SD Trading System For MT4

SD Trading System For MT4

The SD Trading System For MT4 is to apply the Hama indicator formula to generate the quality signals. Getting into the base function of a traditional system or indicator is an easy task for intermediate or expert traders. But for the SD trading strategy, the case is different.

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Hama, Candle, MacdOsama, MA, and SD Alarm indicator in the blend to the system. These 5 different indicators are different in their terms. Synchronization of one single indicator with the other requires expert-level skills. And when it becomes a blending task for this 5 indicator, it becomes the job of elite traders. Luckily, we have got this system in the form of a template that can create lopes of holes that holds the unlimited potential to earn money.

But expert investors don’t believe in unlimited potential. Even if it exists, they know the word probability has an intense impact on this business. Failing to get along with the probability factor always anguishes the traders. So, we require some special knowledge on the SD trading system which can help us making some definitive profit. But this is not an easy task unless you get the right guide.

Lucky for you, you are now reading the exact post which has changed the lives of thousands of traders. As you get to know this edge, you must be selective with the financial instrument.

Getting yourself in the index market doesn’t sound like a great plan? Chose an asset that has an average daily pip movement of fewer than 200 pips. This gives you the major currencies for trading. Now let’s say, how the SD trading system can uphold our life.

SD Trading System For MT4 Long trade setup

The chart will look very advanced to the novice. The novice traders will always think they are taking the best shot in the best chart. But it is not that simple. When you see something that looks advanced, you need to use some advanced tactics to open up the trades. One of the most interesting things that you will observe about the char the Hama candle.

The Hama candle will turn to red when it becomes bearish. And it will become, blue when the bulls are in action. In the right part of the chart, you should be seeing some important levels that are easy to identify. But if you closely look at those levels, you will notice these levels are the important trading levels based on fibo or the highs/ lows or the SR levels. The Hama candle has to pass above the daily low before we consider to open the long trade.

At the MACD Osma indicator, the white line should show the willingness to go to a new high. And it must be on the positive side of the RF lines. Set the pending order to the nearest fibo level and set the sell below the low stated by the grey line. The take profit can be set to the new high and it can create a new level of profit potential for the investors as the RR ratio is more than 1:4+.

SD Trading System For MT4 Short trade setup

In this method, we will learn to use the MACD Osma differently. Most people don’t have any idea how they can significantly reduce the stress at trading just by taking part in retrace entry. Retrace entry provides a great way to improve your lot size. As the stop loss is going to be tight, you have a better margin to increase the lot without breaking money management.

In this method, the SD MA slow MA will take part in the action. The color of the SD ma must be dark red and the slope has to be negative. The SD ma will be pushing on the south side forming a strong bearish sentiment. The Hama candle should be dark red and it is the indication the price is ready to push to a new low.

So, when do we have the chance to open the short trade? We have to stay still till price retraces back to 61.8%, 38.2%, or the 50% level. In most cases, a strong trend move allows us to open the trade at the 38.2% level. The rally will come to its end and the white line MACD Osma should be very close to the reference line. Multiple rejections of 38.2% may be prominent but you should not bother.

The best way to improve success is to lower down the SL size. This method requires limit order executions. That means each trade will be set at the 38.2% level when expecting the setup will take place. The SL can be set 30 pips above the 38.2% retracement level.

If the SL level merges with the 50% or 61.8% retracement level, set it 5 pips above the 61.8% retracement zone. The take profit should be at least 100 pips for the hourly chart and the days it should be exceeding 300 pips.

Managing the trades

To manage complex trade, investors have to use a very complex idea. That means, they need to get into the base of the money management. Learn about the different techniques used in the Forex market to lower down the risk. Test different kinds of risk factors by changing the lot size, take profit, or even the stop loss.

But all these need to be done in the practice platform. When you get the right frequency for the trade setup, you can get to the real market. But be advised, you can’t increase the risk to 3% unless you are using the strategy for more than 6 months. Stick to 1-2% risk for the first few months and gain confidence in the edge.

Go through the different price action patterns so that you can reinforce the idea of setup by using the simple concept of trade execution. It should be a tough task for beginners but strong determination can overcome any kind of challenge. Lastly, don’t forget, the system has to be tuned regularly. That means you have to switch to different time frames based on the volatility and expectancy of the investors.

Download the complete system description and the files here:

FREE SD Trading System

Download the FREE SD Trading System for MT4.

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