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More Members Are Now Prop Traders


Our STME Master Trader Andro Got A Prop Trader With STME


Our STME Master Trader Andro got a prop trader and he is now allowed to trade money from investors.

He received a funded 200,000$ trading account. According to the rules at FTMO the profit sharing is up to 90% for Andro.

A big congrats to Andro!

The following screenshots are showing all relevant documents from Andro which led to his great achievements:










Our Member Eliseo Got A Prop Trader With Our System Double Top/Bottom


With consent from our member Eliseo I'm allowed to share with you that Eliseo got a prop trader and he is now allowed to trade money from investors.

Our member Eliseo (aka Wolflord) has successfully managed to achieve the stage2 challenge at a prop trading company. 

According to Eliseo, he is now allowed to manage money from investors and he will receive a funded 100,000$ trading account. The profit sharing is 80% for Eliseo and 20% for the prop trading company.

Eliseo explained me that most of his trades were Double Top/Bottom signals from our indicator within highest probability golden setups which we post every day in the groups.

A big congrats to Eliseo for his achievement! You can talk to him in the telegram groups if you have questions.






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