Bypassing The MT4/Gmail-Problem


Many customers have reported that they can't receive alerts via email to their inbox! On the internet you can find many approaches how to fix this problem. But for a lot of my customers ALL APPROACHES doesn't work. Therefore, to give the best possible customer service I forced myself to provide a solution for that problem laughing

The solution for that problem is that the indicator sends the emails via my email server instead of the email server of your broker. Then the emails will be received in your gmail account!


Why My Server Can Deliver Emails To Gmail


Gmail trusts my mailserver and therefore accepts the emails! 

I'm paying a lot of money for my mailserver every month and I put a lot of work into the mailserver to get this trust:

- I use a reputable email service provider
- I use a dedicated IP-Address to send the emails
- I assure that the emails are only sent to existing email addresses
- I assure that no spam is sent via the mailserver

As a result of this effort: Google likes my mailserver, whereas google doesn't like the mailserver of your broker.


The Email Service Works With All Alerter-Indicators


The new email service can be used with all alerter-indicators (DTDB-Alerter, MagicEntry-Alerter, 3LineStrike-Alerter, Divergence-Alerter, SuperTrend-Alerter). Even the V-Power EA, which can give alerts, can send via my email server.


The installation of the email service is absolutely easy:

Simply put the indicator PTS_Email_Service on one of your charts. The alerter-indicators will automatically send emails via the email service!


The email service can be used for a fair price of around 3 Euro per month.


Email Service For Alerter-Indis
Yearly Subscription


Recurring Payment
  • 1 License
  • Can be used on all
  • your alerter-indicators
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7 Days Money Back Guarantee! No questions asked. I will directly refund your money if you request within 7 days after your purchase. There is one exception: If I already answered questions about the system/indicator then I invested my personal time and then I can't give you a refund (because everything is explained on this website)


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