Alligator Indicator For MT5

Alligator Indicator For MT5

Table Of Contents:

  1. Alligator Indicator For MT5
  2. 安装Alligator Indicator For MT5
  3. Alligator Indicator For MT5参数
  4. Alligator Indicator For MT5缓冲区
  5. 守则主要部分

Alligator Indicator For MT5Alligator Indicator For MT5基于Bill Williams开发的著名交易系统。该指标绘制3个具有不同周期和颜色的简单移动平均线。蓝色移动平均线的周期为13,称为短吻鳄的颚。红线的周期为8,被称为鳄鱼的牙齿。绿线的周期为5,被称为鳄鱼的嘴唇。您可以使用指标输入已建立的趋势。经验丰富的交易者还可以根据线的位置查看趋势反转。

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安装Alligator Indicator For MT5


Alligator Indicator For MT5参数

Alligator Indicator For MT5具有要配置的8 参数。

input int                InpJawsPeriod=13;               // Jaws period input int                InpJawsShift=8;                 // Jaws shift input int                InpTeethPeriod=8;               // Teeth period input int                InpTeethShift=5;                // Teeth shift input int                InpLipsPeriod=5;                // Lips period input int                InpLipsShift=3;                 // Lips shift input ENUM_MA_METHOD     InpMAMethod=MODE_SMMA;          // Moving average method input ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE InpAppliedPrice=PRICE_MEDIAN;   // Applied price 

Alligator Indicator For MT5缓冲区

Alligator Indicator For MT5提供3 缓冲区。

SetIndexBuffer(0,ExtJaws,INDICATOR_DATA); SetIndexBuffer(1,ExtTeeth,INDICATOR_DATA); SetIndexBuffer(2,ExtLips,INDICATOR_DATA); 


//|  Alligator OnCalculate function                                  | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int OnCalculate(const int rates_total,                 const int prev_calculated,                 const datetime &Time[],                 const double &Open[],                 const double &High[],                 const double &Low[],                 const double &Close[],                 const long &TickVolume[],                 const long &Volume[],                 const int &Spread[])   { //--- check for rates total    if(rates_total lt ExtBarsMinimum)       return(0); // not enough bars for calculation //--- not all data may be calculated    int calculated=BarsCalculated(ExtJawsHandle);    if(calculated lt rates_total)      {       Print("Not all data of ExtJawsHandle is calculated (",calculated,"bars ). Error",GetLastError());       return(0);      }    calculated=BarsCalculated(ExtTeethHandle);    if(calculated lt rates_total)      {       Print("Not all data of ExtTeethHandle is calculated (",calculated,"bars ). Error",GetLastError());       return(0);      }    calculated=BarsCalculated(ExtLipsHandle);    if(calculated lt rates_total)      {       Print("Not all data of ExtLipsHandle is calculated (",calculated,"bars ). Error",GetLastError());       return(0);      } //--- we can copy not all data    int to_copy;    if(prev_calculated gt rates_total || prev_calculated lt 0) to_copy=rates_total;    else      {       to_copy=rates_total-prev_calculated;       if(prev_calculated gt 0) to_copy++;      } //---- get ma buffers    if(IsStopped()) return(0); //Checking for stop flag    if(CopyBuffer(ExtJawsHandle,0,0,to_copy,ExtJaws) lt =0)      {       Print("getting ExtJawsHandle is failed! Error",GetLastError());       return(0);      }    if(IsStopped()) return(0); //Checking for stop flag    if(CopyBuffer(ExtTeethHandle,0,0,to_copy,ExtTeeth) lt =0)      {       Print("getting ExtTeethHandle is failed! Error",GetLastError());       return(0);      }    if(IsStopped()) return(0); //Checking for stop flag    if(CopyBuffer(ExtLipsHandle,0,0,to_copy,ExtLips) lt =0)      {       Print("getting ExtLipsHandle is failed! Error",GetLastError());       return(0);      } //--- return value of prev_calculated for next call    return(rates_total);   } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ 


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