60 seconds Profit Master Strategy For MT4

60 seconds Profit Master Strategy For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. 60 seconds Profit Master Strategy For MT4
  2. 60 seconds Profit Master Strategy For MT4 Call option setup
  3. 60 seconds Profit Master Strategy For MT4 Put option setup
  4. Managing the trades

Please note: This strategy was publicly published in the trading community and is free to use. We do NOT make an attempt to decide if this strategy is profitable or not, because we know that the major factors regarding trading results are the skills/experience of the trader who executes the strategy. Therefore, we are mainly explaining the components and rules of the strategy. If applicable, we are highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements of the strategy.

The 60 seconds Profit Master Strategy For MT4 is a strategic system that allows us to focus on a quick profit. The intermediate trader always considers a quick profit factor is an element for the trader. But the expert believes in precise steps to secure quick profit.

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Thousands of pro scalpers and options traders are using the price volatility in the short time frame just to book profit in the 60-second time frame. But developing such a strategy is very hard and it may take years. For this reason, people depend on the 60s profit master edge. The system uses SHI Channel, Caixxa v.3, and some modified codes.

Rookies may not hear about this indicator but these are very popular tools among the institutional investors. They rely on this special tool as it can help them secure profitable trades with ease. Most importantly, you no longer need to stick to the hourly or the HFT to find great trades. Though the edge is perfect for trading gold and other precious metals, still you should be using this edge for the major currencies.

The reason we chose to stick to the currencies is to ensure a low-risk environment. As the price of precious metal is very sensitive to medium to high impact news, we need a strong grip on news analysis to become a skilled investor. In this article, we will teach you some amazing techniques that will allow you to secure a profit of 83% of the time.

But don’t get biased just because you have a high win rate trading system. We will discuss the risk management method in the last part of this guide. For now, we will describe the steps which will help you to open call and put trades.

60 seconds Profit Master Strategy For MT4 Call option setup

The SHI silver trend signal indicator is responsible for creating the buying and selling arrow. The buying arrow in the chart is green in color. As we will open the call trade, we have to find a green arrow. The green arrow gives us the signal the price is trading at the major support level.

But you should notice the color of the THV coral is red when the green arrow is created. Wait for the change in the slope of the THV coral. As the slope becomes positive, the color will become lime green. At that time, Ciaxxa indicator signal line will form a south spike and start heading north. Now it’s time for us to see the price testing the THV coralline.

It very important that you open the trade at the first touch of the THV coral. The expiry is just 60 seconds so you can’t delay the timing. The investors become careful when the first green arrow appears. Since the window is very small for trade execution, you can’t afford to make any delay.

Delay in the execution process will make things worse and you won’t be able to survive as a currency trader. For the safety of the capital, you should be following the conservative technique and this should give you a strong indication to open the long trade.

60 seconds Profit Master Strategy For MT4 Put option setup

We will teach you how to take the put option at a significant level. The reason to follow the Signiant level is the risk factor. For the long trade, you were supposed to risk 1%. But for this put option, you can risk 3% of the balance. But taking such risk requires a strong mentality as you don’t know the result of the trades.

Find broken support that turned to a strong resistance level. The selling arrow in crimson color should be printed near the resistance by the SHI indicator. At the Caixxa indicator, there should be a strong yellow spike which will tell us the price will fall sharply. Before the price fall sharply, we will notice a consolidation. The consolidation will last as long as the THV coral signal line in blue.

As it turns to red we will notice a bearish break. Still, we will not take the put trade. We have to wait for a bullish candle that will touch the red color THV coralline. As the price touches the red color THV coralline, we can take the short trade with confidence. The risk will 3% and the expiry will be 60 seconds. But when you take a 3% risk, you should be aware of the news. Opening the short trade on the verge of major news releases is going to be a very risky technique.

For the safety of the capital, you should be opening the trade when the market is very stable and no news is scheduled to release in the next 30 minutes. And if you lose the trade, don’t get upset as you will get recovery trade over time. Let’s learn more advanced techniques to manage the losses.

Managing the trades

When the expiry is just 60 seconds, managing the trades is very hard. A few second delays to response with the price volatility can lead to massive loss. In case, you have a bad day, you can lose 3 trades with a 1% risk in each order. But when you open trades with a 3% risk, the maximum number of losing trades is just 1.

So, you have to ask yourself whether you want to execute 3 order or focus on 1 good shot. Just because you will be getting three shots doesn’t mean it is the best way to trade. Examine the price movement of the asset, analyze the market sentiment, and find your risk tolerance factor. It should range from 1% to 3%. In case you want to take the trade with strong aggression, it will be hard to overcome the challenges and you will lose money most of the time.

For ease of use, traders should stick with the major currencies for the first few months. As the system becomes more user friendly, investors can start taking trades in precious metal. The system is always the same but you might have to face a series of losses. As long as the steps of money management are respected, you should not have trouble in overcoming the losses. Have faith in the system and learn to act fast while taking trades with 60s expiry.

Download the complete system description and the files here:

FREE 60 seconds Profit Master Strategy

Download the FREE 60 seconds Profit Master Strategy for MT4.

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