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When it comes to selecting a reliable broker for your forex trading then you can get overwhelmed by the huge amount of brokers, who of course all claim to be the best broker.

Instead of testing them all personally and then judge them afterwards, you can go to sites like forexpeacearmy and search for the brokers with the most and best reviews which are properly regulated.

That way you can build a smaller list of broker candidates which you then observe in more detail. This was also my approach when I started my trading career. During the years I ended up testing 10+ of them personally.

One of those who surprised me positively was the broker with whom I produced the following trading results:



I made hundreds of trades on that account during 12 months of trading and I made multiple withdrawals. I never experienced any major problems. The execution speed of the trades was fast. The spreads were OK. And the MT4 client never froze (never got unresponding) even during volatile market conditions.

From the next screenshot you can see, that I was able to produce positive pips even on minor/exotic pairs where the spreads tend to be bigger. So even on those pairs the spreads OK for my short term trading:



As you can see from the following screenshot, I made 4 withdrawals during the 12 months of trading which were executed flawlessly:



The account opening process was quick as you can see in the following screenshot which shows the emails that I received during the account opening procedure. The account got validated on the same day on which I registered and uploaded the documents. Two days later I funded the account and started trading:



The members area of gives you the possibility to open as many further MT4/MT5 accounts as you need. This is an advantage which most other brokers that I tested did NOT provide.

With multiple accounts you can e.g. trade 1 account for each trading method that you apply. And you can use 1 account as a savings account to transfer profits to it from the other accounts. As you can see in the following screenshot, I created 4 different accounts:



After all the testing during the past 1+ years without negative experiences I can recommend the broker




I wish you all the best and happy trading! laughing

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The following performance was achieved by me while trading live in front of hundreds of my clients:

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