Perfect Binary Signal Strategy For MT4

Perfect Binary Signal Strategy For MT4

The Perfect Binary Signal Strategy For MT4 provides a neat interface to open trades in the hourly chart. People who have experienced with binary option may consider the hourly chart a bit more risky as the analytical data is taken for higher expiry. But higher expiry doesn’t mean you will be opening trades with great risk.

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It can provide you an easy solution to avoid unnecessary noise and you may be able to build a strong strategy. The good news is, the strategy is already developed and ready to be used in the form of a template. Candle Timer, 5 min up and down, Regression channel, News events, Support and resistance lines, HHLL, and Extreme Spike indicator are used as indicators.

Many of us are familiar with some of the tools but the rookies will be lost with this list. This list of tools can offer you complete freedom in the financial market. But you must master its use properly. To do so, you have to know its function. Knowing about the functions of each tool is easy and you will master the technique in the call and put option segment. Before we move to that, it’s important to deploy the template in the hourly chart.

In case you want to take advantage of the minute chart, you won’t get the desired result and in most cases, you will be losing money. For ease of use, traders have to depend on very strategic steps to open the trades. We will teach the exact guidelines by which you can strategically open the important trades without losing the temper to emotions.

Perfect Binary Signal Strategy For MT4 Call option setup

The neat chart should amaze the rookies and pro since it is very hard to find such a template. You should not be baffled with the neat look of the template as it is stacked with power indicator. The arl2 or the regression channel gives us the signal where to look for the buying opportunity. But in some cases, you may experience a strong break of the arl2 line and the price will test the untested support line.

A white arrow should appear right at the untested support line which will be acting as a strong indication the price will go up. The channel in the HHLL indicator should form a valley like structure which shows the oversold position of the currency pairs. Finally, we must spot a blue downward spike at the extreme spike indicator. If all these settings are matched, we can go for the call option.

When you open the call option, set the expiry period to 60 minutes or 30 minutes. If you chose a higher expiry period like 240 minutes, be sure no major news is scheduled for the next 4 hours. For the risk exposure, it should be limited to 1-2% of the investment.

This is the most complex part as people forget to stick with this rule as they start winning more with this edge. So, be aware of this mistake, or else the strategy will be of no use.

Perfect Binary Signal Strategy For MT4 Put option setup

The untested resistance line will be placed where we will sell our assets. In this case, the price will go above the arl2 upper barrier. People often call it a false break but we like to call it a signal that the price is trading at a much higher level than it should be. A red arrow point should be present at the resistance line and this should give us the indication the price will fall drastically.

At this time, we will take the reading from the HHLL from a different angle. Inside the HHLL indicator, there is a signal line. The signal line must be testing the top part of the channel. As it tests the top part of the channel, it gives us a strong indication of the price fall. But to get confirmation, look at the color of the spike. A strong red color spike at the extreme indicator should be visible.

When all these settings are found in the chart, we have the green signal to open our short trade. As we open our short trade, we must focus on the critical elements of the market. Placing the short order may be a tough task when you increase the risk. However, skilled investors love to increase the risk with rational logic.

But this should be done in a strategic way or else no one will be able to cover up the loss. For instance, favoring the trend is a must when you intend to open the new trade with a bit higher risk.

In case you want to ignore the high-risk factor, you should be taking the trades in the M30 chart so that you get the better payout from the trades. Chose the trading hours wisely so that you do better.

Managing the trades

Everyone gets puzzled when they try to manage the trades as new traders. You do have the template but this is not going to protect yourself from the losses. You have to master the order management technique from scratch. Go with the 1% money management rule for the first few months.

As you get habituated with the 1% money management rule, you have to focus on the essential metrics of trading. The more you will learn about the essential metrics of trading, the better you will become at managing your risk profile. But people don’t realize, the emotions can become major obstacles in this segment.

For instance, taking high stake trade after a few losses are very common. But the pro reduces the risk exposure when they are having a bad time. In every business, we have to go through ups and downs. Unless you get yourself habituated with the losses, it will be a big challenge for us to cover the losses.

People having strong analytical skills do relatively well as they know emotions have nothing but a bad impact on this business. Failing to deal with the emotions may result in big losses. So get a demo account and see if you can recover the losses without breaking the rules. Spend time in the practice session so that you know much better about this industry.

Download the complete system description and the files here:

FREE Perfect Binary Signal Strategy

Download the FREE Perfect Binary Signal Strategy for MT4.

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