Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5

Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5

Table Of Contents:

  1. Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5
  2. Trading ideas with the Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5
  3. Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries
  4. Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries
  5. Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

The Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5 is a great method to display the breakouts of a keltner channel in an indicator subwindow. With this representation in a subwindow you haave a clear view on the price chart. The indicator can be used to detect reversal setups.

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The Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5 is a standardized tool that allows you to find the perfect buying and selling zone. It’s more like the traditional stochastic oscillator but with more advanced coding.

The regular oscillator doesn’t allow you to anticipate the breakout. But the Keltner Channel oscillator can easily determine the breakout zone and allow you to take the trades even in extreme conditions. Though the rookies will find it hard to squeeze the perfect trade setup out of the Keltner Channel Oscillator but the smart users will consider it as a premium tool.

You will be able to change your trading performance within a short time by using this indicator as an active tool. But remember, the channel of this indicator is very important. Focusing on the shaded zone or analyzing the signal line is not the solution to take the trades.

The trade setups need to match with certain criteria of this indicator to consider it as a valid signal. In this article, we will show you the exact way to use this indicator professionally.

Trading ideas with the Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5

Before you move to the use of a complex indicator, you have to be sure that the trading method is capable of making a decent profit. In most cases, the rookies jump into the investment world without having an edge. They simply on their emotions and gut feelings to earn money at this business.

Following such an approach is going to be a very risky approach and be sure that you will blow up the account. You won’t be able to understand the simple data in the Keltner Channel Oscillator. Develop your trading method is not that as you think. Get a demo account and learn to identify support and resistance.

Soon you will be confident with one of the most basic trading systems. But underestimate the power of support and resistance. Every trading method is based on the SR levels so having weak knowledge of this segment can reduce your chance to become a profitable trader. Now let’s learn the key steps by which we can integrate the Keltner Channel Oscillator into any trading system.

Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5 - Buy Entries

We have already highlighted the importance of having a trading method. To execute the long order, we have to find the buying zone. The buying zones are determined by analyzing the highs and lows of the market. Draw horizontal levels from the Signiant price swing.

If the price trades above the horizontal level, consider that level as the strong support. The price should drop to the support level before it starts to rally higher. After the support is being tested, look for the bullish trade setup. You can also learn about the bullish pin bar pattern since it is a very prominent bullish reversal pattern.

Based on your active trading strategy, you should be able to identify the bullish signal. During the bullish pattern formation, the black signal line in the Keltner Channel Oscillator should test the pink color support of the channel. Look for the bullish bounce in the black color line. Lastly, you should see a pink color shade inside the channel which is the final signal for the long order.

Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5 - Sell Entries

Selling an instrument requires a strong understanding of the resistance level. As you find the strong resistance at the higher time frame, you should see the rejection in the price. Rejection in the price should not make you uncomfortable or force you to take the trade without taking the reading from the Keltner Channel Oscillator.

The signal line will be testing the top of the channel in the indicator window. In case the trade setup is very strong, you will find a green-shaded zone adjacent to the top of the channel which is a strong indication that the price is going to fall. But the rookies will get confused as they don’t have enough knowledge to determine the price level in the trading instrument.

At times, the market strongly rallies higher after even after the formation of the green shaded zone. This is nothing but the result of a major breakout. In such a case, you should notice the signal line in the Keltner channel has breached the top part of the channel.

In short, if the black lines cross above the green line of the channel, the bearish trade setup is no longer valid as the bulls have already established their dominance. So, be careful while taking the reading from this indicator. Just like this, if the market will keep on falling even after the formation of shade at the bottom of the channel. But in that case, the signal line will break below the pink color channel support.

Keltner Channel Oscillator Indicator For MT5 - Conclusion

The smart traders have already guessed the indicator is very tricky to use. That’s why we have given the early alert to the retail traders that they need to have a strong foundation in this market. Even after having strong skills and knowing the perfect use of the Keltner Channel Oscillator, you might have some problems with the risk management process.

As a currency trader, the risk factor in trade should be determined before the executions. You may have the skills to find the best signals, still, you should not increase the risk over 2%. Regarding the risk to reward ratio, the minimum RR ratio for each trade is 1:3.

In case, you intend to trade the breakout using the channel breakout strategy for this indicator, you should be focusing on the 1:2 risk to reward ratio. Knowing about the trade management segment is very important. In fact, in every action, you have to constantly evaluate the risk profile as a trader.

Failing to do so can result in significant losses. If necessary get a demo account and try to improve your skills and confidence level at trading. Integrate the Keltner Channel oscillator to the existing system and see if you can take advantage of this premium indicator.


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