Isakas Sekelper Trading System For MT4

Isakas Sekelper Trading System For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. Isakas Sekelper Trading System For MT4
  2. Selecting the trading instrument
  3. Isakas Sekelper Trading System For MT4 - Long trade setup
  4. Isakas Sekelper Trading System For MT4 - Short trade setup
  5. Trade Management
  6. Conclusion

Please note: This strategy was publicly published in the trading community and is free to use. We do NOT make an attempt to decide if this strategy is profitable or not, because we know that the major factors regarding trading results are the skills/experience of the trader who executes the strategy. Therefore, we are mainly explaining the components and rules of the strategy. If applicable, we are highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements of the strategy.

The Isakas Sekelper Trading System For MT4 is a very old trading strategy still exclusively used by experienced traders. This strategy requires a quick understanding of the highs and lows of the market. People who have a strong basic and knows about the retracement and trending phase of the market can trade tremendously with the aid of this unique strategy. The strategy comprises 3 unique key indicators. These are - HMA, non-lag dot MA, and FX Fischer mod. After loading the template, the indicator can create a pop-up alert giving the retail traders a clear signal about the potential long and short trading opportunity. It might take a while to get used to the different dot chart, but once you realize the mechanism of this indicator, you can easily secure consistent profit.

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Securing consistent profit in a shorter time frame is a very tough task. Since the recommended time frame to use the Isakas Sekelper Trading System is the minute chart only, traders have to very cautious about their actions. A small mistake in analyzing the non-lag dot MA sequence can lead to losing orders. But the good news is, the strategy requires very simple steps. A novice trader having sound knowledge about the different cycles of the trend can take advantage of this system.

Selecting the trading instrument

The Isakas Sekelper Trading System is not like your regular scalping strategy. So, you can deploy this trading strategy to trade any instrument. You have to carefully analyze the currency pair’s movement and pick the right trading instrument. To ease the steps, we will encourage the trades to deal with the major currency pairs only. But selecting the prime trading instrument out of 7 major currency pairs will be a tough job for novice traders. However, there are some certain rules which you can follow to narrow down the currency pair list.

The first thing which you should consider is the trend. Try to pick a trending asset. The second factor should be the average spread and price movement of that asset. The daily average price movement should be higher than 50 pips and the spread should be lower than 3 pips. Usually, this spread will not be a key issue if you trade with a high-end broker. The last thing to consider the news factor. Avoid using this strategy before an economic news release. Fundamental news data can create massive chaos in the market causing a false spike and unexpected reversals in the trend. So, the Isakas Sekelper Trading System should be used to trade only the stable state of the market.

Isakas Sekelper Trading System For MT4 - Long trade setup

You might be wondering, that the trading process is very tough. In the main chart, you should be seeing two stranded lines formed by the colored dot. Just before the reversal takes place, one dotted line will be divided into two. So, if you spot three dotted lines, you should be expecting a reversal in the market. As you spot three red dotted lines in the chart, get ready to take long order. Once the dotted lines change their color to blue, move to the FX Fish mod indicator panel. If you spot green bars on the positive side of the reference line, execute your long trade with great confidence.

Things become a bit tricky when the traders want to set the take profit for the trades. Usually, the traders keep their long trade open till they find the division in the blue colored dotted lines. That means you need to spot three blue dotted lines at the peak before you close the trade. For the stop loss, you set it below the last red dotted spotted in the chart. Usually, the average stop loss for using this strategy is 15- 20 pips. However, the stop loss and take profit level can significantly vary depending on the nature of the market swing.

Isakas Sekelper Trading System For MT4 - Short trade setup

Executing the short trades with the help of the Isakas Sekelper Trading System is also very easy. You have to follow the opposite step used to take the long trades. Look for the division in one of the blue dotted lines near the peak. As you spot three blue dotted lines in the chart, move back to the FX Fish mod indicator panel. Red bars on the negative side of the indicator panel gives us a clear signal that the price is ready to fall. Execute the short trades with the formation of the first red dots in the chart. Note that there should be two red dotted lines only when you take the trades. Place your stop below the last blue dots in the chart.

To set the take profit, you have to use the manual method. Keep the trade open till you see division in the blue dotted line near a critical support level. But some of the retail traders might not monitor the trade while using this strategy. They can use fixed 20 pips stop loss and 40 pips take profit. But in that case, the risk exposure should be less than 1% of your account balance. Note that you there are always three dotted lines. But one them always merge with another that’s why see two dotted lines. When the merging factors get disturbed, we experience a new swing in the market.

Trade Management

Opening the trades with the help of Isakas Sekelper Trading System might seem an easy process but things will get hard when you will manage multiple trades. Since the system requires constant monitoring of the trades to get the best result, the traders can have two open trades at the same time. If you have more than two trades open at the same time, it will be hard to find the perfect exit point for both trades. You might be taking the trades with less than 1% risk but failing to close the trades at the right time can turn a profitable trade into a losing one.

Since the process requires understanding the key swing point in the market, we request the traders to learn about the different phases of the trend. Before you start using the Isakas Sekelper Trading System, get a demo account and study the retracement phase, swing high and low. Having sound knowledge of these three terms can significantly improve your trading skills. You will understand the true mechanism of this system. At times, you will see the price is showing extended movement. This is nothing but the fact, the market is in a strong trend. So, evaluate the fundamental factor to find whether the asset is strongly bullish or bearish. In Incase case of dealing with a strong trend, try to take trades in favor of the trend only.


Success requires hard work and patience. You might know a lot about the market still you have to sync yourself to the Isakas Sekelper Trading System. This can be done by using the demo account. There is no reason to learn the functions of this strategy by using your real money. Stick to the demo trading account and practice hard till you feel confident with this system. Those who follow the basic protocols and have a fair knowledge about the market can expect to master this system within a month.

Some novice traders might find it hard to make a consistent profit, they can trade in the 30-minute chart. By shifting to the higher time frame, you are allowing yourself to trade in the stable state of the market. As you become confident with your actions, you can slowly move to the M15 or the M5 chart. But still, you do have the liberty to choose your desired time frame while using the Isakas Sekelper Trading System. Lastly, do not forget the fact, every system tends to generate losing streaks. So, face this situation with confidence and do not break the rules.

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