Trendline Scalper Trading System For MT4

Trendline Scalper Trading System For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. Trendline Scalper Trading System For MT4
  2. Selecting the trading instrument
  3. Trendline Scalper Trading System For MT4 - Long trade setup
  4. Trendline Scalper Trading System For MT4 - Short trade setup
  5. Trade Management
  6. Conclusion

Please note: This strategy was publicly published in the trading community and is free to use. We do NOT make an attempt to decide if this strategy is profitable or not, because we know that the major factors regarding trading results are the skills/experience of the trader who executes the strategy. Therefore, we are mainly explaining the components and rules of the strategy. If applicable, we are highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements of the strategy.

The Trendline Scalper Trading System For MT4 lets you take advantage of the trend line tool. Usually, the retail traders fail to scalp with the trend line since they draw them in a faulty way. Trend line provides a critical clue to take the short and long trade with high accuracy. And if you intend to scalp at the trend line, it is better you take confirmation from an additional tool. The Trend line Scalper Trading System is the perfect example that shows how easily you can scalp at the trend line by taking confirmation from the stochastic indicator. Most importantly, the users of this scalping system don’t have to depend on the manual method of drawing the trend line.

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The Trendline Scalper Trading System uses a trend line and stochastic indicator. After you have loaded the chart with these two indicators, you should see a bunch of lines drawn from the key swing points. Horizontal support and resistance levels are also spotted by this classic trend line indicator. Those who have basic trading skills can easily take trades without having much trouble. But if you are completely new to the investment world, there is nothing to worry about since we will guide you to use the Trendline Scalper Trading System just like a professional trader.

Selecting the trading instrument

The function of the Trendline Scalper Trading System is based on very simple logic. But to generate a decent profit, you have to overcome some basic problems. First of all, find a trading instrument in which you can spot the obvious trend just by skimming at the chart. Secondly, you should look for the bullish or the bearish trade signals when the spread is really low. Trying to make a profit by scalping the market while the spread is high makes things extremely difficult. That’s why elite traders always prefer to scalp in the major currency pairs.

Being an experienced trader, you feel confident to take trades in the exotic pairs. The Trendline Scalper Trading System is definitely capable of identifying the profitable signals in such assets but you should consider the spread while setting up the TP and Sl. However, avoid taking the trades in the exotic asset when the spread exceeds 6 pips. Usually, you can avoid the spread widening problem by choosing a reputed broker or by ignoring the news hours. And make sure you are not opening a trade during any press conference which can significantly affect the price movement of your trading instrument.

Trendline Scalper Trading System For MT4 - Long trade setup

To execute a long trade, you have to find a bullish trend line. The trend line will act as an excellent support level. When it comes to the selection of the time frame, we recommend the retail traders to use the 15 minutes to 1-hour chart. Some might be thinking the Trendline Scalper Trading System will generate better results in the 1 minute and 5-minute chart. But in real life trading, you are actually taking the trades at the trend line. And in the lower time frame, the trend line never generates high-quality trading signals. If you wish you can see the result of the trend lines in the 1 minute time frame. Due to the massive change in the trend in such a lower time frame, it becomes very hard to execute quality trades.

Once you have located the bullish trend line in the 15 minutes or higher time frame, wait for the price rejection. The rejection should create a bullish price action confirmation signals. Once the bullish confirmation signal is created, look at the reading in the stochastic indicator. The signal line must below the 20 levels or near the oversold territory. Execute the long trade with 10-12 pips stop and set the TP for 25 pips. And make sure the overall risk factor for the trade is not exceeding 2% of your balance.

Trendline Scalper Trading System For MT4 - Short trade setup

The Trendline Scalper Trading System can be used in different ways. We will show you how to scalp the market at the break of a major trend line. At times, the trend line indicator creates a simple triangle and rectangle pattern in the chart. In such a case, you can participate in the favor of the breakout.

Once the trend line is broken, you can either take the short trade with an overbought reading in the stochastic or wait for the minor bullish correction in the price. The bullish correction in the price helps the retail traders to take the short trade with a tight stop. If the break is accompanied by a big bearish candle it becomes really tough to set 12 pips to stop. Before you take the short trade, you can also analyze the critical information stated at the top left corner of the chart.

Failing to place the stop loss at the rational level leads to bad trades. So, if you spot a bearish signal when the stop loss is exceeding 12 pip, you should wait for the correction in the price. But price correction should not invalidate the sell signal. Regarding the lot size, you can follow the same rules used in the long trade. However, experts can increase the risk if they are certain that they can avoid the problem of overtrading. Though the Trendline Scalper Trading System is based on the high-frequency trading strategy, still the total number of trades should be less than five per day.

Trade Management

When you learn the functions of the Trendline Scalper Trading System for the very first time, it is very normal to get excited. Novice traders become a great fan of this tool since the trend line drawn by the indicator is fairly accurate. Still, there are certain rules you must follow to protect the trading capital. For instance, it is better to risk 1% of the balance for the first few months. As you get skilled in using this indicator, you can slowly increase the risk factor and start boosting the profit potential. But this should be done in a very natural way so that you don’t have to feel pressure after taking the trades.

Some of the traders don’t have any idea to trade the major news. News trading requires different trading strategies in which fundamental factors will have dominating rules. So, if you think the Trendline Scalper Trading System can be used to take trades in key news, you are walking on the wrong path. Follow a conservative method and take the trades with managed risk so that you can limit your risk profile. Stop pushing yourself too hard and never repent if you miss a trade setup.


Mastering a new scalping system is a very tough task. But when you start using the Trendline Scalper Trading System, you won’t have to struggle hard. Since the strategy is based on the very fundamental functions of this market, traders can easily improve accuracy by focusing on basic skills. For instance, you should follow the tips mentioned in the trade management segment very precisely. Failing to limit the risk can impose a great threat to your career and you will eventually lose most of the trades. And never think you know everything about the market just because the Trendline Scalper Trading System is generating continuous profit.

No one in the investment industry can say that win trades without embracing a few losing trades. Losing trades will be a part of this profession. As a scalper, you should be always prepared to accept the worst-case scenario, and only then you can expect to become a skilled trader within a short time. And always remember, the market can change its trend all of a sudden. So, never expect that a certain trend line will always hold and provide you endless opportunity to make a profit.

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