Rainbow Oscillator Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4

Rainbow Oscillator Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4

The Rainbow Oscillator Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 is a powerful options trading strategy designed to deal with the options that have expiry for 15 minutes or less.

exponential moving average , stochastic oscillator, Fisher Yurik, Rainbow Oscillator binary, Accelerator Oscillator, and FXSniperT3 Indicator is used for the construction of this strategy. Before you dig deep into the system, be careful about the selection of assets. Try to pick a trading asset and stick to the Forex majors as spikes are less common.

For the call option, all the indicators must say the price most likely to go higher. The stochastic curve will cross upward suggesting the buyers are getting more powerful. The Accelerator oscillator will turn into green color. FXT3 will also become green when the price is truly testing critical support with buying momentum. Lastly, the rainbow oscillators must have the reading over the green bars. After the conditions are checked you can take a call option. Incall option, analyzing the trend is a great way to filter the bad trades. Ignore the signals when the market is in bearish mode or the daily trend is down. Stick to the major trend can add an extra layer of protection to the safety of your investment.

For the bearish trend, all indicators will suggest a downward momentum in the price. The curve in the stochastic will cross downward. The accelerator tool will become red. At the same time, FXT3 will change its color to brick red. The rainbow oscillator will show a reading below the red bar. Take the put option when the chromatic sequences match our description. If you feel the urge to change any settings, test the new system into a demo account before going live.

Things become messy as the rookies often ignore one or two readings from the indicators. But to ensure the high probability of success, you must follow the rules according to this article. Breaking the rules or modifying might create massive errors. Last but not the least, don’t take any trade with more than 2% risk in any trade.

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