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V-Power System Overview


The V-Power trading system is probably the most popular of our systems when it comes to partly automate your trading besides your normal day job.

Two of our members even got prop traders with this system and they are now managing money from investors with the V-Power Expert Advisor. Here is their success story: Jeff and Vito

Also, countless other members reported success as a part time trader with the V-Power system.

The V-Power system calculates the entry signals based on the time frame H1. In the left part of the following sketch you can see a buy signal and in the right part you can see a V-Power sell signal:



Automate As Much As You Want


The V-Power EA can give you give you real-time signals and it can even enter fully automatic without your intervention. Real-time signals give you a little bit more control to make visual checks in the moment when the signal is generated. Automatic entries can be a great way during you sleep or while you are at work and can't check the markets.

Basically, you can automate your trading as much or as little as you want. Per default, the V-Power EA will open and exit the trade according to the settings. But, you can also take control during the trades and use trailing stops as well as individual targets.



Are There Detailed Explanations Of The V-Power System?


Yes, of course. We have written a detailed explanation of the underlying concepts of the system. You will get a complete understanding why and how signals are generated. And we have detailed explanations how you can use the features of the Expert Advisor.

Here are the links to the resources:

  1. Detailed explanation of the V-Power System
  2. Fully automatic entries explained
  3. Entries after you received a real-time signal
  4. Here you can purchase V-Power



Best Practices With V-Power


During the years since 2007 I have constantly developed my trading knowledge. I was constantly researching and analyzing the reasons why some trades succeed and other trades ended as losing trades.

This research brought me to the concept of "setups" and "signals".

A setup is an edge of the bigger picture (the bigger trend/chart situation) which can usually be detected on higher time frames.

A signal is an entry signal which is based on the rules of a trading system.

If you only trade signals within good setups, then the setup acts as a performance booster for the signal. With that concept, your signals will produce a much higher winning percentage AND on average you can have much bigger winning trades.

Over the years, our community traded many different setup types. Some of these setup types are explained here.

BUT the by far best setup type which brings you the biggest edge of all setup types are the so called "mini-bubbles" and "mini-crashes".

The mini-bubbles and mini-crashes will give you an outstanding edge over the market. We detect those setups for you for free in our setup section. The best explanation of these setups at the moment is our thread on forexfactory. But later we will also add detailed explanation material here on this website.

The following sketch shows the best position of a V-Power signal which will bring you the biggest success rate. A sell signal directly at the top of a bubble and a buy signal at the bottom of a bubble:




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