60 Seconds Binary System with RSI For MT4

60 Seconds Binary System with RSI For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. 60 Seconds Binary System with RSI For MT4
  2. 60 Seconds Binary System with RSI For MT4 Call option setup
  3. 60 Seconds Binary System with RSI For MT4 Put option setup
  4. Managing the trades

Please note: This strategy was publicly published in the trading community and is free to use. We do NOT make an attempt to decide if this strategy is profitable or not, because we know that the major factors regarding trading results are the skills/experience of the trader who executes the strategy. Therefore, we are mainly explaining the components and rules of the strategy. If applicable, we are highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements of the strategy.

The 60 Seconds Binary System with RSI For MT4 is one of kind trading strategy. The reason to call this system as unique lies within its approach. In most cases, investors, traders focus on long term gains. They use complex variables to predict future price movement.

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But with this method, we will be using the indicators and other tools just to predict the price movement for the next 60 seconds. As the life span of each option order is just 60 seconds, we have to carefully deal with the trade setups. Delay in trade execution or slight mistake in taking reading can result in catastrophic failure. The sophistic nature of trade setup is one of the key factors for which experts don’t promote option trading systems based on the 60-second expiry.

But this system is different from the existing system available in the market. The steps are so easy that the chance of making a human error is very less. But still, we should be prepared to faces losing trades. Expecting the worst from the trade keeps the expectation low and this eventually eliminates greed and fear.

We will discuss to take the trade with this method in two different ways. In the first method, a major analysis will be done in the chart. The second method involves analyzing the signal curve in RSI.

For this reason, the system has earned the nickname of the orthodox trading system. For now, let’s see how we can take trades with an expiry period of just 60 seconds and ensure a win rate of over 90%.

60 Seconds Binary System with RSI For MT4 Call option setup

People always tend to choose the minute 1 or M5 chart while the expiry is the 60s. But choosing such a time frame increases the chance of making mistakes. For the betterment of the traders, we are assigning the 30-minute chart as the most standard time frame to analyze the Forex majors. Remember, in case, you want to take the trades in US30 or UK100, you have to use a different technique. We will discuss that in the trade management section.

For the call trade, we need a break of the Bollinger band support level. The break needs to take place in such a time when the RSI is reading is at the lowest. That means the yellow line should be in the 7-0 zone. The break of the Bollinger band will be considered as fake if the break takes place near a strong support zone.

When price bums inside the Bollinger band support, wait for a red candle or a bar that has closed lower than the opening price. Right after the bearish bar, you can open the call option with 60-second expiry. Those who will follow the exact steps as mention in this article can expect to win more than 90% of the time without any hardship.

But remember, the system is all about finding the perfect balance point. If you take the trade after the green candle, you have a high chance to lose since the price will fall most of the time in the next candle. We are taking advantage of market sentiment and technical factors for trading with this system.

60 Seconds Binary System with RSI For MT4 Put option setup

For the put option, we will take things to the next level. We require consolidation in the Bollinger band. The bandwidth will squeeze to a great extent and the bulls will initiate the false bullish break. Observe the bullish break by staying in the sideline and within one trading session price will lose the momentum and fall inside the channel.

But now the volatility has come back to the market and it won’t take time to break the support level. After the support level is compromised, you have to pay attention to the chart with hawkeye. When the price hits the mid-level or band of the BB indicator, the RSI reading should form a peak.

The peak tells us the bulls exhausted and the price will go for the free fall. Execute the call option at that instant. Note that the deviation in the current market price should be less than 8 pips from the mid-band. If the price falls by 8 pips after touching the mid-band, there is no good in taking the short order.

Put option traders are only effective if you can act promptly. So, this system is often considered for the traders who have a keen eye to observe the market details. Unless you can observe the market details with a keen eye, it will be a tough challenge to earn money with the second method.

The first method also requires a keen eye since you have to participate after the bullish candle. For the put take risk only 1% of the account balance. Let’s learn more about the trade managing system so that we can deal with the losses like smart investors.

Managing the trades

To manage the trades, traders just know that they should not risk more than 1%. But if you make 20 trades in a day, your potential risk exposure 20% for that day. That means you are busy in overtrading the market.

So, in each session, you are allowed to take 2 trades. If the 2 trades go wrong, give a big smile, and take the day off. In case, you want to take advantage of US30 and UK 100 volatility, the recommended time frame is no longer the M30. You should choose the 4H chart as it will offset the volatility to a certain degree.

Options trading is not always about making money. It’s more like an art where you have to be precise and calculate with your actions. And if becomes 60-second trade, you know that a 1-minute time frame is going to decide whether you will lose 1% or secure profit. Regarding the profit, try to trade options that have a higher payout.

Opening trades with lower payout option always result in significant losses and this causes the traders to struggle like 90% of the traders. Those who want to put an end to struggling trading career should learn to analyze the market dynamics with low risk.

Most importantly, they should choose the stable asset which can give them a profit-taking window just for the 60 seconds. Follow each step and devote it to the system, you won’t regret using this method.

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FREE 60 Seconds Binary System with RSI

Download the FREE 60 Seconds Binary System with RSI for MT4.

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