Phase Zone Forex Breakout Strategy For MT4

Phase Zone Forex Breakout Strategy For MT4

The Phase Zone Forex Breakout Strategy For MT4 is a powerful trading method in which we use the support and resistance zone. The elite traders always emphasize the critical support and resistance zone as it helps in the perfect execution of the trade.

At times, these levels fail to generate profit due to the major breakout in price. This system will help to identify the major breakout and take the potential trade with low risk. The system depends on Phase V.8, MA-Shade 5-25, and Damiani Volameter. The standard settings of this indicator are not used, as we are going to anticipate the breakout. Try to use this system in the volatile market condition since breakout requires strong market momentum.

The support zone is shaded with the sapphire blue color and the resistance zone is marked with the brick red color. You have to look for the break of this level before you start analyzing the data from the other indicators. As the system is based on a breakout of the critical pivotal zone, it is important to stick to the hourly or the daily chart. If the price breaks above the resistance or brick red zone, you have a bullish breakout. The MA-shade will generate a green bar indicating the bullish breakout is valid. The light green curve in the Damiani Volameter will push above the white line. The stop will be 7 pips and TP is set the next pivot level.

Price pushing below the sapphire blue shaded zone indicates sell order. The MA- shade will have red bars and the Damiani Volameter green line will below the white line. Stops will be placed 7 pips above the entry price and determine the TP with the help of the nearest support level.

As the system is designed to take care of the major breakout, it important, you limit the risk. If the breakout turns out to be a false signal, you should not lose anything more than 1% of the investment. Failing to limit your risk to 1% might lead to massive losses. Instead of going super-fast, follow the safe path at trading.

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