Power Binary Options System For MT4

Power Binary Options System For MT4

The Power Binary Options System For MT4 system is mostly designed to trade commodities, CFDs, indices, stocks, and ETFs. However, you can also use this method to trade the Forex majors. Since the pro traders love to use this method to deal with a volatile asset like US30, UK100, and other major stocks we will be teaching you to use this method with such major financial instruments.

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But if you want to use this method to trade the Forex market, you can use the same principle and manage to make a decent profit. Arrow, EMA 21 period close, EMA 50 period close, Stochastic, ADX 14 period with level 30, and the ELR color indicator is used. Those who have used a template-based trading system in the past will not worry about the long list of the indicator.

But the rookies who are using the templates for the first time might be worried about setups. The amazing ex4 files will set up the template and you just need to follow the steps to take the trade. It’s not a complex task provided that you follow the steps in a disciplined way. There is no reason to get confused even though you will take trades in the volatile asset.

People often say, taking trades in the dow jones which is also known as the US30 is a suicide mission. But after going through this trading method, you will realize, dow jones trading is extremely profitable. It might become your favorite trading asset shortly. Without any further delay, let’s see how we can use the system and take trades in such a sophisticated market.

Call option setup

Everyone thinks taking the trades in the reversal is a very tough task. Many people blame reversal trading is the key reason to blow up the account. But if you know the proper way to use the tool reversal trading can be extremely profitable.

For reversal trading, the price must cross above the red and blue lines in the main chart. The cross will result in the bullish cross in EMA. This means the blue line will cross above the red line stating the strong power of the buyers. And this cross should take place when the stochastic reading is near the 20 levels. Usually, the ADX reading will fall below the 30 levels after the cross take place since the bulls will use most of its power to break above the resistance level. ADX in this system will be working as a trend strength indicator.

The fact that the value of the ADX is less than 30 is a good sign the bulls have managed to push to a new level or high. Soon we will see a drop in the price towards the red and the blue moving average.

At the first touch of the moving average, we can execute the call option. At that time, the position of the stochastic signal line must show an upward momentum from the 20-0 zone. If the stochastic line is 80 -100 zone, chances are the breakout is false and we can’t take the call option trade.

Put option setup

For the put option, we won’t be using the moving average rather we will be taking the trades with the downtrend. That means, the trend must bearish to take the trade with the second template. Since the second template doesn’t contain the moving average, we must use the horizontal support and resistance level.

But in this case, we will be using the blue and red arrow marks. First of all, the price must break a significant support level. The broken support level will become a significant resistance level and this will be our key zone to short the asset after the price rally to that level, we must look for the selling arrow.

The selling arrow should be accompanied by the bearish price action signal or the doji mark. If you are not good at spotting the bearish price action pattern, you can wait for three bearish arrow mark at the resistance line. The value in the stochastic indicator must be above the 80 levels and the rise in the signal line should be very sharp.

The sharp rise indicators the market is bullish correction mode The ADX signal line must be near the 30 levels but it must not be above that level. If it is above that level, it means the bullish momentum is still intact and the price might rally to a new high.

If not, we can short the asset and make a decent profit. When you trade with this method, you must analyze the news data. There should be no major announcement before the execution of the trade and you should have a minimum 30-minute window before any high impact news is released. Take put trade if these conditions are filled.

Managing the trades

Managing the trade with the Power Binary Options System For MT4 is a little bit hard as you will deal with the sophisticated market. The expiry period for the trade should never exceed 1 hour since the market price might reverse at any moment. It’s not like your typical Forex market. At any time, you might have a major announcement that will cause massive trouble.

So, you shouldn’t remain exposed to the market for a longer period. If possible the maximum expiry period for the trade should be only 120 seconds in the volatile state. Now let’s come to the risk management point. For taking trades in the indices, you risk must be less than 1%. In case, you trade the Forex market, you can take up to 3% but for the volatile asset, the risk should be very limited.

To get a clear idea about the different risk exposure for the different markets, you can test this method in the demo account. See how things work and find your comfort zone. Having sound mental health is very important to your trade management skills. If you can do that properly, you can expect to manage most of the losing trades. So carefully curate the things so that you don’t have to blow up the trading account.

Download the complete system description and the files here:

FREE Power Binary Options System

Download the FREE Power Binary Options System for MT4.

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