EURUSD Highest Quality Long Trade 2018-09-10

This highest quality EURUSD long trade can help you to think like a professional trader.

I called this trade live in the telegram group and gave a lot of explanations why this trade was so especially good.

The following screenshot shows the result of this trade:



We will now see in detail, why this trade was of highest quality.

The following screenshot shows the moment when i called the entry live and you can see my first explanations:



The following screenshot highlights where the signal on M30 came in relation to the situation on the H4 chart:



In the moment when the signal came I directly knew that this is one of the best setups of the last weeks!

There were three reasons (3 edges) why this setup was a highest quality setup:

1. The descending trend line visible on H4 was clearly broken -> in such a situation there is a very high probability that we will see an upward trend

2. A V-formation (a sharp) reversal broke the descending trend line -> double bottoms in direction of a V are especially good

3. The double bottom came within a stop hunt area

And the confluence of these 3 edges in the moment of the double bottom signal made this setup a perfect highest quality setup!


The following screenshot of the H4 time frame is more zoomed out to show the trend better and it highlights the first two edges (1. broken downward trend and 2. V-formation) :



Here are the remaining explanations during the trade:


























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