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Ultimate Trading Course - Introduction

Trading Success Of Our Community



Before we start with the Ultimate Trading Course let me introduce myself:

I'm Mike Semlitsch, the founder of this website, and I welcome you to our trading community.

We have helped tens of thousands of traders improving their trading skills. Many members got constantly successful private traders.

And we are especially proud that 3 of our members got successful prop traders who are now managing money (6-digits accounts) from investors.


On this page you will see:

  1. Why are so many members profitable?

  2. My own live-trading results (1 year myfxbook verified)

  3. Proof that 3 of our members got prop traders at the company FTMO

  4. Hundreds of Five-Star-Reviews from happy customers

  5. Many success reports from profitable members


My approach to trading was always: First "Walk The Walk" and only then "Talk The Talk".

I studied the financial markets for 6 years before I founded the company. And after that, I used additional 4 years to improve the trading systems/tools and the educational approach before I started this website.

In sum, I invested 10 years of preparation and 30,000 hours of hard work before I started to sell trading products and services in 2017.

And the long preparation time paid off:

Many members immediately got profitable traders by using my systems and tools, even besides their normal day job.



Why are so many members profitable?


The fast answer to this question is:

  • our trading approach is based on professional trading knowledge

  • our trading tools are especially designed for traders with a normal day job

  • we educate our members and we give setup announcements on a daily basis for Free 


As you will learn in this FREE Ultimate Trading Course, with the right knowledge about trading you will find high probability trading opportunities in every liquid financial market like Forex, Futures and Commodities.

After you have finished this trading course you will be able to use nearly EVERY trading system with an additional edge over the market.

With your new professional trading knowledge you will know exactly WHERE and WHEN the best trading opportunities exist.

You can then use our trading systems or any other useful trading system to exploit these highest probability trading opportunities.

The key to your trading success is the knowledge where and when the best trading opportunities exist

This trading course will open your eyes and bring your trading to the next level.



My own live-trading results (1 year myfxbook verified)


Here are my personal trading results which I achieved during 1 year of trading in front of hundreds of my clients:



To proof my own trading ability, I took the risk and traded openly during 1 complete year in front of hundreds of my customers although I knew that this will put a lot of pressure on me. Discussing and justifying every entry and exit trade by trade while keeping my focus is very challenging.  

Trading alone can be very stressful. Trading in front of a group adds a complete new layer of additional stress

But as you can see in the detailed performance analysis when you click on the chart above, everything worked out great :)

An experienced trader would say that the huge performance within 1 year reflects that the risk on this account was way too big. And I totally agree with that opinion. No big trading institution would target such a big yearly performance. Risk control is the biggest goal for trading institutions.

However, my huge risk / performance was part of the plan while trading 1 year in front of my customers. In the retail trading community nobody cares about a solid low risk performance with 10% to 15% profit per year. That's how it is. If you want that people talk about you then you need to go for a much bigger performance.



Proof that 3 of our members got prop traders at the company FTMO


Our members Jeff, Vito and Kunal got successful prop traders at the prop trading company FTMO. They are now managing money from investors. 

Probably there are many more members who got prop traders. But those where the 3 who gave us feedback and thanked us for our hard work (the systems and the daily coaching).

Jeff and Vito were successful with the V-Power Trading System. Member Kunal got successful with the system Strong Trends with Magic Entries.


Jeff's success at FTMO


Jeff succeeded with V-Power all challenges at FTMO directly with the first attempt.

He uses the semi-automatic trading features besides his normal day job. This means that he let the V-Power EA do the entries and exits while he is at work, sleeps or for any other reason can't watch the markets himself.

Jeff sent me the following screenshot of his final challenge at FTMO in March 2020. After that he got the funded account:



One year later Jeff contacted me again and send me the following screenshot of his funded account. The account gets filled every month with fresh $100,000 and at the end of the month the profits are shared between Jeff and FTMO:



Jeff also told me that FTMO has always paid him the profit share correctly. So FTMO seems to handle everything correctly.

If you want more details about Jeff's success, then you can read here.  


Vito's success at FTMO


Vito is is a long term member of the telegram groups and has learned the systems very well.

After his first year with V-Power his results were steady and he felt that he is now ready to manage money from investors. Therefore, he applied at FTMO to get a funded prop trader. 

As you can see from the following screenshot, he passed all requirements at FTMO and got a funded prop trader: 



Vito told me that believing in the own trading capabilities is most important to succeed. Vito says, that you need to know that you are a profitable trader to be able to stay optimistic during the trading process.

Wise words from Vito. You will never know if the next trade will be a winner. However, as a good trader you know that a series of trades will bring you profits.

You can read more about Vito here.


Kunal's success at FTMO


Our member Kunal is the first one who reported that he wants to make the challenge at FTMO with the trading system STME (Strong Trends with Magic Entries). 

He informed the telegram group that he passed all stages and is now awaiting his funded account:



In a private chat he sent me his stats for the challenge at FTMO. As you can see from the following screenshot, he did around 190 trades during the challenge which is a quite high amount.

Most members of the STME group are trading on the time frames M1, M5, M15. The higher amount of trades from Kunal are done most probably on lower time frames:




400+ Five-Star-Reviews from happy customers


As the owner of the business I'm of course very proud if someone writes something positive about the business, the products, the service, the trading coaches or the support staff.

During the years we have collected a huge amount of honest and independent 5 star ratings on various rating platforms.

E.g. on, where I also sell my trading products, I got 300+ five star reviews of happy customers as you can see from the following screenshot:




Many success reports from profitable members


Read all details about the 250% profit within 6 months by our member DrGalak!


Some Results From The V-Power System


Read all details about the 500% profit within 3 months by our member Vicaas!




We get a lot of thank you emails with testimonials every month. I could add dozens, if not hundreds of screenshots more to this page. But by now, I think you already got a feeling for our integrity, the quality of our products/services as well as our untiring efforts to help the retail trading community.

So let's now begin with the FREE Ultimate Trading Course :)


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I'm Mike Semlitsch the owner of My trading career started in 2007. Since 2013 I have helped thousands of traders to take their trading to the next level. Many of them are now constantly profitable traders. 

The following performance was achieved by me while trading live in front of hundreds of my clients:

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