Steenmarter Binary System For MT4

Steenmarter Binary System For MT4

The Steenmarter Binary System For MT4 is famous for the high win rate. This indicator is often recommended by the experts since the potential chance of winning the trades in the stable market is more than 80%.

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But the success of a trading system depends on how well the users understand the market sentiment and sync with the trading edge. Stochastic Arrow, SVE RSI-I-fish, Money line, optional indicators for forecast support, Speed candles, MTF RSI dashboard, and the Stoch dashboard is used for this method. The new option traders often jump start with a new system without knowing the preferred time frame for a certain trading method.

This system is designed to take trades in the lower time frame. However, avoiding the 1 minute and 5-minute chart is highly recommended since it requires PA analysis to take the trade. The expiry period for the trade depends on the chart in which you analyzing the data. When the M30 chart parameters are used, the expiry for the trades is only 30 minutes.

Similarly, if you use the H4 chart, the expiry period is 240 minutes. Let’s explore the organized method for taking our call and put trade.

Call option setup

Executing trades with this method is so easy that a trader with less than 1-month experience can make a consistent profit. After installing the template, you will notice a dashed golden line in the chart. This golden is the key to trade this market.

Instead of taking trades with the trend, we will be using the reversal concept. The price will break above the golden line confirm the presence of buying momentum on that specific chart. After the bullish breakout, you will notice minor retracement in the price.

The retracement should end after touch the golden line. This time the golden line will be acting as a premium support level. Take your call trade with just a 1% risk. The reason for which you need to take a 1% risk is the limit the risk exposure of this high-frequency trading model.

If you analyze the M30 chart, you can expect to get at least 1 trade per trading session. So, if you actively trade in a 3 trading session and lose 3 trades with 2% risk in each, you are down by 6% in a day. For the safety of your capital, the highest risk you can take with this method is only 1% per trade.

Put option setup

We will be using a similar method to take our put trade. The price needs to break the golden line and retrace back to it. At times the price might not retrace back to the golden line and you will miss the put trade setup.

If the bearish break in the golden line is followed by a powerful bearish candle, chances are low that the price will test the golden line again. If not, there is a high chance it will test the golden line. At the test of the golden line. During that time, the SVE indicator line must on the overbought zone.

If it is not in the overbought zone, you can’t take the trade. Overlooking the reading from the SVE might result in a significant loss.

To be on the safe side of trading a trader is expected to follow basic parameters. And make sure you trade the active pairs with this method or you might experience a choppy market. The active pairs in the London trading session are the GBP related pairs and in the New York session are the USD related pairs.

Advanced tips for the beginners

The beginners often make the mistake by choosing the wrong asset. The beginners in the options market should follow three cardinal rules while using this method. The first rule is not to take more than 1 % risk. The second rule is to select the right asset based on the trading hours. The third rule is to take confirmation from the SVE indicator.

If you follow these three sets of rules, it time to move the next step. The next common issue that trades have with this method is the expiry period. The trading method is perfect to trade in any time frame. But in case you want to trade options with an expiry period of 60 seconds, you use the price action signal or the chart pattern.

Both price action and chart pattern trading method is bit advanced and requires in-depth practice in the demo environment. So, those who are looking to covert the trading edge with the Steenmarter Binary System For MT4 into a high-frequency trading model must learn PA and chart patterns to take trades using the chart pattern and PA signals.

Download the complete system description and the files here:

FREE Steenmarter Binary System

Download the FREE Steenmarter Binary System for MT4.

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