Universal digital filter Indicator For MT5

Universal digital filter Indicator For MT5

The Universal digital filter Indicator For MT5 is a sophisticated technical trading tool which is used to provide digital filtering through a means of a trend based oscillator which operates within the active chart as oppose to a separate indicator window thus making it beneficial to use because the trader need not have to analyze financial assets up and down from price chart to the off-screen oscillator which is not the case here in this situation. The Digital universal filter indicator provides a sound solution concerning the major issues associated with digital filter creation in the client terminal - there is no need to go ahead and create additional digital filters using the MQL5 tools of the client terminal. Traders should make use of three other dll files for the DF.dll to operate fully, these mathematical based files are as follows - bdsp.dll, lapack.dll and mkl_support.dll. It is fairly easy to interpret and use this indicator because it helps traders to accurately evaluate the trend direction and market bias - when price action is trading above the indicator it means that the market is in a strong bullish trend and when the price action is trading below the indicator then it means that the market is trading a strong bearish trend.

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Installing the Universal digital filter Indicator For MT5

After you downloaded the indicator via the form above you need to unzip the zip-file. Then you need to copy the file dfilter.mq5 into the folder MQL5\Indicators of your MT5 installation. After that please restart MT5 and then you will be able to see the indicator in the list of indicators.

Parameters of the Universal digital filter Indicator For MT5

The Universal digital filter Indicator For MT5 has 10 parameters to configure.

input FType_ FType=LPF; // Filter type
input int    P1 = 28;       // Cut-off period 1, bars
input int    D1 = 19;       // Transient process cut-off period 1, bars
input int    A1 = 40;       // Attenuation in a rejection band 1, dB
input int    P2 = 0;        // Cut-off period 2, bars
input int    D2 = 0;        // Transient process cut-off period 2, bars
input int    A2 = 0;        // Attenuation in a rejection band 2, dB
input int    Delay=0;       // Delay, bars
input double Ripple=0.08;   // Pulsations in a pass band, dB
input int    FILTERShift=0; //Horizontal shift of moving average in bars

Buffers of the Universal digital filter Indicator For MT5

The Universal digital filter Indicator For MT5 provides 1 buffers.


Main Parts Of The Code

int OnCalculate(
                const int rates_total,    // number of bars in history at the current tick
                const int prev_calculated,// number of bars calculated at previous call
                const int begin,          // number of beginning of reliable counting of bars
                const double &price[]     // price array for calculation of the indicator
//---- checking the number of bars to be enough for the calculation
   if(rates_total lt FILTERPeriod-1+begin)

//---- declaration of local variables 
   int first,bar,iii;
   double FILTER;

//---- calculation of the  first  starting index for the cycle of recalculation of bars
   if(prev_calculated gt rates_total || prev_calculated lt =0) // checking for the first start of calculation of the indicator
      first=FILTERPeriod-1+begin; // starting index for calculation of all bars
      //--- increase the position of the beginning of data by  begin  bars as a result of calculation using data of another indicator
      if(begin gt 0)
   else first=prev_calculated-1; // starting index for calculation of new bars

//---- main loop of indicator calculation
   for(bar=first; bar lt rates_total; bar++)
      //---- formula for the digital filter calculation
      for(iii=0; iii lt FILTERPeriod; iii++)
         FILTER+=FILTERTable[iii] *price[bar-iii];

      //---- Initialization of a cell of the indicator buffer with the received FILTER value


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