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Daniel Is Now A Prop Trader


Our Member Daniel Got A Prop Trader With Our System Double Top/Bottom


With consent from our member Daniel I'm allowed to share with you that Daniel got a prop trader at FTMO and he is now allowed to trade money from investors.

Our member Daniel has successfully passed the FTMO challenge and will now get a funded account.

He is he 4rd confirmed member who got a prop trader (managing investors money) using our systems who got us feedback. We strongly assume that there are much more members who are also prop traders at FTMO.

This is what Daniel wrote:

Hi Mike,

I have been studying trading for three years and largely relied on pattern trading. However, since coming across PTS and adding this knowledge, I can say that this has now changed my game, so I thank you! highly appreciated and has definitely made me into a profitable trader.
Below are my stats. Challenge 1 was solely a DTDB indicator and scanner using the golden strategy, including trend continuations ( taken usually with 5/15 min DTDB signals coinciding with S/S trend lines. ( As per the bot education). And of course all the education provided on the site ref smart money etc.
I actually completed the challenge in seven days!



And Daniel further wrote:

Verification challenge was a mixture of DTDB and STME. I completed this within one day.
Please be aware that for the remainder of the nine days I traded at 0.01 lots, this was enabling me to keep some skin in the game whilst I further practiced STME entries on the 1 min TF. So these actual metrics reflect this.These could have been better as I am still learning!






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