik Velocity indicator.

To improve your trading style and earn more money, you need to use it as a filter. So, what type of trading method works best with this tool? This is one of the most important questions the investors should be asking themselves before they integrate any new indicator as to the filter.

Since the velocity is the prime factor for the indicator, investors are requested to take the trades based on the important market details. They should be opening the trades in the hourly or above time frame only. This will remove unnecessary spikes and chaos in the analysis process.

Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries

Before you buy an asset, it important to stay focused on the major support zone. The support zone is the perfect place where you will be finding the buying opportunity in the trading instrument. People usually don’t have a clear idea to draw the important support level in the trading instrument.

They are taking random trades and trying to earn big money. But for the long trade setup, you must find the proper method of finding the key support. And this should be done in the higher TF only. In case, you want to find a good setup in a lower time frame, learn to use the multiple time frame analysis.

As you find the buying signal, it’s time to move on to the Jurik Velocity indicators. If you are taking the trades with the trend, the signal line must be above the zero marks. The color of the signal line should be green and the slope should indicate bullish movement. Note that you might have small segments of the red line even in the strong bullish trend. The small red segment is an indication of the bearish correction.

Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries

Now you might be wondering the position of the signal line is not enough while using the Jurik Velocity indicator? This is true. Since the market exhibits four different phases of the trend, it is super important that you learn how these phases are identified in the chart.

To open the short trade, you should be looking to find the potential selling signals in the chart. As you find the key selling zone, you must analyze the quality of the resistance. In case, you are dealing with broken support, the signal line in the Jurik Velocity must show a sharp fall. At that time there should be no green segments in the signal line.

However, when you intend to sell an instrument at the resistance zone, the price will consolidate and you might experience frequent change in the color in the signal line. The frequent color change is the representation of the noise and confusion among the buyers and the sellers. So, it’s better to wait for the steady read curve.

To summarize the details, the red curve will be present at the top of the indicator panel when you are trying to trade the resistance. But when a new resistance level is created due to the break of a recent support level, the red line in the Jurik Velocity will be placed below the zero line.

This should create confusion for too many traders but the problem can be easily solved by studying the color change in the Jurik Velocity indicator through a practice account. Nothing is better than studying the real market price in the practice account as you don’t have any risk to lose real money.

Jurik Velocity Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

Those who have read this article very carefully must have a decent idea that the trade setups are the key factor that will determine how you will take the reading from the Jurik Velocity indicator.

It might be hard at the initial stage but once you learn to open the trades strategically, you will slowly become more confident with the trading approach. Confidence is good for trading but becoming overconfident just because the Jurik Velocity indicator has a high success rate in analyzing the quality trades is a very bad thing.

People who have less knowledge often do well as they know how to analyze the price in a safe environment. During the integration process of this Jurik Velocity indicator, it is super important that you learn to improve your skills via lots of practice. And remember, the indicator can’t replace the important factors like support and resistance.

It should be always taken as an additional tool that fine-tunes the trading method. And for that, you must sync your existing system with the Jurik Velocity indicators and assess the performance before you move to the real market. If necessary, take your time to get used to the new Jurik velocity indicator in the demo platform.


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