Value Chart Binary Options Strategy For MT4

Value Chart Binary Options Strategy For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. Value Chart Binary Options Strategy For MT4
  2. Call option setup
  3. Put option setup
  4. Sync volatility indicator issue

Please note: This strategy was publicly published in the trading community and is free to use. We do NOT make an attempt to decide if this strategy is profitable or not, because we know that the major factors regarding trading results are the skills/experience of the trader who executes the strategy. Therefore, we are mainly explaining the components and rules of the strategy. If applicable, we are highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements of the strategy.

The Value Chart Binary Options Strategy For MT4 is an advanced trading method that deals with different sets of indicators. However, if you are good at following the key steps, you won’t have to deal with the complicated nature of the price movement.

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Just by knowing the key steps and following the steps according to the market dynamics, you can make a big profit without zero hassle. The system needs to be used in the 30-minute chart or in the higher time frame only. So, it’s very obvious the expiry period for the trade must be above 30 minutes. The rookies often get excited and often ignore the most common steps of this strategy.

But each step is very critical and directly contributes to the success rate of this system. If you avoid the steps, you might end up with huge loss and this might make you frustrated. The only way by which you can manage to create decent income is by following the strategic steps with discipline. Let’s get into the details.

Call option setup

For the call option, wait for the test of a demand level. You don’t have to draw the demand level as you can rely on the Bollinger bands of the template. After the bullish rejection takes place, candles in the CHT value chart indicator. You must spot a bullish candle at the bottom of that chart.

This bullish candle confirms the support level is valid and might provide strong bullish steam to the buyers. Next check the position of the curve in the sync indicator. If the value is above 40 you can take a look at the stochastic reading. The oversold state of the stochastic reading will suggest you take long trade at that instant.

When you take the call trade, be sure that the expiry period is above 30 minutes but less than 240 minutes. Try to take the reading in the M30 chart as it can show very accurate data to the retail traders.

Put option setup

For the put option with the Value Chart Binary Options Strategy For MT4, you have to find the rejection of any supplied level. Supply is nothing but a resistance zone where the traders tend to sell the asset. Look for the rejection candle at the supply level. Analyze the candlestick at the CHT value chart indicator.

It must form a rejection candle at the top of the bar showing that the price ready to fall in the market. The value of the stochastic will be on the overbought zone showing the price is ready to fall. Finally check the value of the sync volatility indicator and must have a downward slope and cross below the 40 lines.

Some of the aggressive traders often ignore the reading of the sync volatility indicator but it is fine provided that you know the proper way to scale the trade. However, the rookies should stick to the key steps, or else they might mess things up as dealing with the market dynamics is very challenging.

Sync volatility indicator issue

The only thing which you need to take care of is the reading of the sync volatility indicator. It is a super conservative indicator and you might have to wait for a few bars before you can get the perfect reading. Those who are don’t have enough experience must follow the key steps mentioned in this article.

But if you are good at analyzing the key variables, you can take the reading from the sync volatility indicator in two different formats. The ideal method is to use the 40 as the reference line. For the advanced method, you have to consider the slope. If the slope is pointing up, you can expect the price will go higher.

On the contrary, if the slope is pointing down, you can expect the price will fall short. So, which method is the best? To be exact, there are no fixed rules for using the Sync volatility indicator. You can use a demo account and find the best-suited method for this system. After finding the optimum edge for taking the sync indicator reading, you can take trades in the real market. But remember to keep the risk profile low no matter which method you use.

Download the complete system description and the files here:

FREE Value Chart Binary Options Strategy

Download the FREE Value Chart Binary Options Strategy for MT4.

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