Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy For MT4

Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy For MT4
  2. Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy For MT4 Long trade setup
  3. Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy For MT4 Short trade setup
  4. Managing the trades

Please note: This strategy was publicly published in the trading community and is free to use. We do NOT make an attempt to decide if this strategy is profitable or not, because we know that the major factors regarding trading results are the skills/experience of the trader who executes the strategy. Therefore, we are mainly explaining the components and rules of the strategy. If applicable, we are highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements of the strategy.

The Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy For MT4 is an exclusive system that gives a great level of ease to the traders. This system is often ignored as rookies don’t know the key step to use the method. Remember, as you grow older, you have to take more responsibilities.

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Just like this, as you intend to use a professional edge, you have to focus on more tools. But this should not make you chase a crazy system. Trying to earn money with a crazy system may drive you nuts and you will often make silly mistakes. To ensure safety, you have to fine-tune the edge in a very strategic way. Hirurgia V3, Quick Fibo, Accurate HL, SR TLB2, B-clock, 3 ZZ Semafor alert, Changer Symbol vertical version, Forex Star 3, True fractal band, Laguerre Pro indicator, MT4 X-cycle alert, MT4 X-cycle alert, and SEFC Bull and Bear are used as the key indicators.

This long list should create the feeling that you are going to learn something intense. But have faith in this guide as all the steps will elaborately be discussed and you won’t have to struggle with this system. When investors use too many indicators and they have to set individual parameters, it becomes a tough choice to make the right decision.

But this is not going to be the case as the step will be graphical oriented so that you don’t face a tough time in memorizing the details. For the record, the system can secure you an 88% win rate provided that you are following the essential steps in a very strategic way. Now let’s see how we can open long at support and short at the resistance with this powerful system.

Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy For MT4 Long trade setup

The true fractal band is the most important element in this template as we will start assessing the chart from this step. It’s a dynamic channel that allows you to detect the support and resistance. The green line is the support level and you should see a strong bounce at the green line before the price starts going up.

To verify a support level, you need a green sunflower pattern at the true fractal band. The green sunflower is created by the Forex start 3 indicator. But still, you can’t open the trade as further confirmation is required. At the Laguerre Pro indicator, have to see green bars beneath the reference line.

The green bars give us the indication the price will go higher and give you a chance to earn money when you open a long position. At the Spearman correlation indicator, you should be seeing a buying signal. The green line will cross over the glowing crimson line. A small glowing green arrow should be present at that level.

Finally, we have to find the green bars at the SEFC indicator. When all these conditions are fit, we can open a long trade and make money with ease. But don’t forget to set the stop loss as it will determine how much money you might lose from the trade. Regarding the TP, it should be placed at the resistance of the fractal band.

Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy For MT4 Short trade setup

For the short trade, we will teach you how to identify the fake reversal and stay in the course of the trend. The Fibonacci levels are very important but at times these levels are compromised. The market often makes move more than 100 pips in the unexpected direction just to wipe out the amateur investors.

But this system can protect you from this problem. When you see the price reaching the 61.8% level, you have to analyze the position of the true fractal bands. If it closes the fibo level, you may see a false break in the fibo. When the fibo level is breached, a bearish pattern should form at the true fractal TT red band. It should be accompanied by the bearish sunflower formed by the Forex star 3 indicators.

The bars in the Laguerre Pro indicator should orange or ash at that time. But we will have to wait to open a new short. The spearman correlation indicator should represent a bearish cross in the chart. The bearish cross will give us the motive to open a new short trade. AT the SEFC bull-bear indicator, the bar must be red.

Open the short trade with an SL right above the high of the previous candle. Since the waiting period is a bit long after the formation of the bearish sunflower, you may find the price has fallen to a great extent. But there is nothing wrong with the sharp fall in the price.

Stop thinking to take the trade at the True Fractal bands as you ignore too many important variables. It might give you a very tight SL but you are compromising the chances of winning the trade by ignoring the essential filter.

Managing the trades

To manage the trades, you have to effectively focus on long term market dynamics. People who are good at investment business always risk less than 1% since they know it’s a business. However, if you believe that you can stick to this method, you can risk 2% of the balance and win 88% of the time. But remember, when you face the false break of the fibo, the true fractal bands might not hold.

You may even face a trend reversal. The best way to reinforce the idea is to look at the news. But learning to examine the news data is not as easy as it seems. You have to develop a habit of reading news articles regularly and only then it will be possible to ensure the profit factors at trading. You can’t act like a naïve trader just because you have an excellent system in hand.

Always remember, successful traders, are also losing money. Ignoring this fact and taking new orders out of pure emotion can put you in a very uncomfortable situation. Regarding the complexity of the edge, if you find too hard to use, spend some time in the demo platform. It should clear the confusion and give you a strategic solution to take the trade at any instant. After gaining confidence in the practice session, get to the real market.

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FREE Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy

Download the FREE Laguerre Pro and Spearman Correlation Strategy for MT4.

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