Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy For MT4

Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy For MT4
  2. Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy For MT4 Call option setup
  3. Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy For MT4 Short trade setup
  4. Trade management technique

Please note: This strategy was publicly published in the trading community and is free to use. We do NOT make an attempt to decide if this strategy is profitable or not, because we know that the major factors regarding trading results are the skills/experience of the trader who executes the strategy. Therefore, we are mainly explaining the components and rules of the strategy. If applicable, we are highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements of the strategy.

The Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy For MT4 is an excellent system that tells us the exact location to buy or sell an asset. People have been trying to master a well-balanced trading method for years but it turned they don’t even have a perfect system. Every system has its flaws to a certain degree.

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But it’s the traders who turn those flaws into blank trade and make money on the profit-taking opportunity. This ultimate arrow strategy shows us the perfect example of how we can buy or sell an asset that has volatility like US30 with great confidence. Ultimate Arrow, Borderline, ATR, Super momentum indicator, RSI, CCI, and MA 7 are used as the indicators.

These indicators are quite complex for the rookies but setting up in the right order and formulating a balanced trading strategy requires expert hands. The developers addressed this fact very well, and they have stacked the whole system to the template so any level of user can get the loaded strategy in any asset without doing anything at all.

Having the right things prepared for the battle is an excellent thing but it won’t make you a winner unless you know the functions of it. To use it properly, read this guide, and consider all the rules as life savior.

Though tweaking some rules or breaking the common guidelines can help you win some big trades but it will end your career. To ensure the safety of the capital and secure 88% win rate with this system, follow the exact steps for the call and put option.

Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy For MT4 Call option setup

There are two unique templates for this system. For the long trade, we will be using the first method and use a straightforward technique to improve the efficiency of trade execution. Investors get puzzled when they start focusing too many variables.

But the ultimate arrow based system offers strategic solutions to open the long trade. For our long trade, we will tell you the technique to open trades on assets like US30. The reason we chose dow jones as your call option setup, is to give a general idea on how to handle the market volatility with great care.

A vivid channel providing support and resistance level should be present in the chart. The blue dashed line will provide strong support to the asset and it will offer a perfect solution to open the call option. A rejection of the blue line or any form of a bullish PA pattern gives us the authority to open the call trade.

Check the reading in the 3 in 1 indicator and if it stays at 40 lines, you can open the call option. But don’t forget to check the big green upward arrow. This arrow gives us the ultimate decision to take the call trade. Never try to open the call option without getting the green bullish arrow at the bottom of the channel. The green arrow is more like the deal breaker for the traders.

Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy For MT4 Short trade setup

For the short trade, we will use a different method. The reason to choose a different method is to prepare yourself for different kinds of markets. The first method is dedicated to taking trades in extremely volatile assets. The second method that we will use is designed for a stable instrument like Forex majors.

To get the best result pick GPBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD, or USDCAD pairs only. These pairs tend to react positively with the setup and you can secure more than 90% win rate. The first thing to notice is the dual-layer BB. The dual-layer BB or Bollinger indicator is designed to give you more space to take a short and long trade.

Wait until the price reacts to the upper resistance zone and start falling. Before the price starts to fall, the bearish price action signal should be noticed. People might not have strong confidence in identifying the bearish price action signal. They can draw the resistance level and see if it matches with the BB zone.

If the level matches with the BB zone, the chances of finding the perfect bearish pattern are very high. Before you open any put option. The reading in the 3 in 1 indicator should be above the 40 levels. Most importantly, the downward bearish arrow should be present right above the Bollinger band which is the indication of a strong fall in the price.

Users often get confused since they are not certain about the PA signal. But to eliminate the use of PA pattern, wait for the bunch of signal lines in the 3 in 1 indicator to fall below the 40 lines before you take a new short. The process might seem tactical but if you follow the step, you can beat the market and make some decent profit with a great level of ease.

Trade management technique

The risk exposure for this method is divided into two major categories. If you use the channel-based system which is dedicated to the volatile asset, you should risk only 1%.

But when you chose to use the Bollinger band based template, you can take 3% in the trade. But still, the optimum risk exposure level determination is the sole responsibility of the traders. For the risk to reward ratio, a trader needs to open the trade with a high RR ratio.

The minimum RR ratio for the trade is 1:3 or else it will be a big challenge for the traders to earn money. Since we are talking about options, the payout for the trade should be 85% or higher. The typical expiry for each trade should not exceed 120 minutes. In case, you are determined that you will only trade US30 and similar assets that can show intense volatility, the expiry period should be only 1 hour.

As you use this trading strategy, you will find some minor tweaks and it will vary from traders to traders. Based on that, the trader should improvise their trading technique. However, backtesting is required once new parameters are added to the existing module. But for the novice, this guide is enough to pave a secure way to earn consistent money irrespective of the market condition.

Download the complete system description and the files here:

FREE Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy

Download the FREE Ultimate Arrow Binary Strategy for MT4.

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