Stratoblaster Trading System For MT4

Stratoblaster  Trading System For MT4

Please note: This strategy was publicly published in the trading community and is free to use. We do NOT make an attempt to decide if this strategy is profitable or not, because we know that the major factors regarding trading results are the skills/experience of the trader who executes the strategy. Therefore, we are mainly explaining the components and rules of the strategy. If applicable, we are highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements of the strategy.


The Stratoblaster Trading System For MT4 is a trading method that follows several technical indicators designed to support each other in signaling potential trading opportunities. Each component of this system, to a certain extent, has the capacity to form a functional trading strategy by itself. 

So, to build an entirely new system premised on a consensus among all components in identifying valid trade setups improves the probability of success. This article breaks down the Stratoblaster Trading System's anatomy and demonstrates how to trade it correctly.

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What is the Stratoblaster Trading System For MT4?

The Stratoblaster is an MT4 template that is comprised of five different indicators, which include the following:Fractals, Trigger Line, Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Camarilla Pivots, and SHI Channel.

When installed on the MT4, it extends a complete trading system, offering guidance on market trends, entries, and exits. It also applies to all currency pairs and is well suited for day trading or even scalping.

Here is what the Stratoblaster template looks like:

Anatomy of the Stratoblaster Trading System

There is a lot to absorb just from just a glance at the trading template, so to allow for a better understanding of this system, here is a look at each component.



Fractals are predominantly a five-period reversal pattern. Visually, the pattern's' arrangement will have a middle or third candle that sticks out among the rest. 

In other words, if it is a bullish fractal, the middle candle would be the lowest low, and the two candles on either side have higher lows. The opposite applies in a bearish fractal: the middle candle would be the highest high, and the two candles on either side have lower highs.

On the chart shown earlier, this is represented by the arrowhead that appears above or below the price.


Trigger Line

The Trigger Line is a momentum indicator that is based on the least square moving average (LSMA). It is primarily used to identify new trends, find entries, and exits, or serve as a dynamic stop-loss level.

On the chart, the Trigger Line looks like two lines moving parallel to each other and in close proximity. The color of both lines changes as the momentum shifts. It is red when the momentum is bearish and blue when it is bullish.


Moving Averages (MA)

The moving averages in the Stratoblaster template are composed of one 12-period and one 89-period MA. And these two utilize the common function of MAs, and that is to signal a potential change in trend through a line crossover.

When the 12-period MA crosses (yellow line) above the 89-period (light sea green line) MA, that is a bullish crossover. On a bearish crossover, the 12-period crosses below the 89-period MA.



Camarilla levels are pivot points that are established through a calculation of the previous session's high, low, and closing price. It is made up of 8 key support and resistance lines that are plotted on the current session. Camarilla resistance levels are labeled as H1, H2, H3, and H4, while support levels are labeled as L1, L2, L3, and L4.

There is a different set of rules for trading Camarilla pivots, but in this system, they serve as specific areas where the price should rest before a trade can occur.


SHI Channel

The SHI channel's main function is to find fractals on the chart and connect them using a straight line. On the MT4, two lime-colored lines appear on the top and bottom of the price. And much like the Camarilla, the SHI Channel also act as critical support and resistance areas where the price must be trading at to confirm a valid entry.


The Stratoblaster Trading System For MT4

It may seem a lot to take in at first because of the sheer number of indicators involved, but the trading parameters to look for are straightforward.

However, before digesting the strategy rules, it is worth noting that there are also other ways to trade this system. A "v-top" or "v-bottom" formation could play the part of a the trade alert, and the SDX indicator can be applied to track breakouts.

But, as mentioned, the system discussed in this article looks only for a consensus between the fractal, moving averages, and Trigger Line. And the price must be supported by a key SHI Channel or Camarilla level to signal a trade.


BUY SETUP The Stratoblaster Trading System For MT4

So, the first thing to look for in a buy setup is for the fractal arrowhead to appear below the price as its completion indicates that the price is ready to shift to the upside. 

Then, the moving averages should support this with the 12-period markedly above the 89-period, and the Trigger Line's color should be blue.

Finally, the price should find support either at the SHI Channel or one of the Camarilla levels. The stop-loss is placed a few pips below the lower SHI Channel trendline.


In the example above, the buy setup was guided by the completion of the fractal arrowhead early on October 30. Remember, the fractal is a five-candle pattern, so the arrowhead would not appear until the fifth candle is completed. 

The third candle after the arrowhead sets up the trade as, by that time, the 12-period moving average crossed above the 89-period, and the Trigger Line was blue. Buffering that was the Camarilla level (L3) where that candle was situated.


SELL SETUP The Stratoblaster Trading System For MT4

When it comes to short trade setups, the fractal must be located on top of the price. This is backed up by a 12-period MA crossing below the 89-period, and the Trigger Line should be red. Moreover, the price should rest on a Camarilla resistance level or the SHI Channel's upper trendline.



There were two trade setups highlighted in powder blue in the screenshot above that fit the valid sell trade criteria. Both setups have a fractal on the top of the price with the 12-period MA clearly distanced below the 89-period, and the Trigger Line was red.

Furthermore, both setups traded on the upper trendline of the SHI Channel. However, the only trade taken was the one on the right because the first setup had a fifth candle that was already too far from the resistance level, where the stop-loss is just a few pips above it.


Please note that you should always use a demo account when you learn a new trading strategy. This will help you to avoid financial losses during the learning curve which comes with every new trading system. On a real money account we suggest a conservative money/risk management where you should not risk more than 1% of your trading capital for each trade.

Download the complete system description and the files here:

FREE Stratoblaster Trading System

Download the FREE Stratoblaster Trading System for MT4.

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