Precision Scalping Trading System For MT4

Precision Scalping Trading System For MT4

The Precision Scalping Trading System For MT4 is a very well structured trading strategy. The strategy provides powerful and reliable short term trading opportunities in 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30-minute charts. Precision trend, Zwuk MA, Fibo Pivot, Pro FX 8, and Fractal are the key indicators used to construct this system. The support levels are colored in green and the resistance level is colored in red. The pivot level is shown by the blue colored line. The Fibo Pivot indicator automatically creates these support and resistance levels by evaluating the highs and lows. The Zwuk MA will draw blue and purple color moving average in the main chart and it is mostly used to determine the trend direction.

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The skilled traders often get confused by seeing the simple nature of the chart after loading the template. They don’t realize the fact, the principle of the Precision Scalping Trading System is to focus on the simple approach to trading. Note that the crossing of the Zwuk MA signal line can be evaluated by using the blue and red arrows.

And for confirmation, skilled traders usually look at the fractal reading. Though this scalping system is really easy to use, traders are requested to follow the mentioned steps in this guide. Remember the fact, scalping is a very sophisticated technique to make money from the market. So, you must be very keen on following rational steps, or else it won’t take much time to blow up the trading account.

Selecting the trading instrument

We have already told that the Precision Scalping Trading System requires precise and rational action from the traders. In order to ease the process of trading and find better trading opportunities, investors need to look at the trending asset since scalping in the trending asset is way easier. If you carefully evaluate the major currency pairs, you might find more than one trend asset. Things become a bit tricky for novice traders as they don’t have the idea the find the best trading instrument out of the trending asset. The idea is simple. You have to look for the least spread and most favorable position of the price.

To find a favorable price position, you should have a basic idea about the support and resistance level. The asset price which is near the support or resistance level should be your preferred trading instrument since the waiting time will be significantly low. Another key thing to notice is the schedule of the major news. If you intend to take the trades right before the news release, you will lose most of the trades due to the nature of tight stop loss. Avoiding the news hours is the best way to protect your trading capital while using the Precision Scalping Trading System.

Precision Scalping Trading System For MT4 - Long trade setup

After you have spotted an uptrend in the major asset, move to the 15 minute or 30-minute chart. The price of a certain doesn’t participate in the upward rally without having any bearish retracement. The bearish retracement in the price should end when it hits the support level drawn by the fibo pivot indicator. During that time, you should spot a bullish cross in the MA 2 signal line. The purple line will cross above the blue line and create a small blue arrow right below the support level. The bullish cross gives us the primary indication to take the long trade. But to improve the accuracy, the Precision Scalping Trading System uses extra confirmation.

For the confirmation signal, you should see a fractal mark below the support level. After spotting the fact mark take the long order with 8-10 pips stop. Set the take profit to 15 pips and determine the lot size in such a way so that you don’t have to lose more than 2% of your account balance. In case you take the trades in the most volatile state of the market, you can set the TP to 20-25 pips. Note that you need to analyze the 1-hour chart when the average price volatility exceeds the normal range. In that case, the risk factor should also be lowered to 1% of the account balance.

Precision Scalping Trading System For MT4 - Short trade setup

Using the Precision Scalping Trading System to take the short trade is a very simple process. In a bearish trend, wait for the price to retrace back towards the major resistance level. Once the price hits the resistance level, you should see a bearish cross in the MA2 signal indicator. The bearish cross will be confirmed by the red arrow on the top of the candle. Once the red arrow is formed, wait till you get the fractal mark above the candle. The fractal mark will be the green signal to short the trading instrument. After you have executed the short trade, set the SL to 8-10 pips and the TP to the nearest support level.

While setting up the take profit and SL price, traders must be careful about the risk to reward ratio. If the risk to reward ratio falls below 1:2, you should not take the trades. Some experts often wait after the bearish trade setup is formed to get a better price. Usually, they set the sell limit order at the fibo resistance line and thus they get a 1:3 risk to reward ratio from the trade signals. While setting up the pending orders, make sure you are not trying to make money by trading during the news.

Trade Management

To manage the trades while Precision Scalping Trading System, first follow the basic rules. For instance, you can’t overtrade the market even though the strategy will provide multiple opportunities to take the trades. At best you can open 3 trades per day and under no circumstances, the overall risk factor should exceed 3% of your account balance. So, if you risk 2% in 1 trade and 1% in the second trade, there is no way you can open the third trade. You have to wait for the closing of one good trade and then look for the next trading opportunity.

The full-time scalpers often become biased with the Precision Scalping Trading System. They consider this system as a perfect scalping model and try to earn more by executing random trades. But If you want to protect your capital, you should consider the ups and downs associated with this system. And they only way by which you can protect the capital by embracing the losses is by following proper risk management rules.

Precision Scalping Trading System For MT4 - Conclusion

When you start to scalp the market, the one thing you need to keep in mind that no system is perfect. In order to succeed as a scalper, you have to trade with confidence. Having the mindset that losing is a part of this profession is going to levitate the stress at trading. At times you may feel the urge to trade with higher risk. This is the moment when you need to take a small break from your trading profession. Trying to push yourself to the extreme zone just to earn more should never be your core formula. To become successful, you must abide by the rules mention in this guide.

The Precision Scalping Trading System is most designed to generate high-quality signals in the market. Being a novice trader, you may find it hard to use but you do have your demo account. Deploy the strategy in the demo trading account and try to learn the proper use of this strategy. Once you feel confident with your demo trading performance, start scalping the real market with this amazing Precision Scalping Trading System. And try not to take the trades based on the pop-up suggestion. Use the manual method as it will enhance your trading skills.

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FREE Precision Scalping Trading System

Download the FREE Precision Scalping Trading System for MT4.

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